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  1. File in question- Doom Center, doomcenter-b90c.pk3 Skulltag will not boot this, nor will Zandronum 3.0. It requires Skulltag due to actors/assets so GZDoom won't boot it either. I can run doomcenter-b85e.pk3 in Skulltag but more recent versions(have also tried doomcenter-b89a.pk3 and doomcenter-b90a.pk3) refuse to play. I'm clueless to what port is needed for this file. The error in question- Script error, "doomcenter-b90c.pk3:doomcenter-b90c.wad:WEAPONS" line 4348: Invalid state parameter a_setpitch
  2. diosoth

    GZDoom texture stretching/spike glitches

    Well, GZDoom isn't crashing when this happens. It's just a graphical/texture glitch. It's popped up in Golden Souls 2 and Pirate Doom that I can name recently. I'll try LZDoom again, I only tinkered with it a bit. Somehow though I hit on a magical combination of settings which let me run in speed setting without the frequent invisible pixel jagged lines on texture seams- something I've been trying to work out for some time in various GZDoom versions. I have no idea how, as I was playing with settings to see if anything would fix it in quality mode, only to give up and switch to speed and find all the jagged pixels gone. I had to switch to windowed mode to cap these, the screenshot key doens't work in settings, aside from usually running fullscreen this is where my settings are at, and I have no idea what some of these even do. Still no fixes on the black textures in the automap though. The automap issue- this doesn't happen on every map, most work, but some have this black texture issue. Metroid Doom in 3.6.0 Legacy and g3.3pre-297-g56f656516-x64 which didn't have the issue.
  3. I get this in GZDoom 3.6.0 Legacy in very rare instances, but is an error I can consistently reproduce in the spots it happens. It only happens in GL mode with the "quality" setting- "speed" removes these(yet gives me jagged clear pixels showing the sky texture through on texture seams to the point of being its own problem). I did not see this at all in any prior version using GL and "quality". (I know Golden Souls 2 says to use the current build, but aside from this it seems to otherwise work fine) I also have an issue with the texture overlay automap often giving me a solid black or very dark texture overlay, which didn't happen in 3.3 either. While I would assume the outdated video card is the issue, could there be another texture setting causing this? Unfortunately I am stuck with 3.6 legacy, the current version crashes on startup and while I can run 3.7 legacy some mods I use aren't compatible with it. LDoom doesn't support GL mode so WADs requiring it don't run.
  4. diosoth

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    What was the final version of Doom Center released? I have 3 files with no idea which one is the latest or if they are the most recent(I would assume 85 but that's a best guess) doomcenter-b7e.wad Doomcenter-b7p_edit.pk3 doomcenter-b85e.pk3 edit- I found doomcenter-b89a.pk3, doomcenter-b90a.pk3 and doomcenter-b90b.pk3 on wad-archive.com, UNFORTUNATELY nothing I have will run them. Skulltag gives the following error on all 3 of these versions- "Script error, "doomcenter-b90b.pk3:doomcenter-b90b.wad:WEAPONS" line 4348: Invalid state parameter a_setpitch" and I can't get any version to run in even the latest Zandronum. Is there a magic version of either port that will actually run these?
  5. Smooth Doom has issues. One of the Caco's gib pieces temp becomes one of those eye candles with green circle, and this is the plasma rifle... switching to the Doom 64 set causes it to flash frames between D64's plasma and the intended one- and the D64 rocket launcher stays vanilla.
  6. Unloved and Hellground, both of which not only rely on visuals but their music choices.
  7. Much of the critique of the movie was buried long ago under the alt-right crying over the female lead, they had determined the movie to be garbage on day one for that alone because "not muh angry masculine Doomslayer". It's the same crap that makes us unable to offer legit critique of anything anymore and is obnoxious when 95% of videos about this, or anything, are clearly promoting an ideology instead of being on topic and objective. Likewise, flip the viewpoints and you have much of the defense from the opposite side of the agenda. That seems like something not worth mentioning(and I have before on the subject of modern Doom and this film), except a majority of the videos I have seen in my recommendations feed on Youtube about this film have been from alt-right channels crying about its existence. It also shoves plenty of their "Doom Eternal is (ourgame)" vids onto me. I don't know why. I think it's because YT sees I watched some Doom gameplay vids and their algorithm promotes channels with larger subscriber counts, but I don't sub to alt-right channels, I don't watch them, and I flag them as "not interested". That doesn't stop YT from begging me to watch the angry rants of some political channel. I am sorely tempted to log out and not use an account any further. It gives me the impression that there's too much modern right-leaning stuff going on with the game franchise now for me to want to touch and I've begun to dislike Doom 4 & Eternal for that. I'll stick with the original games. They tried. They wanted to focus on OG Doom as canon instead of Bethesdoom but opted to put the camera on an unrelated marine squad instead of the main hero, aiming for a "prequel" I suppose. The Imp looks off by choice, their claim it's "totally the original imp" is clearly wrong. But at least it has Hell, unlike how the execs canned that in 2005(even if they're the bad guys, showing hell whatsoever is apparently going to promote it or something- we got those complaints in 1993 from evangelicals too). But visually, this isn't Doom, it's a generic script that has a few minor ties- and I know going by OG Doom there isn't much to work with for world-building but come on. This is the same industry that botched Max Payne, which needed no alterations, and was more-or-less ready to film. Even the novels messed it up because of some evangelical nonsense preventing actual Hell from being used, they had to be aliens, and from somewhere in the second book onward they became a total mess that ignored the games. Be thankful we never got that movie based on Acclaim's Shadow Man, the script treatment was 100% unrelated to the game. But politics have to ruin everything now, and if you critique anything like this, you're labeled a nazi because the actual nazi voices are so loud they drown out the real voices. You like it even slightly, or don't hate it 100%, you're a man-hating paid shill or something. There is really no point in getting involved or expressing an opinion if you are not pushing one of the extremist viewpoints anymore because you'll get lumped in with one or the other. I regard the movie is bad but I don't care that it exists. It doesn't ruin my life that it exists. Eventually I'll become so apathetic to the constant extreme left vs right arguing that goes on daily that if they announce a meteor is headed our way, I won't care. "Making a good movie is hard when you: a) Have no budget b) Are facing unmeetable expectations" A lot of small productions have shown this to not be the case. It's usually the executives and marketing who ruin things. Execs who pay money buy don't know the property get their ideas shoved in, marketers want X, and any idea of doing it right gets thrown out the window. Case in point, Hellboy- a movie where the execs tried to ruin it with their dumbass ideas, got told "no" by del Toro, and they punished him by cutting the budget, erasing the advertising budget and guaranteeing it would bomb because he didn't play ball. This is also why Paramount is now suing Star Trek fan films- they're better than what gets spewed out officially. Budget is also less of a concern when good CGI can be done on home PCs now.
  8. diosoth

    Doom: Annihilation update

    I ordered a copy. I don't really care one way or the other, it doens't look like a good film but Doom 4 & Eternal have developed a hardcore right-leaning fanbase, which Bethesda has practically encouraged(why not? 50 alt-right channels praising the game constantly are free advertising!) and they're crying a river of tears over this movie because it EXISTS. I'll buy it to spite them. I didn't much care for Doom 4 to begin with for a lot of reasons, but just as the garbage fire known as the "furry" fandom have ensured I will never want to touch Undertale, they've ensured I'll never want to give reboot Doom a remote chance.
  9. diosoth

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Actually map31- map32 is the slaughterfest Pyramid level. I just played them. So, funny enough, this is not the level I was thinking of- but it has to be by the same author as the one I'm thinking of. It has the same "overgrown technology" look to it, chaotic level layout AND the same "kill the hidden Commander Keens to open the secret exit" puzzle. If I recall right the level has a central + corridor with large areas in a circle around it and at one point a small cramped dark hallway maze. I believe the WAD set its from has the level 15 secret exit down a hallway near the regular exit. Leaving either secret level brings you back to that same hallway to go to the proper level 16 exit. It's a UAC techbase level.
  10. Since the shotgun and plasma rifle were photographed using actual toys and the Cacodemon is the Astral Dreadnaught's head, anything is possible. I can also see some similarities to the helmet of the GI Joe toy Cobra Eel(the Doom 64 helmet looks very close to it) so it may be a mish-mash of standard helmet designs https://www.yojoe.com/action/85/eels.shtml The 2008 update has a visor, looking closer to Doomguy's helmet https://www.yojoe.com/action/08/eel4.shtml
  11. diosoth

    Doom now officially set in Stone

    Yeesh. This is overpriced junk and is yet another sign that Bethesda really doesn't regard 90s Doom as something other than a thing they can market in a lazy manner for some quick bucks, because they want to focus more on THEIR version of Doom, not something another company made. Which I suppose is better than them nearly pretending Fallout & Fallout 2 don't exist but not by much. Sure, I'm tempted by the Cacodemon bank because it's not like we'll ever get much better for classic Doom statues/toys/whatever but it's $35 for something so underpainted I'd have to take a brush to it to finish it, and that price for a rotocast hollow ball with a plastic cap is too much. This is even less effort- there are Youtube tutorials showing how to transfer a print onto a hard surface, it probably cost them a couple of dollars per to make these on the mass-produced level since it's barely expensive for a home user(if they're even buying cut stone slabs and not making them from cement, which going by above comments, they are not using cut stone) and it's........ ............ WHY? It's horribly gimmicky. It's an overpriced piece of box art and you'll be lucky if it doesn't arrive cracked. This is one of those odd things that makes me wonder if I lie in a coma and my brain is generating a dream full of nonsense, only I realize my own brain isn't capable of this level of stupid. They only fixed the console port issue because enough people complained. Otherwise they're pretty content to treat OG Doom as barely an entity they own, and this just shows that in volumes, hoping we'll pay high prices for novelty merchandise that earns them 90% profit, while real stuff like action figures gets limited to Doomslayer only. If it doesn't sell, they shrug and say "see? It's not profitable. The new Doom stuff does better. The original is dead in the market, we know, because we TRIED". And people say Disney treats old Star Wars bad. The only way this could turn out worse is if handling it made you sick- OH DAMMIT! It might! https://www.cnet.com/news/fallout-power-armor-helmet-recalled-due-to-mold/
  12. diosoth

    Is Doom 3 the most underrated entry?

    As someone who likes Doom 3 and played it a lot back in the Xbox days, I still feel a bit "meh" on the game. I haven't actually played it in 2-3 years or longer and haven't really felt like going back to it. It's a good game but feels like it was never a good Doom game. Being a canon reboot didn't help, as people expected a sequel from the title. There's so much changed it could have been a new franchise and few of the monsters look like their old selves- the imp lacks spikes despite being the closest, the expansion gave us classic lost souls and the cacodemon looks more like an octabrain because of the weird tentacles. The spider mastermind & arachnotron were cut in favor of some spider being with a giant womb. Little else really evokes the classics, even the UAC logo was changed. The game also dragged on with a lot of cutscenes and a voice barking in your ear a lot, and the PDAs really just slowed things down in a bad way- sure it was an interesting variation of key cards to use them as security clearance upgrades but fumbling through text or even having to wait out an audio log slowed gameplay down(Timesplitters Future Perfect took a big jab at the audio logs an dhow useless most were). Engine & hardware limitations also reduced monster fights to 1-3 at a time in many cases because the game couldn't do a 10+ monster fight. Getting to the topic of level design, "real world" translated to some boring, repetitive stuff- it reminds me of how bland Quake could be. I'm looking at either a poorly-lit research base, caves or hell. The flashlight was less fun that it should have been. A lot of the little extra touches here and there that you can find with some exploration are nice on their own, but feel like a distraction from the main game rather than a part of it. The BFG edition probably also did little to help keep the game relevant, the massive bump in system requirements for some minimal new content wasn't really needed and the new content was probably overshadowed by the game just being a slightly polished up reissue of a game most of us had. But at least the RoE expansion was massive enough to feel like a full new game that served as a proper sequel and was a bit more of a fast-paced shooter with more variety in the levels and some other extras. It's on the same level of a sequel that Doom II was. I also feel Bethesda/Zenimax really didn't much care to deal with it after the acquisition, it's got a re-release but little real fanfare otherwise, and the new canon reboot lifts some elements but otherwise ignores it. They're not focused on it outside of selling it for some extra cash and are otherwise content to let it be on the back burner while they push their own new retail games.
  13. diosoth

    Is Doom 3's level design bad?

    Bad? No. Proof that "real world" doesn't always translate to fun gameplay? Yes. It's a utilitarian design for a research facility with a minimal military presence attached, built on a desolate lifeless planet with no atmosphere so everything has to be contained. The UAC didn't pump much into aesthetics and even before the incident lighting is poor all over. There are few recreational facilities(that we see). The caves are bland, because they're caves, though you'd almost expect a planet that once had a civilization to have more signs of it. Hell is certainly boring and colorless compared to classic Doom, but it's hell, not happy fun time land, it's supposed to look depressing. But going back to Doom & Doom 2, the levels rarely felt like they were designed to be what they were supposed to be and Doom 2 often wrote off nothing looking like Earth locations as the demons altering the surroundings. They were designed for gameplay above real world sense.
  14. diosoth

    What would be your ideal doom movie?

    Pure Doom & Doom 2. No Doom 3, it's been done already, and totally ignore Bethesdoom's right-wing pandering reboot and its Master Chief wannabe "hero". Unfortunately this will not happen unless someone else gets the franchise(which could happen with Fallout 76 being crap enough to warrant a class-action lawsuit, their other games of late being awful, etc), Bethesda wouldn't allow it(unless it's set up to be a huge box office bomb on purpose- we've seen how they've all but sabotaged OG Doom's current releases) and they're already disowning Annihilation for not being "male" enough. And people claim Disney has an agenda with their acquisition of Star Wars. Hell, take the basic setup of the first novel, remove or tone down Arlene to a bit part(I didn't mind the IDEA of her, but she was an obnoxious, unlikeable character and the "they're not lovers" angle they had to remind us of constantly was pointless) and get rid of the "they're actually aliens" plot device and it could well work. And don't change the monster designs! In other words keep Michael Bay away from this. Better yet, that's a good idea for the film as a whole. Don't let Orci & Kurtzman near the script, either. In fact, require the writer & director to have played the games fully. After garbage like Street Fighter, Doom & Max Payne I think playing the games should be required. Max Payne didn't need alterations but they did it anyway. The only way I see this going to the liking of fans is if it's an independent fan film project.
  15. diosoth

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 9/25/19]

    This has become my go-to mod for features since Doom Enhanced has been long abandoned and it keeps getting better, though there are a few DE features I'd like to see carried over- * Lost Soul's unique pain sounds * Revenant homing rocket's unique sounds- but preferably not the annoying constant beeping DE used, though some sort of audio indicator * gibbable gore decorations- shooting hanging legs, torsos, heads on spikes, etc would mangle them into blood. I didn't seem to notice that feature here. Admittedly in DE it's one of those features that could turn a game into a laggy mess the more it sprayed decoration from both objects and enemies(the worst offender I can demonstrate is Doom 2 Reloaded's "no attack" level where the crusher flattens every Arch-Vile at once. In DE the game almost totally freezes from the extra gore effects being produced in part because the amount of blood produced is almost to comedic absurd levels), but I can fire a rocket into a crowd in SD without the lag of numerous blood particles that I often got in DE so this issue already seems mostly averted- and features can be disabled so there's always that if things are a problem. * The extra rotation angle sprites for various objects- health, ammo, etc