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  1. Giomancer

    Stealth Archvile Fight?

    Correct. The plan here is to kill the monsters prior to the player's arrival; I'm currently leaning towards spawning the mobs, crushing them, then moving the corpses via conveyor to a teleporter which deposits them in the room. The actual teleportation would be controlled by a script that would change the destination after each activation. Theoretically. ACS should be able to do damage to a bunch of marked mobs, no? I'll have to check. Hm. I'd have to test this; I was slightly amused by the idea of the archie "laughing" at the player as it moves around. Well.. the premise of the map is you're coming to the aid of another fire team (I say "another" because you and your co-op buddies are a fire team). You fight your way through the level, enter the room, and have to deal with Mr. Vile & Friends. Definitely plenty of ways to tweak this fight with reserves spawning in. Ammo, though.. that could prove difficult to get right depending on how the mechanics of the actual fight work with regards to an invisible enemy.
  2. Giomancer

    Stealth Archvile Fight?

    This specific map is for Eternity. However, I believe that this encounter could be easily designed using the post-DECORATE ZDoom family, Vavoom, 3DGE, or any other port allowing for custom enemies and basic scripting (apologies if I missed any!). Ports with scripting capabilities such as Legacy, Delphi, and Odamex (again, apologies) would only require Dehacked work, and it's possible sufficiently extensive and skilled Dehacking would make this work in Boom. More on your ideas in a moment later.
  3. Giomancer

    Why Eternity

    It made sense at the time.
  4. Giomancer

    got a problem (not with text)

    Explain. What mod? What port? Testing how?
  5. Giomancer

    Stealth Archvile Fight?

    Let me begin by saying that this is something of a thought experiment, as I'm stuck with just a chromebook and a tablet for the forseeable future. I'm currently working on a map (on paper, *real* old-school), and I'm trying to design a midboss fight that is somewhat different from what I usually see. So here's the idea: a completely invisible Archvile. A field of corpses. No BFG. Sparse cover. Maybe a few Pain Elementals to keep people busy? Good idea? Bad idea? Suggestions?
  6. Giomancer

    Why Eternity

    Eternity is a special interest because Quasar is a lobbyist. Simple, really.
  7. Giomancer

    How do I make my own textures?

    First: Doom I textures Personally, I use SLADE 3/GIMP when attempting to make Doom textures. SLADE is excellent for putting patches together to create new textures, something I first did with DeePsea ages ago. Of course, most modern-era textures eschew patches as they're simply not needed, but "remixing" the original textures can be quite fun. For full-on custom textures/patches, the GIMP allows you to import a palette (DOOM's, for example) and create new textures by hand. This is hard work, even more so if you have the artistic ability of a salted slug like myself. Oh, and in case you meant "How to I put my new textures into a PWAD?" SLADE happens to do that bit as well. Handy program, that one. As for Doom Builder... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I got nuthin'.
  8. Giomancer

    NASTY: Not A Sourceport, Thank You (Alpha 4)

    I guess the question then is: will it be a 3D bridge or a faux-3D bridge? ^^ (also, +1 for Awesome)
  9. Giomancer

    Ultimate Doom tree driven into ground

    I'm not a demo person, so I can offer no real opinion there. As for a compatibility/gamemode control, I say screw it. For purists, there's Chocolate or PrBoom. I think you should go ahead and add the effects you want from Boom/MBF as long as you're consistent and fix the bugs that occur—such as this tree!
  10. Giomancer

    Eternity C/S support?

    Noted and logged.
  11. Giomancer

    Why do people still map in Boom format?

    @Graf Zahl, @kb1 : Well, that explanation makes things much clearer, honestly. It's one thing to say a port is an obstacle from the perspective of a port author (Graf's original statement) and another to say it from the point of view of someone trying to reach as large an audience as possible (Graf's expanded statement). That said, I don't think there's any reason to view PrBoom as an obstacle. After all, you don't view Chocolate Doom as an obstacle to defining a standard, do you? Of course not. Define your new Boom+ standards. Implement them. PrBoom is a port dedicated to its own goals, namely compatibility and preservation. There's no need to change them, is there? Go forth, make progress.
  12. Giomancer

    Best weapon editor?

  13. Giomancer

    Updating Deutex for modern times

    I believe chungy was considering updating it himself, though I last heard him mention that years ago. David Hill has a nice little suite of programs, one of which is called the GDCC Wad Archiver, which, as may be expected, packs and unpacks wads. As far as I know, however, it can only create a pwad from scratch, though it certainly doesn't have trouble unglomming whatever wad you throw at it.
  14. Giomancer

    What on hell is "Dead lost soul"!

    This. I don't know how widespread this custom was or where it originated, but it was not unheard of.
  15. Giomancer

    Why do people still map in Boom format?

    @esselfortium 1) It was a verbal mirror to Graf's statement. He says we've been constrained for 19 years by following Boom's de facto standard, and cites PrBoom as THE SOLE OBSTACLE TO PROGRESS. He, who headed (heads?) GZDoom, a port which has added quite a bit in the way of single-wad hacks and anything else deemed necessary, -- also demonstrably popular with mappers and modders -- apparently believes that he has been held back by PrBoom somehow. When I see him say this in combination with these proposed standards, I can only interpret that as a desire to control PrBoom and other preservationary ports. Hence my phrasing: "One Ring to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them." 2) If ZDoom already has all of the features, fine. They'll become a standard when other ports start implementing them (like Decorate, say). UDMF, too, which was a collaboration between persons of interest. Nothing stops others from implementing UDMF and their own namespace. If kb1 wants to create a cleaner, sharper Boom, let them do so. I don't understand how Graf can imagine mappers being held back by the existence of PrBoom. @kb1 Actually, I have nothing against your project at all, nor do I question your motives. Implement it. I love having new, unique targets.