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Status Updates posted by Yugiboy85

  1. I hereby declare that I retire from doom mapping. I just can't be bothered anymore and I much rather spend my free time playing better games like "call of duty" for example. 

    All my ongoing projects are therefor cancelled and no one will have links to take over them. They will forever stay in oblivion on my harddrive. 

    It's been fun. 



  2. Something might get resurected from the dead very soon ;) 

    Very soon indeed. 







  3. Here is my unfinished DWMP17 map that I started a few months earlier. I just don't have the time to work on it anymore (Irl stuff + one other map that I want to give most of my free time on) and thus, I decided to just call it quits and give it to anyone who would like to work on it.

    You are free to do whatever you want with this, just make sure to credit me I guess heh. 

    It's for UDMF and well, there's nothing much else to say about it heh. 







    1. Memfis


      I feel like finishing someone else's work like that is a rather intimidating task and almost nobody ever actually volunteers. What I do in situations like this is just slap an exit switch somewhere, complete the thing placement real quick (less than an hour), and release the damn thing so I can take it off my chest. Typically people don't even notice that it's rushed. Oh well, maybe you'll be more lucky with finding coauthors.

    2. Yugiboy85


      I suppose I could also do that. Then again, there is of course no obligation for people to do this, I'm just offering my piece of wad so that people may find some use for it. Then again, I do get your point though ;)


  4. We all know how much the lower unpegged on doors is almost an obligation but, should that flag be unchecked if the door track is a chain? Like, should the chains move alongside the door or should you still put Lower unpegged? Personally, I think it looks weird if you have the track moving alongside the door but, that's probably because I'm used to seeing/using doors that have the LU on way too much.

    However, I have no problems with the chains moving when they are attached to a lowering floor (or maybe lift). 


    What do you guys think?


    1. an_mutt


      Yeah, I've always thought that things like chains shouldn't be lower-unpegged. Same thing with lifts that seem to have a set bar that raises/lower the platform, so they move with it.

  5. Kakegurui is quice nifty heh :D 

  6. Fuck. Only one week left or vacation heh. I can't believe this went by so fast. Oh well

    1. leodoom85


      Enjoy the time left while you can....HWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

      just joking m8. Time passes really fast without noticing it...

  7. Expanded my DWMP16 map (slightly) in the hopes of someday, getting out a little mappack that would feature about 3 additionnal maps in the same style. This idea came to mind the other day and since I the current public version (the dwmp16) does not have any difficulty settings and all, I thought it would be a good opportunity to re-release it alongside a few other maps of the same style heh


    This has no release date yet obviously, it has been in my mind for a while though (to release the map with proper difficulty settings and all). 

    For now, here is a shot of what I did yesterday. 


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    2. Yugiboy85


      Yeah, A little. I pretty much merged parts 1 and 2 together so that it is only one map now. I did cut the section leading to the circular arena though. I just need to get back at it and finish it cause it's kinda rotting on my drive right now haha 

    3. UglyStru


      Honestly, making the map any smaller wouldn't hurt it at all. It's a fucking huge map, there's room to cut :p

    4. Yugiboy85


      Oh, the part I area is gonna stay pretty much the same :) 


  8. Drawing stuff on paper really helps heh. Just got about 2 zones from my map done (the general shape at least) in the last 2-3 days when it would have taken me weeks if i haden't drawn them before :)

    1. rd.


      Could you share your drawn outline? Stuff like that is really cool to look at.

    2. Yugiboy85


      I wanted to share it this morning but, the upload failed...  

  9. Do some of you like KLK (Kill La Kill)? Do some of you like the titular character (Ryuko matoi)? Do some of you like the fish avatars? 

    Welp, here is all these things at once. Do whatever you want with this heh. I found it wondering in my imgur account and never really used it. 



    1. Yugiboy85



      The eyes come from this pic. So, credits to ducksenpai over at deviantart 

  10. Map I've been working on for more than a week or so. It's getting somewhere heh. More to come when I feel like it :D 

    Spa at 2017.07.10 18-10-45.151 [R2980].jpg

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    2. Yugiboy85


      Yeah, i know bout the yk section being superior. I tried my best to balance the map and all and i kinda went crazy for that section. 


      The pg is mainly here for the SM and well, there are other hordes to deal with. I have indeed seen many people take that route first and i can understand why heh. It is kinda kinda late to make changes to the map though considering it's on the archives and franckly, i dont wanna work on that map anymore haha. 


      It was really my first serious attempt at making a non linear map and, i think it turned out quite well all things considering. But, i do understand your concerns and will keep them in mind next time i make a map like that :) 


      The map did go through several rcs before hitting the archives and well, once i thought i was really done with it. I said what the hell haha


      Appreciate your feedback though :)

    3. GarrettChan


      Usually the design is too late to change after the base is laid, but no problem, that's a really good map and fun to play. RCs are necessary since one person is always limited. I hope I can playtest your map in the future :)  Looking forward to your new maps, cheers.

    4. Yugiboy85


      Thx man :) 


      Will strive to become better and better haha

  11. Just landed a job for 12 months, starting september of this year. It's a sandwich training course in accountancy. Finally. 


    On the minus side, ill have less time for mapping heh


     But oh well, that's life heh

    1. UglyStru


      >not working for AAA game developer after making some of the greatest maps in Doom



    2. Yugiboy85


      Haha thx lol


      Im not interested in working for aaa games. I wouldn't have the required skills for one and also, i just like doing that for fun :)

  12. "Polyobject" in boom. I always wanted to try out that trick and well, I liked the result ^^

    This is nothing new (of course) but, I still think it's cool. 

    1. Gothic


      Oh I though it was going to be like Voodoo Guns, where doors can slide.

  13. To follow up on my last status update, here are some screenshots of the map in question. 

    Release of said map: That is not up to me. It will be available to the public when the project releases ;)


    So for now, yeah, that's the only thing you guys will get ^^






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    2. GarrettChan


      Ahhh, this map shouldn't be played during summer, so HOT! For some reason, I really want to "plug" that Soulsphere into the slot at the background, which really feel like a skull to me.

    3. Yugiboy85


      This sky was made by FranckFRAG who is also making all the textures for this project :) 


      I love that sky. The previous one was really eh. 

    4. Dragonfly


      I know you showed me screenies on discord but I want to reinforce the fact that I love the sheer grittyness of the textures and think you've made great use of the textures provided

  14. Finally done with my "tangerine nightmare" map :D 


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    2. Yugiboy85


      Tangerine nightmare is actually a french community project of which I made a map for. Mine will be called "orange juice" (haha). 

      I appreciate your willingness to playtest the map but, unfortunately, I cannot send you the map because it would mean I'd have to send the texture pack which is pretty much made for the occasion. I'm not allowed to share that pack hehe. The pack is only sent to people who are part of said project so, sorry bout that :/

      And no, I don't think my map has any relation to that one sunder map. It is however mainly orange and black with small tidbits of blue (torches, keys, etc...) because I like the blue/orange combo :)

    3. Phade102


      Any chance of some small screenshots, Yugiboy? i'd love to see it!

    4. Yugiboy85


      Sure, I guess you guys can have some screenies to wait heh. 

  15. Shingeki No Revenant 

    Shingeki no revenantl.jpg

    1. Misty



    2. R1ck



    3. leodoom85


      uhh.........that revenant must have 100 million HP, I bet...

      What should I do? BFG is not enough........an army could...

      THE FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE BEGINS....while listen to this track :D


  16. Ah yeah, may the 4th be with you i guess. 

  17. I guess I have too many different usernames and it may cause an identity crisis so yeah, changed it to my most used one heh. 

    I regret nothing :D 

    1. Spectre01


      I had 3 at one point in this community alone.

  18. I have nothing better to do right now...



    1. KVELLER


      Damn, I would be eagerly waiting for the turn of that asshole back there...

  19. Welp, here I am. A quarter of a century old heh. Oh well, it's just one additional year :D 

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    2. ShoDemo


      Happy Birthday!

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      Wow, you're old, tell me about WWII grandpa.

      Happy birthday. :]

    4. franckFRAG


      Wow it's your Birthday! Joyeux anniversaire The_Trigger :)

  20. Liking this new design so far. Kinda miss post hell and all but heh, it's all good :D 


    Anyhow, currently mapping.