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    A few questions :)

    Hey all, I've been looking around and around trying to find some answers but I dont seem be able to find what I'm looking for. All I seem to be finding are way outdated pages, ports no longer being dev'd, broken urls, etc etc.. I'm sure you all know the drill :) Am I correct in assuming the latest and greatest GL port is GZdoom? I'm wanting all the eye candy, models, lighting, flares, hi-res, etc to play the standard Doom, DoomII, and maybe hexen game wads. A few years ago I played in gldoom i think, it had at least a texture pack and a md2 model pack if I remember right. I've found the hi res texture pack for gzdoom, but is there a full model pack to replace all the actors, pickups, items, etc? Can I get a pointer to where it's at? (url or something meaningful to google) If there isn't a model pack for gzdoom is there a gl port that does have a full model pack and hi-res textures? Thanks a lot. -path0s