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  1. Player701

    Unholy Realms

    Level design is good and consistent but traps are repetitive and predictable. Some of the traps don't work at all, which prevents getting 100% kills on some maps. Also, MAP30... let's just say that it started to lag A LOT towards the end but it could have been due to the mod I was playing with. Overall, I think this is a 4/5 - definitely worth checking out.
  2. Player701

    Japanese Community Project

    Almost all the maps here are of very high quality in terms of both design and gameplay. MAP11 and MAP24 stand out - they are... weird (not bad, just different). MAP29 has an original concept behind it - I've never seen anything like that before in a WAD. However, its implementation could have been better - this map is quite difficult to navigate and you can get lost easily (same applies to MAP26). I also didn't like repetitive firefights in MAP28. Overall, I think this deserves a 4/5.