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  1. As far as user WADs go, the first level music from Speed Of Doom is.... ... I know it was written specifically for SoD, but I can't help it, I first heard it in Mandrill Ass Project. It plays in the LSD Trip level, and is perfectly fitting there. It's a bit too comical & fun for regular Doom maps. It really fits in well in MAP due to the quirky nature of the WAD and that specific level
  2. diosoth

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    I hate BD for adding nothing meaningful and being too buggy for its own good half the time. I don't need to get into the creator's attitude either because it's irrelevant to my opinion of BD, I still don't like the mod itself. If I'm going to use a weapon mod, right now I lean to La Tailor Girl or HXRTC which actually modify the game in a meaningful way to justify being weapon mods. Otherwise I stick to Doom Enhanced or Smooth Doom for the original game but better.
  3. Doom II map02 It sounds like it belongs in the lounge of a cruise ship, not Doom
  4. diosoth

    DTS-T - A ZDoom megawad [available now]

    New post to an old thread, but relevant. DTS-T is not compatible with the HXRTC weapon/monster mod. It plays fine up to the level where you blow up the core on the space station. Killing the hidden Romero head should trigger the switch to the next level, but does not. The only bypass was the NEXTMAP console command. I suspect a change to the monster itself could be the cause, it's possibly not detecting you killed the proper monster. In "Blood & Steel" the door triggers when a key is required will not work. NOCLIP is required. This maybe due to changes to keys, which stay in your inventory from level to level. Minor one in "Vivarium", the extra monsters spawned by the new monsters- as more than just the Pain Elemental spit extra entities- count towards the monster kill tally. This could lead to beating the level early. Jade Cube is mostly playable but the room requiring an arch vile to jump on a platform is useless due to changes to the arch viles. NOCLIP is required. The hidden map, I believe it's called "Scholomage", seems unbeatable. I could not find the 13th boss anywhere- but at least the replacement monsters still count as bosses so I killed 12 of them, but it's possible not all were still flagged. A set of bars near the start never lower requiring NOCLIP to bypass, and another set of bars on a staircase that should lower also do not requiring the FLY command to go over and trigger the room transition. Unfortunately NEXTMAP sends you to the start of the Apostruct with no levels beaten so it's best to bypass this level. Later levels can also experience bad slowdown, due to the number of monsters and their replacements spitting lots of projectiles. The ending of the LOTR level and Geonosis both can be almost a slideshow. Problems like this tend to exist with any replacement mod, they are just not always compatible with some level sets for various reasons.
  5. diosoth

    Most toxic gaming communities you have come across.

    FNAF. How obsessive can people BE over what is just Night Trap? Night Trap was awful! I suspect it's furries mainly because of the animal robots.
  6. diosoth

    Doom what if:90s Doom 3

    I don't echo Doom 64 being 90s Doom 3, it's a followup to PSX Doom, not PC Doom. The mother monster doesn't mesh with the Icon of Sin at all, which wasn't in PSX Doom. Plus it was a console exclusive on a poor choice console with a bad controller layout(the game looks good but playing it was a chore, too bad they had to stick to no looking around rather than copy Goldeneye), the more recent PC ports don't really fix that as they're unofficial projects and I felt Absolution was a little TOO faithful and limiting, we're not on an N64 controller anymore, the controls still felt stiff. How many of the actual Doom creative staff worked on D64, I wonder? I think it lacked a lot of what Doom had, it was too dark with odd color choices, lots of red and blue lights for no reason. I didn't mind the monster redesigns much I figure Quake would have been a better example of what would have happened, Id had moved onto the 3D stuff by then. Final Doom sort of counts but was never intended to be, they were just fan-made level packs that got an official approval release at the last minute.
  7. diosoth

    Am I the only one who just fucking HATES puzzles?

    I like puzzles if they're not too difficult, don't interfere much with gameplay, don't require a guide to solve, and actually work. One massive DOOM level I played, I think it's Desolation but not sure, big level with a large outdoor area and underground hell cave, requires Zandronum. I may be wrong on the title but I have few WADs in that folder and I'm to busy to boot it up right now. Anyway it has this massive overly-long puzzle involving a door code you have to find and then go back across most of the map to input. I get the code, go back, try to put it in and the thing to input it with is the most broken thing imaginable, rolling numbers that go out of sequence and when it feels like I got the numbers in right nothing happens. Not only is it irritating to work but it's broken. I gave up on it. I hate platforming more in FPS though. Serpent Resurrection, ProDoomer and Doom Golden Souls rely far too much on jumping across tiny platforms and walking over really thin objects that you can fall off to easy, and jumping mechanics in this game are like ice, not to mention slope mechanics in a game never designed to have slopes. I fall to my death more than I care for. Platforming in general isn't easy when you can't see the character's feet. In some cases I take to cheating with the fly command just to skip the hassle.
  8. diosoth

    Worst Doom music track

    I will go with Map 02 Underhalls too... it sounds like it should be playing in a lounge on a cruise ship.
  9. diosoth

    Doom's plasma gun- the original source

    They never really stopped the tie-in toys, they just switched to the adult collector market. Kenner was bought out by Hasbro who only wanted the Star Wars license, ending Kenner's spree of licensing out whatever they could get. Stores also gained more control in what got made- partly because the retail stores are the real customers of these toy companies. They buy from the toy makers, then sell their stock to us, and these retail chains are largely clueless and only want stuff with major media tie-ins IE summer blockbusters or popular cartoons. Kids also buy fewer toys now because they switched to game consoles, tablets and phones. Toy guns got restricted hard after a few kids got shot. Federal law requires the orange tip, while California requires all sorts of unusual colors. It's why no new Megatrons with gun modes, even the 2007 Nerf version is no longer good to go. One could blame this on overzealous cops but safety rules say if someone is pointing something at you that looks like an actual gun, you assume it is, and this was back in the 80s when things weren't so... heated.... regarding police shootings. You can find piles of toy guns still, just some stores are reluctant to stock them. Dollar General is one of the better places to find them. Moral guardians have been around for a long time but they aren't the sole reason for everything. Why did toys lose firing spring-loaded missiles? Mattel's Battlestar Galactica line from 1978, a kid shot a small missile down his throat and choked. No it wasn't the Boba Fett toy, but that toy was the first to get a gimmick cut down due to it. Firing missiles vanished from toys for a long time until they came back but at a certain minimum length. Same deal with why Lego men have those holes in their heads now, it allows air through if a child swallows the piece. Lots of toys were recalled or changed due to children being injured or killed. Yeah it does seem to suck that so many things changed to toys over the years but some were by necessity, some were just the changing business. Back on topic, I had the Stealth Force version, I think with 99% certainty it was from the Sears holiday catalog, back before internet shopping. The orange tip of the front piece cracked so I couldn't put the bipod there. Was a decent toy gun, the bipod was dual mounted and it was neat it had a rear trigger so you could set it down. I wish it had more bullet belts, it only had 2 and one of mine ripped/split.
  10. diosoth

    Doom's plasma gun- the original source

    The Doom wiki entry notes this but only has generic info on the toy, probably because any info on them is hard to come by thanks to being made by numerous smaller companies. http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Plasma_gun I only found this Arco version as I was searching the company name for other things. It's definitely older than most other releases of the toy, the Rambo branding says that much, but it also lacks the orange tip that toy guns required starting in the late 80s and onward.
  11. It's already known the original Doom plasma gun sprite was made using photos of the front attachment of a toy machine gun, turned so the back end faced forward. I owned one of them as a kid, but the gun in question was released by several companies over many years, likely a recycled or bootlegged mold. I believe I've uncovered the original version of this gun, made by Arco as a Rambo tie-in in the early 80s. This one is a little more complex than the other editions, having an actual electronic speaker for sound effects- the other models have a gear mechanism inside that when the trigger was pulled would spin a wheel making a clacking noise to mimic gunfire. Finding these can be a bit tricky, it sometimes takes luck on eBay as they were sold under numerous brand names and often requires generic search terms, and this Rambo gun in question has an expensive price tag to it.
  12. diosoth

    visible dots on seams in GZDoom, settings help

    Quality seems to have fixed most level sets, though the change didn't seem to happen live, it took restarting. That one level set I took the screencaps from is still an issue though, but it could be the textures in that specific mod. I will try the old INI, I'll just rename the new one before I copy over in case things go wrong and I need to change back.
  13. http://i.imgur.com/0eL0HNZ.png http://i.imgur.com/VvNa5uw.png This isn't a bug in GZDoom, it's a settings issue, I've had this problem with every version when first running it. Usually I've been able to tinker with settings until it goes away, this time however I can't seem to recall what I did to fix it. It affects texture seams, usually on corners or on the edge of the tile, though ti also affects edges of transparent sprites such as these window bars. It occurs no matter what level I'm playing, default or user WAD. This is gzdoom-x64-g3.2pre-64-g2ff492d, the newest DRD Team build. Last version I was using is g1.8.09-78-g1db064b. I would just copy the settings file over but I suspect it may not play nice due to the gap in versions- which I skipped on updating until it became necessary, far too many currently-released level sets and such don't work in that older release.
  14. diosoth

    Doom 1 DLC for the new DOOM?

    Classic levels aren't a huge deal to me- fans would just make those maps anyway. I'd be in favor of classic monsters and weapons moreso than maps. In a way the Doom 3 Hellknights and plasma gun didn't feel like this was more than a Doom 3 sequel, the Mancubus is almost unrecognizable(the stretched body makes me think of Doom 64, but the face is way off) and the Cyberdemon looks more like some Todd McFarlane monster toy than the Cyberdemon. Come to think of it, despite the gameplay trailers making it hard to see details, the only one that really evoked the classic was the Revenant- then it flies. Then again, the trailer felt more like I was watching a new Metroid Prime trailer than Doom, come on, monsters dropping health and weapon pickups as glowing things? Well... I guess it still felt more like vintage Doom than Doom 3 did, we do have health packs and no stupid 2 gun limit, it's not turning into the sheer disappointment that DNF was, but still, at parts it felt like they threw in a lot of Halo and Metroid Prime influence. I'm not strictly asking for it to be the Doom 1 and nothing but because I can just play Doom original at any time, but I'd think if they're going to do classic Doom DLC then maps alone wouldn't cut it, give me some new models for the monsters that look more like the originals as some sort of sales incentive. Better yet, something that adds the old monsters alongside the new- you're fighting the new Mancubus, while suddenly a second fatter one walks out and fires off 6 fireballs. Some monsters have totally new behavior and a simple reskin-remodel wouldn't feel totally right, especially not a classic Hellknight with the way the new ones jump around. Hell, why not a Doom 64 monster pack? And oh yeah, if their idea of DLC turns out to be the original games and that's it, well, that would suck. I'd think most anyone who wants the original games has them by now either from the 90s, from Steam or some other format. They were included as freebies in the Xbox port of Doom 3, they don't need to be sold again. At this point they should just be free inclusions with the game as a day one purchase incentive.
  15. diosoth

    Bethesda E3 Conference - DOOM4 Unveiling

    1) It's Bethesda- I worry they'll give us a mediocre game that will rely on piles of user-made mods to be enjoyable since that's the direction Elder Scrolls went in. I'm one of the types who plays Oblivion with well over 100 mods installed, because I consider the unmodded vanilla game to be awful and broken. I'd wager if I ever play Skyrim it'll be the same deal with mods- and I pity those who play those games on consoles. But is that a Bethesda thing? Even Minecraft is such a cheap letdown that it needs piles of mods to be fun- did I say fun? I meant "I use this mod to add a feature to the game that should've been included by the dev team", I am looking at YOU, Optifine!. 2) I'll be honest, I really worry this will be the next DNF. It's already delayed beyond reason, it's been rebooted 2 or 3 times now and by the time it comes out it won't resemble the original version at all- if it comes out. The refusal to really show anything and to make streams private kills my confidence But it's Bethesda, at the very least the game should be easy to mod, provided there is a large enough community to do so. 3) after seeing what happened with DNF and Postal 3, I'm not getting my hopes too high for the hype train on this. But you know what? I don't much care if this game is good or it sucks, because I can still play Doom and Doom II. I don't need a new version all that bad. It doesn't matter to me if this is a faithful new game or something as bad as a Bay/Nolan/Abrams in-name-only adaptation, because I can just play the original game either way. I have Doom Enhanced, Samsara, the Metroid mod, I have Scythe II, Unloved, Hellground, Mandrill Ass Project and numerous other map sets to constitute several retail games worth of fun. If this bombs or is canned, I don't care.