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  1. So I'm working on my level. It's supposed to be the intro level to a hub. So far, I've found out that mapping for a little-used source port is very much a catch-22: I want to make a great level so that people that don't have Vavoom will download it, but I'm not getting much feedback because nobody uses Vavoom, so my map won't be as good as it could be (given that I'm not that skilled anyway).

    So far, though, I've recieved help on specific things when I ask for it, from folks at the ZDoom forums with ACS help, and the Vavoom forums for whatever questions I have, and their feedback. The guys on IRC have been helpful too, in their own way.

    I've made progress on expanding the lower door area. There are a couple of interesting features in there. First, there's a teleporter. Unfortunately, it goes nowhere at the moment; I'm thinking of linking it with the upper door area (under construction), perhaps deeper inside.

    The second is the boss arena. It consists of two interlocked rooms with 4 pillars for cover. As of now, there's only a gargoyle in there, but my plan is to put in a maulotaur. The gargoyle is taking his spot because I wanted to set up the Thing_Spawn special for the green key. Also in the boss arena is the third feature, a switch puzzle. I came up with the idea, but HotWax did the actual scripting for it. I modified it a bit, and I learned from it too.. I think I could make something similar again. The puzzle opens a grating in the prison area, which lets the player reach some goodies.

    The current plan is to expand the upper door into something more useful than the stub that it is currently.

    - Gio

    Status: 527 vertices / 616 linedefs / 770 sidedefs / 71 sectors / 67 things