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  1. I never really had parents. My parents where too consumed with doing drugs and going to bars that I never really had the opportunity to get to know them. I suppose I have become a product of them... I'm nearly drunk right now ... So instead of making a fool out of myself I've decided to end my rant. Blah ... Blah ... Blah ...
  2. White

    Coping With Depression

    I admit. I'm a fucking mess right now. Pathetically fucking weak. I find it extremely sad that I would have to resort to speaking with people I barely know to help me with some issues I'm having ... But here I am anyway. I'd just like to start with: How does the populace of DoomWorld cope with depression, loneliness and complete and utter emptiness? I'm willing to try about anything. You may ask whatever questions you'd like and I'll be brutally honest. Now that I've taken off my make-up, I'd appreciate it if you would take off yours. Regards, White
  3. I have a Cable internet connection and am using Netscape 7.0. For some odd reason today when I logged on the internet and clicked on my check mail icon, I recieved a message that said "login failed." I don't understand what is wrong with it. Another odd thing is Yahoo! Messenger, which is installed under another user, is popping up when I log onto my account. It isn't even installed under my account. I'm using Windows XP home version. If anyone could help me out with this ridiculous problem I'd appreciate it.
  4. White

    ZDoom .DLL Question

    I am having a problem running ZDoom. Everytime I drag a .WAD into ZDoom.exe, it gives me an error that says; "A necessary .DLL file, FMOD.DLL is missing." Could someone please explain to me what the problem is. Thank you.
  5. White

    Replacement/Create Texture Question

    I know how to replace textures, etc. I want to know if it is possible to disable them (the Doom II textures) from appearing when I'm editing in Wadauthor so I only see the textures I created. It is more convenient this way. However, like I said before, I'm not sure this is even possible without replacing the existing ones. Black/White
  6. I want to load a fairly large amount of patches and then create textures from them. I don't want to replace any Doom II textures but while editing I would like to disable them somehow so the only textures I see are the ones I loaded/created. Otherwise it becomes a major inconvenience. Is this even possible? Or will I have to bear with it anyway? Thank you for your time. Black/White
  7. White


    According to Christianity, Satan despised God due to the fact he held humanity in higher light than the angels. Satan (Lucifer) began a war because of this and because he saw himself superior to God. Xanthier is correct with his posts. Satan is anti-anything God, especially humanity. If Hell does in fact exist, it would probably be comparable to death- yet your spirit would be eternal, so you wouldn't actually die. The almighty God takes all the blame in my opinion. The angels were his creation. Humanity is his creation- we are his imperfections. That is of course, if you believe in any of this. Black/White
  8. White

    Evolution/Creationism flamewar goes here

    May I ask how Evolution is flawed? You will have to be more specific then simply stating a one-sided, non-constructive, opinion- if you wish for anything you have to say to be taken for more that a few biased words. At least in my eyes. It is great you have an opinion; I simply want to know why you think that way.
  9. White

    Evolution/Creationism flamewar goes here

    Probably. It would not surprise me if this were true. Irregardless...
  10. White

    Evolution/Creationism flamewar goes here

    Believing in creationism is not 'brutally stupid.' The 'brutally stupid' part comes in when someone that believes in creationism tries to shove their idealogies down someone else's throat. I have no problem with people who believe in any sort of religion. I know religious people who are all around better (but who am I to judge really) than non-religious people, and, I suppose, vice-versa. Although I typically tend to be logical and lean towards Evolution, and am typically in opposition to religious concepts/idealogies, I am also intelligent enough to have a constructive argument without the heresy that Ct_red_pants alluded to. Arguing about whether a particular thing is 'right' or 'wrong' (used loosely on my part due to the fact I really do not believe in either 'right' or 'wrong') is an entirely different matter. However, a simple belief is a personal right. And quite frankly, you cannot prove either side 'wrong.' In time, perhaps. In this thread- now? Absolutely not. -Scientist The reference was from a textbook my father had saved from when he was in a Catholic School. It is called 'Upon the Cross.' If I can be bothered, I will find the actual text and write it for you. Until then, I hope you can simply take my word for it. ...I cannot believe I am arguing in defense of the creationist idealogies. Black/White
  11. White

    Evolution/Creationism flamewar goes here

    Quite frankly, it becomes incredibly hypocritical of either side of the arguing parties to say either is entirely wrong. Although a religion may seem rhetorical and full of heresy, this does not necessarily mean there is not a God of some sort. It is impossible to tell. I will not say either is wrong- you have your opinions, but keep what I just said in mind. Evolution and its theories, are for the most part, correct. In context, Evolution is the changing (or adaptations) of a life-form to become more resistant to its environment. This takes place on multiple levels and nearly infinite mutagens/variables are involved, but I have literally forced colonies of bacteria to evolve. So for this I am certain. Anyone who claims evolution is false, should probably study more on the subject of debate. Even the development of the gun could be considered evolution. We are consistantly creating things to be more practical and beneficial to us. Evolution applies to everything- on varying levels. Evolution and creationism are two idealogies that people- like yourselves argue forever about. Even with our 'great-knowledge', it is impossible to argue either side affectively and constructively/open-mindedly, win an argument. You have your opinions and I salute you all for them... regardless of what they are. Black/White (Hello, Little Faith, my diamond friend.) (I have found that reference to Jesus Christ being called "The King of Thieves" as well, Scientist. Granted you remember.)
  12. White

    Switch Scripting Question

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem. I have a door and two switches. I want the player to have to flip both switches in order to open the door. I don't want the door to partially open or anything however. Upon clicking on the first switch it will seem as though nothing happens but after clicking the second the door will open. I'm naive when it comes to scripting, (as some of you can probably see), so I ask the populace of Doomworld for help. Thank you. Black/White
  13. White

    Thing Spawn Question

    burningcarousel@godisdead.com / you could have simply clicked on the E-mail link as well.
  14. White

    Thing Spawn Question

    Suppose I have a soul-sphere and I want it to execute two scripts when you grab it: I want it to open a door and I want it to silently teleport three Imps behind you. The catch is I want the Imps to silently teleport in the room; (like fade in actually), while using the thing spawn noise. I could possibly just spawn three imps into the room, but again, I'd like them to fade in. Could anyone please tell me how I could do this? Thank you for your time. Black/White
  15. White

    Sector Specials

    I'm using Wadauthor.