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  1. Finally done with my "tangerine nightmare" map :D 


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    2. Yugiboy85


      Tangerine nightmare is actually a french community project of which I made a map for. Mine will be called "orange juice" (haha). 

      I appreciate your willingness to playtest the map but, unfortunately, I cannot send you the map because it would mean I'd have to send the texture pack which is pretty much made for the occasion. I'm not allowed to share that pack hehe. The pack is only sent to people who are part of said project so, sorry bout that :/

      And no, I don't think my map has any relation to that one sunder map. It is however mainly orange and black with small tidbits of blue (torches, keys, etc...) because I like the blue/orange combo :)

    3. Phade102


      Any chance of some small screenshots, Yugiboy? i'd love to see it!

    4. Yugiboy85


      Sure, I guess you guys can have some screenies to wait heh.