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  1. Svinet

    doom themes

  2. Svinet

    ZDoom booms

    The rocket explosion in ZDoom (v1.22) seems to be a lot weaker than regular Doom's. Is there a cvar or some other means of changing this? Name of cvar? Thanx a bunch.
  3. Svinet

    A scene from DOOM (name the level)

    Ok, which level from Hell Revealed is this? At the start of the level, you see more monsters than you can count, and after approx. 5 seconds, you're dead! :)
  4. Svinet

    The Disciples of D'Sparil

    D'sparils minions says: "Citereh eth yortsed" Played backwards, they say "Destroy the heretic". As for the death frames, Mancubus.
  5. Svinet


    MTV only killed the pop-punk. Good riddance. Now, watch as they drive the final nail into the coffin of nu-'metal'.. Oh, joy!!
  6. Svinet

    classic games

    Nuclear War !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Svinet

    Dehacked Help

    Imps kill imps. Cacos kill cacos. Do the math :)
  8. Svinet

    Before Doom...

  9. Svinet


    Tool. IMO a bit overrated, yet '├ćnima' rawks. And A Perfect Circle is also good. On the punky side of the debate: TURBONEGRO!! (from Norway)
  10. Svinet

    Dehacked Help

    ? Using DeHackEd 3.0, press 'F4' and check the box following the line that says 'monsters infight'. If you're using an older (or newer? does such a thing exist) version, then I have no clue.
  11. Svinet

    What's the worst scenario for you?

    Most annoying way to go: When you're standing at the edge of a high point, like a cliff, and you have to jump off the ledge ... only to find that there are lots of monsters below with close attack frames and you can't shoot them from the top. ARRRGGGHHH!!!
  12. Svinet

    opinion on favorite doom enemy

    Cacodemon wins, because: 1. It makes funny sounds 2. It greets you with a HUGE smile every time 3. It appears to be very relaxed, as it floats almost carelessly around. :) btw, painted face rules too. He is, after all, the most evil of them all, although he looks kind of... flat.
  13. Svinet

    Most hated level in Doom1+2

    map24: The chasm. LedgeNukeJumping and complete darkness = :(
  14. Svinet

    which is your favorite level in doom2?

    Entryway, T & Ts, Gotcha! and Spirit World