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  1. diosoth

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Sadly my enjoyment from Elder Scrolls, as was the case with Oblivion, is due to the modding community. On their own they are lousy games and my stance of "I would bet bored with Skyrim fast is not for mods" is one I'll stick by. I might enjoy the base game a bit more than Oblivion without them buy in 2-3 days I'd have done everything interesting. The MQ is a quick one and Alduin is designed to be an easy boss. The civil war is quick by design(most of the content was cut despite being finished- modders restored much of it) though killing Ulfric was enjoyable. He's a blowhard, selfish loon mad because he can't openly worship some god that never lifted a finger to help the Nords when they were in need(but the Divines will gladly punish the victim the second a vampire bites them). Companions is ultimately a letdown, the mage's college barely involves magic, the bard's college is 4 fetch quests... DB and Thieves Guild are practically forced upon players who don't want them, too, which got a lot of the game's content, but you have to be a despicable person. Bethesda not only got it in their heads that modders will "complete" a game but they let modders fix the bugs, too. Then they backstabbed those modders and later said only paid mods with an official backing matter(if you play SE with unofficial free mods, achievements are locked out and there is literally ONE online store that still sells LE). Fallout 76 is just the ultimate in how low they've sunk- and with TES Online being by a different studio they probably don't even count it as canon. Not as if I expect TES6 to ever come out, they don't seem interested in working on it. "But why would you give money to a company you frequently give a hard time to"? I decline to answer... also, the frequency and the specifics I criticize a company for seem to be rubbing people wrong and I've noticed more than a few e-stalkers following me online(they tend to say too much and give away they do this). I know too many sensitive people can't take differing viewpoints(and D44M has a nasty cult around the game) but after that crap Jeff Gerstmann got for his Fallout PS4 score and Todd Howard's flipping out on FO76 reviewers, I wouldn't be surprised if all Bethesda critics are being targeted. The company's going to fold by their own actions in a hurry and this will be exposed, damaging them further, if that really is the case. I'm not saying for sure it's true but it's not an act I'd put past them from observing past behavior(hell, Gerstmann all but directly accused them of paying people to insult him and he's been mildly critical of DE- that is to say, he didn't give the game a 100% and cited flaws- so just watch...) I'm done though. I've said what I said and I'm not apologizing or retracting. Don't cry "free speech" if you only like hearing what you agree with. I'll express it again if asked, if that upsets you I don't care. If you're stalking me over what I said then I'll just have to retaliate, I don't bend over and take that crap. I'm done being nice to idiots online. If I wanted peace I'd keep my mouth shut, and if I have to apologize for my views then I may as well not say anything. Funny how the side that goes on and on about free speech is the same one that expects my side to keep quiet if we don't agree with you, but it's what I expect from the DE fans crying about MK11's advertising. Now to lose my password to this board as I don't remember it and just let the browser store it. I've said all I have to say on any topic here, because it would be repeating myself to an audience that's heard it and I have no attachment to your community. I don't make WADs, I don't contribute, no one's going to miss a random stranger walking off and I have nothing to add nor will I in the future.
  2. I haven't played Doom in about 2 months and I used to play it daily. Part of it is the new vid card and digging into Skyrim but... yeah... the cult surrounding 4 & Eternal coupled with the lame retcons to make it a sequel may have actually served to kill my interest in the originals or user-made mods. The franchise has become so infested with this trash it's like I don't want anything to do with the franchise anymore, not even the originals. 64 sucks, 4 sucks, 5 sucks, but they're being hyped heavily and the old games are being tarnished. Right now I'm teetering on being super close to deleting my GZDoom folder out of pure apathy to what I used to like. Hell, I only put up with Elder Scrolls because of the modding community. The default unmodded games are pretty bad and I do not care for official lore- which at this point is garbage that they retcon left & right. No I will not buy every single Creation Cub mod because Bethesduh claims they are official canon. The way they treated modders when SE came out too was horrendous. Half the mods I use completely go against lore choices pretty hard, honestly. Modern Id is just a subsidiary of Bethesda and it shows. Shame the whole company is going in a downward spiral.
  3. Judge Rinder is a UK courtroom case series that posts a lot of clips on their YT channel. His show tends to have a lot of bizarre moments like this...
  4. diosoth

    New Doom Should Have Been Its Own Universe

    This is the nature of a cash grab. This could have been a new series under a new title, but like those crappy Michael Bay Transformers movies or Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica remake, they want a familiar name on a new property to hopefully sell it better. Then when the "Doom 3" type canon reboot wans't wining enough people over and they didn't hook quite enough angry racists in to solidify high sales with the trailer(I do believe they actively chose to coddle and suck up to those people deliberately), they pull another huge retcon, slipping the formerly non-canon Doom 64(Midway owned the game until now) into their timeline to push Doomslayer as being Doomguy and a lot of DA-tier bad fanfic writing plot excuses to get classic fans to buy the game. I haven't liked Doom 4 from the start. It looked like a bad game and the box art is just someone's bad attempt at drawing Master Chief. Eternal just kept finding more ways to make me dislike the reboot and no asspull retcon to pretend it's a sequel is making me change my mind. Maybe when Bethesda eventually crumbles(this won't counter the damage that Fallout 76 has caused, and come on... at this point it'll be 10 years minimum before Elder Scrolls 6 comes out, they aren't even working on it!) some other company can get the Id IPs and do a better job with the franchise. And frankly I don't care if I offend people who like the new games. I'm not going to like them, ever, get over it. Bigots who praised the trailer and the game only solidify that fact in the long run as I don't support trash they hype, but again, I didn't care for Doom 4 to start with. Or will you accept Disney's Star Wars as canon too? I didn't think so. PS the prequels had awful writing, the proposed Lucas sequels had bad ideas aplenty and Lucas can't make a good movie when surrounded by yes-men. He also treated David Prowse(the actor in the Vader suit) like garbage. Modern Id isn't old Id and Romero hasn't been relevant in years.
  5. diosoth

    Drama that happened

    Final Doom not being released for free as the 2 WADs had been initially intended...
  6. diosoth

    thoughts on DOOM 64?

    Confusing level design that becomes a slog to play after so many levels in, gimmicky lighting that was too dark, the ambient noise over music gets a bit grating and trying to play it on an N64 is an exercise in not throwing your controller at the screen. I've grown from hopeful interest to mild dislike to outright hatred of it every time I force myself to play it. I had a few fan ports for PC and since deleted all of them rather than try the game again, because if I didn't like it the first 4 times, the 5th isn't going to change that. I suspect had Midway sold it as an original title it would have been forgotten.
  7. diosoth

    Best Doom Game In The Series?

    I'd pick Doom II only slightly over Doom, dropping Final Doom as it was a set of level packs with nothing otherwise new. Doom 3 was a canon reboot and while an okay game, isn't quite Doom to me. Anything else is crap made by companies other than the original Id so I don't care about them
  8. diosoth

    Media that is so bad it's good.

    Cabin Boy. It's an oddball movie with hints of Tim Burton all over it- as he was initially to direct but bailed last minute. It stars Chris Elliott with a secondary role by Andy Richter and a very brief cameo by David Letterman. A rich snobby "kid"(if you can call Elliott's clearly adult role as that) on his way home from boarding school mistakes a beat-up fishing boat for a cruise ship when he arrives to the docks late(after ticking off his limo driver, who does not care for the "fancy lad" attitude), tricks the idiot cabin boy into letting in onboard then setting course for Hawaii- right through a haunted patch of sea. Naturally, things go poorly. It failed despite advertising hype, but if Burton had remained on as director it would likely have been more successful.
  9. diosoth

    Does anyone think that DOOM 64 sucks?

    I do and I can see why Id never bothered to obtain the rights or shoehorn it into official canon. The controls were poor but even the PC ports with better controls don't excuse the bad level design or the poor lighting. The lack of real music gets boring eventually as a lot of it is just sound effects- and unfortunately PS1 Doom had the same. It's interesting to a point but the novelty wears off. I've never got more than 1/3 through the game before I lose interest and only ever forced myself to beat it one time- on that awful Absolution port which locked out all "cheats"(apparently "mouselook" is cheating) until you beat it at least once. The only credit I can give are a few lighting effects and how it handled bridges or separate rooms(sectors moving instantly). The only joy I really got out of the fan ports was "D64 in Doom 2" with a couple new music tracks and that one level that had tiny sections of the map built beside switches, but even that I couldn't be bothered to play through. I genuinely felt that every time I did play it, I liked it less and less. Sure it's canon NOW but Bethesdoom is practically a reboot that's trying late-game to claim it's all a sequel to PC Doom, with 64 as their retconned bridge, and I do not care, nor will I ever care, about Bethesdoom. They already mostly lost me at 4 looking garbage and being an arena shooter. They lost me forever on "demons are like immigrants". No that's not a "joke", learn what a joke is. If they want that crowd as a fanbase then they don't need or want me t like or buy them. Go figure I've taken to flagging YT channels that discuss 4 or Eternal as "do not recommend" because the whole cult around it is obnoxious. It belongs in Bethesdoom canon. That retcon made me dislike a game I didn't like to begin with even more, TBH. Honestly everything about Bethesdoom just feels like a bunch of stuff I didn't like from day one, that somehow finds even more ways to constantly make me want even less to do with it thanks to BethesId's actions. I'd rather the franchise have faded than turned into this. I'm actually glad WB buried Blood instead of done a reboot, and I say that after also seeing the Shadow Warrior reboot(of which they tried to pretend was a prequel instead of a reboot, but come on...) turn out awful. Now for a bunch of people who disavow Disney Star Wars to scream "they own the IP, you have to respect their canon!"
  10. diosoth

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm on my second playthrough of Skyrim, as some mods benefit more from a fresh start than being installed mid-point and some things I wanted to do differently. Even with unofficial patches though the sheer number of bugs is almost infuriating. Various home bugs have popped up this time that didn't show the first(and I suspect an adoption expansion mod broke them), meaning I'm using the console to upgrade houses because buying things doesn't work right. T feel if they spent more initial dev time making things work(sorry, Todd, "it just works" isn't being honest with us) these bugs would not be here. That time went into minute side quests, easter eggs, books you'll probably never read... they focused on world building but not making sure the world works properly. Even bugs supposedly fixed by the unofficial patches still affect me. Mod authors also get this and I suspect some of them aren't beta testing their content. I know guaranteeing full mod compatibility is impossible but too many mods failed to work right, and I'm positive that LOOT is doing more to break things than to make sure things work. I can go through comments on the Nexus and see others having the same issues with those mods. I wanted to try the Dragonborn alternate ending mod but over 50% of the comments are about how buggy it is. I only had to deal with one Oblivion mod that had such issues. I suspect random mod incompatibility is also what breaks the unofficial patches. The lack of underwater combat, the backwards magic & enchanting systems(taking apart existing equipment to "learn" the enchantments is worse than Oblivion relying on learned magic as a lot of enchantments are harder to find in the wild- still have yet to find a Soul Trap weapon at level 70 this time) and the useless state of dual-wielding also annoy me(2 swords are useless, and healing spell OR shield is a hard choice). It's a game I like, but I feel I only like it because of the amount of mods available, and only just enough to having to fight through the bugs. Plus the whole "we focused on making you play a selfish, evil character with few good choices" is an insult that's asking for yet more mods to fix. I REFUSE to join the Thieves Guild or DB just to get certain needed items or whatever! As with Oblivion, if I stuck to the base game I'd get bored with it quickly and at the base level I like Oblivion more. I'm also tired of "lore" as Bethesda retcons things frequently, 90% of a game's plot gets watered down into a few mentions in the next game, and at this rate with TES6 apparently not even being worked on, I doubt it's happening at all. I can't even imagine how they'll work around explaining the civil war without either ignoring it or ticking off 50% of the fans- and if they're just going to canonize stuff then there's no point in having choices.
  11. diosoth

    The Pink Floyd Appreciation Thread

    Honestly most of their material before Waters went insane was good, and a lot of their good stuff never gets radio play. The Syd Barrett Era also had a lot of great material that unfortunately became obscure because it got no radio play at all, and Barrett's declining mental state meant that era would never come back. Waters going all Glenn Danzig ruined the band unfortunately, less him leaving and more him trying to control a band HE QUIT(just like Danzig). Warers' final albun with the band suffered because he wanted it to be just a solo project with his former bandmates being employees to play instruments and it really shows in how weak the album is. Waters ruined a decent idea with his lousy ego(and his own solo career barely managed to be as successful). Gilmour was already so key to the band that their own album after Waters left is still good, just lacking something Waters brought in before he went on an ego trip, but his constant litigation coupled with heavy touring meant it would really be their last good album. Division Bell was more of a Gilmour project at that point. Waters didn't even pretend to be sorry until Syd Barrett died and he did the reunion tour, but much like a Ghostbusters sequel, everyone was too old for the amends to have mattered much. Endless River reeks of "we're not dead" being more a collection of existing unreleased material, coupled with being another Gilmour solo deal, than anything new from what was just the leftover shell of the band. But that's how it often goes- nothing great lasts and fame tends to go to people's heads quickly. Time moves on and what used to be big becomes obscure as the artists who made it grow old.
  12. diosoth

    (sprites) Bowz friendly Mancubus edits

    If someone wants to use these 4 sprites as a basis to do further work, go right ahead. I have no intention of doing anymore work on these.
  13. diosoth

    Shadow Man getting Remastered!

    It sounds like they're giving only some enhancements to the original game rather than making something new. The "cut content" had better be worth it since the original runs fine on Windows XP and 7. If this is just a slightly prettier version of the same 3D models and the extra content is minimal, fans are going to be disappointed. I worry that will be the case though as they may determine "not enough interest" in a full modern remake, that's if Jim Shooter's current Valiant stuff doesn't interfere in rights to making a new game. Shadowman was a 1993 Valiant character long before the company folded and was bought out by Acclaim. Acclaim opted to hard reboot all the Valiant books often by just killing the original versions or starting fresh as if the old stuff never happened. Jim Shooter was brought on board in 1999 to fix the continuity mess, but his reboot after reobtaining the Valiant library when Acclaim went under(he was practically forced out of Valiant initially- a company HE created- by greedy shareholders, who proceeded to tank the company in short order, forcing their sellout to Acclaim to begin with) ignored the Acclaim versions completely. Seeing as Bloodshot just got a movie, I doubt Shooter is interested in the Acclaim versions when he'd want his own current version to get a new game. As it stands, Acclaim's old game is someone else's property but I doub't we'd see anything fresh based on it. I'm so sorry for you. That was the worst version released and the one time I played it, the constant disc loading sounded like the motor was being strained. N64 was quite playable but the PC version is the best overall.
  14. diosoth

    USA to ban encryption during coronavirus pandemic

    Most Americans are clueless about the important laws being passed and it often happens silently. People are conditioned to ignore anyone who tries to talk about them. Remember how little news coverage that ACTA, SOPA and TPP had? It was either a media blackout or "this will benefit America" coverage. Protests were ignored. At the end of the day there's only one party that pretends to be two.
  15. Yes. It was from a very badly-written promotional comic book that people only ever talked about because it was so awful AND related to a major video game franchise. Had it been for a more obscure franchise no one would have even scanned it. Doom 4 seemed to be made by people clueless to the franchise who just thought to pack in any random Doom-related thing they heard of on Google(while excluding a lot of major aspects of Doom because this was made with a Michael Bay mentality) and missed the point entirely.