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  1. I have noticed that alot more people use Zdaemon other than Skulltag. Zdaemon is alright but come on! Skulltag is like 100 times better! It uses the GZDOOM engine and I wnat to know why people use stupid Zdaemon more...
  2. Horror

    Favorite MIDIs?

    I am curious to hear what everyone's favorite MIDIs to hear in a WAD are? I honestly really like Iron Maiden's "Children of the Damned" http://maidenmidi.com/number.html
  3. Horror

    Banned from Zdaemon

    I play Zdaemon and one day out of the random I get "Banned: To many logins" and I have no clue why! So I go on the forums and try to activate an account but to do so you have to log into Zdaemon and PM raider! IT SAYS CANT CONNECT TO MASTER SERVER every time I try to log in. How the heck to I contact Raider to get this fixed... Somebody?
  4. Horror

    Banned from Zdaemon

    Wierd I just got unbanned magically....
  5. Horror

    Banned from Zdaemon

    I dont think I got the right thing, Can you post a link of the app?
  6. Horror

    Banned from Zdaemon

    I tried making a new account but everytime I try to it says "Can't connect to master server" I think its part of the IP ban
  7. Horror

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Fucking Revenant! All they do is come in , blast your ass to space and sometimes there isn't cover!
  8. Horror

    Favorite MIDIs?

    Wow this got alot of posts. Well I found the RE2 Save room MIDI and its awesome. I am actually using it in my first doom level lol
  9. Horror

    First map?

    This is my first actual map I was working on so I am pretty new but I wanted to post some screens to get some feedback on how it looks. Its called Shotgun Manor. Tell what you guys think
  10. Horror

    First map?

    I can change that! Yeah Some of the architecture might be questionable. I am just starting to learn how to make "good" looking sectors and stuff like that. I thought the mood of the level turned out good though. Oh and sorry for not quoting about the bookshelf but there is depth, In the screenshot I just took it of the front :P And I expect it to be out maybe by the end of the day or this weekend. (I made a door to the fridge thats wedged open and I fit about 3 marines in there ;D) Heresa few more pics
  11. Horror

    First map?

    yeah that ssupposed to be a fridge. Looks rlly bad imo
  12. Horror

    First map?

    Eh idk probably just a few line defs I meant to change
  13. Horror

    XWE Issue?

    I have the current version of XWE and I am having an issue. I was messing around with it and I loaded some stuff into it. It crashed and said "XWE has stopped working" and now everytime I open it it shows the "Find it" box liek it should but after that it goes back to my project it crashed on and it crashes. I cant delete the project or anything. I deleted XWE and re downloaded it but it still does this. Anyone know how to fix?
  14. Horror

    What monster are you?

    Former Human cause I am not tough what so ever lol
  15. It's prolly for a movie, That looks so awesome though
  16. I will say one thing Zdaemon, I do like that they play more DM however Skulltag is more co-op. Needs a lil more DM lol. And when I said "WHy are people stuid" I didn't mean it in an offensive way. SOrry if I made anyone upset :( I merely was only trying to make coversation. I'm not angry at anyone, I worded the topic wrong. I apologize for causing any insult.
  17. Horror

    Favorite MIDIs?

    I really dissagree with this. MIDIs actually go really good with the game. Brings back good Nastolgia value. Plus MIDIs just rock :P
  18. circus2.wad is the scariest WAD ever....
  19. Horror

    My first doom II map

    I'm currently working on my first map also. That looks really good! Screenshots look very promising
  20. Horror

    Doom beta screenshot on the wiki

    Yeah it could just be a mod. They still look cool though lol
  21. Horror

    Terminator Doom?

    I think I have played some Terminator TC's and they all sucked, A good one is yet to come!
  22. Horror

    Does anything compare to the BFG?

    Totally Duke Nukem's kicking feet in Duke Nukem 3D. Thats as good as the BFG
  23. Horror

    Creating See Through Grates

    I am very new at Doom Editing and I am currently using doom builder. I wanted to make a small room with a grate texture infront of it but when I inserted it the texture showed up but in between the bars is black solid. I cant see through them. How do I make it transparent in between the bars?
  24. Horror

    Creating See Through Grates

    I understand a little but can you explain a little more? Sorry I am still learning the ropes lol