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  1. Yugiboy85

    [PRBoom+] Moon series 2021 [RC2]

    Hello to all, In celebration of the official announcement of the third installement in the series ("Man from the Moon"), I am proud to present my 2021 versions of both "Travelling to the moon" (2016) and "Man on the Moon" (2018). These are currently in RC2 phase and, I want to thank all my testers who were kind enough to replay these (and discover them for some). Specifically, thank you to John Suitepee and Jimmy. Your feedback was gladly appreciated and helped a lot. I would also like to thank bridgeburner who played the original ones not very long ago on stream. He kind of instigated (unknowingly) all this, well, at least, he reinforced my idea of updating them. Anyhow, let's go into this Map by map. TRAVELLING TO THE MOON: PLAY INFORMATION IWAD: Doom 2 Slot: Map 01 Skill settings: Yes Engine needed: Prboom+ at the very least Complevel: CL9 MISC: This is the first map in the series, as such, it should be played first. But, it's all up to you ^^ DESCRIPTION This map was previously released in 2016. Since then, I've learned quite a lot of stuff and as such, I decided to mainly update this one visually. I was pretty satisfied with the gameplay it had but, even then, I also tweaked that a bit. So yeah, I mainly got rid of what I thought to be either quite silly (a water generating rock near the red key building for example) or a bit rough in the texture transition departement. I redesigned a few switches for example as, a lot of them looked a bit too simple to my liking (nowadays), made the rocks in the yellow key arena a bit more natural looking, added a few light spots (candles or otherwise) in very dark areas to make stuff stand out a bit more and other small stuff here and there. On the gameplay side of things, while the core map didn't change that much, I did change a few things here and there. For example, I lowered the time of some of the voodoo dolls to make some of the fights flow a bit better, I added a plasma gun in every key section (available after 1 wave of each fight), I added one new secret (not very hard to find if you take a look at your surroundings for a bit haha) and other small changes here and there (a bit more health arround the map in the form of medkits, same for ammo, etc...). Hopefully, you will appreciate the changes I've made to this map. I personally think it flows better but, that's mainly me haha Oh yeah, I got rid of the zdoom specific music (a dan terminus track). Not because I didn't like it but, because I wanted to stay coherent with "man on the moon" which only has one midi track. Sorry for those who liked the track haha NOW, On to the next map. MAN ON THE MOON: PLAY INFORMATION IWAD: Doom 2 Slot: Map 01 Skill settings: Yes Engine needed: Prboom+ at the very least Complevel (if using prboom+): CL11 (The map works perfectly fine in CL9 but, due to the dehacked boss having MBF specific code pointers, I had to change it to 11). MISC: This is the direct sequel to TTTM. DESCRIPTTION This is the map that got the most changes gameplay wise. Mainly on the progression side which felt, I'll admit it, quite obscure at points. Here is a list of the major changes: - The Exit is now more visible. You can see it in one of the starting rooms (the big courtyard outside with the RL in the middle). - The green key is now completely optionnal but, it gives you access to a nice surprise. As a result of this, you only need 3 keys to exit. - You no longer need to press a collored special switch to lower bars in the exit room. Previously, in addition to needing a key, you had to press a switch to lower bars in the exit room. Problem, that exit was not very visible so, you didn't really know what you were doing. Those switches are still in but, they serve a different purpose (lowering the set of bars arround the green key). - I removed the BFG secret which was a bit stupid and obscure. As such, the BFG is now part of the green key section. - I reworked some of the secrets a bit (like the megasphere secret in the blue key area, I lowered the platform a bit so that it is easier to jump on). - I got rid of the lock in that happens before the final fight. You can now backtrack if you forgot stuff like the BFG for example. However, once you press the switch to trigger the final fight, that's tough luck haha. - Regarding the final fight, the terminator health has been lowered a bit and, there are a bit less archviles (for example, there is now only one vile after you kill the terminator). Also, there is only one terminator now instead of 2 (there are 2 on coop though). So yeah, overall progression is much better now I think and is a welcomed addition in a map like this ^^ On the visual side of things, the major change is the updated starting point. The map now has the rocket you left travelling to the moon with. I also got rid of some fake floors which I felt weren't to my liking anymore and also, I made the lifts more obvious along with other small updates here and there but, not really worth mentioning :) So yeah, enough rambling, here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yihx3h5awvddpt6/MOON21_RC1.zip?dl=1 RC2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9xyfksd7hcyjers/MOON21_RC2.zip?dl=1 You will find everything you need to play these inside (not the iwads of course). There are even command lines for prboom+ (in txt format, you will have to change them to bat) if interested. You will also find an info.txt and credits too. Regarding the previous releases (on idgames), do not threat, those will stay on as legacy versions. Have fun.
  2. Yugiboy85

    [PRBoom+] Moon series 2021 [RC2]

    Awesome. Thanks koren, I'll watch these later today :D Glad you enjoyed these.
  3. Yugiboy85

    [PRBoom+] Moon series 2021 [RC2]

    RC2 available. Concerning MOTM, nothing major has changed. Aside from some very small lifts that have been turned to small stairs and a few small visual tweaks here and there. Concerning TTTM: - A few visual adjustments (added a few light zones to the red key hangar fight, you can now see shit a bit better haha) - Tweaked the yellow fight. It's less chaotic but, still hard. - Added more health to the final fight and changed the BFG position (there was no real point hiding it behind a fuck ton of revenants really) So yeah, I don't see what else I can add. So, unless something critical is discovered, this is pretty much close to final. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9xyfksd7hcyjers/MOON21_RC2.zip?dl=1
  4. Yugiboy85

    [PRBoom+] Moon series 2021 [RC2]

    Yeah, I don't know what happened. They appear fine on my computer but, on my phone, they come out broken. Will see what I can do EDIT: Should be fine now.
  5. Yugiboy85

    IronEagle Competition 31: Tangerine Nightmare

    And here is my run. Recorded on Prboom+ in CL2 on skill 4 (I think that's UV) Category 1 haha (no, it's really a category 2 because well, it's impossible for me to say that I have no foreknowledge whatsoever lol). tneagleyb.zip
  6. Yugiboy85

    IronEagle Competition 31: Tangerine Nightmare

    No worries pegleg, no harm done :D Yes, I will get to it ^^ I predict I'll die on map 04 though.
  7. Yugiboy85

    IronEagle Competition 31: Tangerine Nightmare

    "This month, participants will challenge themselves against Tangerine Nightmare, the gem created by the French Doom community (specifically @datacore, @franckFRAG, @WH-Wilou84, Jambon, @JCD, and @Roofi´╗┐)" Hmm, I feel as though someone is missing here. Anyhow, might try this this month.
  8. Yugiboy85

    How do you test your fights?

    I dunno, I put some ammo around, the guns I'm expected to have at this point (and maybe new ones) and test it out. Like that, I don't necessarily have to play the whole map but, just this section. Then well, I try to see if it isn't too frustrating, etc...
  9. Yugiboy85

    Back To Saturn X Ep 1 vs Ep 2?

    Call me weird, but I prefer e1 so far. I like me some techbases and I don't care how many of them there are. Those are quality techbases too so, it's a win win for me :D
  10. Yugiboy85

    The DWIronman league dies to: Violence

    Category 2, died on map 03. Did not remember it that much and panicked like a moron. Oh well :D Cool wad though. violenceironyb.zip
  11. Yugiboy85

    Tangerine Nightmare Demos (-Complevel 2)

    A long overdue demo of map 05 (my map). UV-Max in slightly more than 12 minutes heh. I know, I'm not the greatest player but still, I always wanted to at least make a successful map 05 demo. And so, here it is. There are dumb moments (like a dime rocket for example) but heh, I decided to leave it as is. It's more fun that way. Recorded with prboom+ (or, I don't remember which version I have but, it's one of the two). CL2 tn05.zip
  12. To this day, Valiant is still my favorite megawad of all time.
  13. Yugiboy85

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Just added the finishing touch to my updated "man on the moon" which will be released alongside "man from the moon" (the third installement) and also, an updated version of "travelling to the moon". This is the opening shot of the map now.
  14. Yugiboy85

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Layout is finally starting to look like something heh Also, forgot to share but, here is the finished layout for my other map (my Necromantic Thirst map):
  15. Hello, Sorry to bump this again but, seeing as I have a map in this, I would like to know if this will ever come out at some point? If not, please let me know so I can release my map separately (it's been dormant on my hard drive for the last 2-3 years so... Thank you :)
  16. MAN FROM THE MOON (working title, although, I guess it fits with the rest) Hello to all, As some of you may know already, I have started working on the third installement in my Moon series (Travelling to the moon and Man on the Moon). This is still pretty early in developpement (started last week end) but, instead of sharing a few screens in the "post a picture thread", I decided to make a thread for the map itself. Here are some additional screens for you to enjoy: As you can see, this one will have a rather different theme but, working with ancient aliens textures is something I always wanted to do either way so, here we have it. Gameplay wise, I think it's too early to tell but, I'm still aiming for an exploration based map (like the previous two) with non linearity and all. Although, I will also take into account the criticism I got from the first 2 installement and try to make it a wee bit less confusing this time around (Man on the moon for example was pretty confusing at times from what I gathered). I will try and not make too many obvious arenas and make it more setpiece oriented all the while making it fun to play. I think I've established myself already in the gameplay department but, I always try to improve with every map I make. Concerning a release date? Hmm, this is hard to tell. It's still very early in developement but, I will try and release it this year (if not, start of next year). Although, I can't promise anything. I'm a rather slow mapper see ^^ Do not threat though, this will definitely see the light of day. I love the looks of it so far so it will not be abandoned. Play information: - IWAD: Doom II - Slot: Map01 - Port: Prboom+ in cl9 at least So yeah, hope you like what you see so far. PS: I will try not to spoil the map too much with screenshots this time. So, expect screenshots in the future but not so abundantly ;)
  17. Yugiboy85

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

  18. Yugiboy85

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Maybe it wasn't an april's fool afterall ;)
  19. I just see a partial invisibility. Nothing out of the ordinary. But, here's a tip:
  20. Yugiboy85

    Doom 2 in Pain Only

    Trully amazing stuff in there tbh.
  21. Outstanding map franck. Great job. No bugs detected, everything was just perfect.
  22. Yugiboy85

    Wat's yuor opnioin auobt Br00tAl Dom?

    Too much water
  23. Yugiboy85

    Opinions on super-long levels in megawads?

    To me, it depends where it is placed in the megawad. If there is a long map at the end of an episode for example, I don't mind tbh. But, if it's like placed at random in the episode, then that's another story. In eviternity's case (since I've seen it brought up), I understand the issue with map 19. Don't get me wrong, it's a very competently made map that would be really good as a standalone or in a smaller mapset, or, at another spot in the megawad. BUT, I do feel that it is indeed way too long for it's own good and, especially afer an already longish map (that was awesome btw) that was map 18. Had the map been in the 20th spot however, I wouldn't have minded.
  24. Yugiboy85

    who're your favorite mappers

    Me Actual serious answer: Skillsaw, AD_79, Mechadon, breezeep, Vader
  25. Yugiboy85

    What is your favorite map, that you made

    My Man on the moon map (and its prequel: travelling to the moon). This is what I consider my finest work to date. It also got a runner's up on the 2018 cacowards and that made me really happy. Though, with new eyes, there are ton of changes I would bring to it to make it flow better, etc...Still, I'm really proud of myself here