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  1. Obviously I'm not familiar with their abilities beyond what I saw during our games and the practice ones ahead of them, but we felt they were gettable. We just played dumb, lazy 2v2. I could actually feel the stupid overtaking my game like some sort of unwanted emergency protocol. Once it had seeped into the circuits, it was only going to go downhill. I think we'll see some good games versus patience and fonze (get a team name god dammit so I can make puns) and even any of the other teams currently in the top half if they focus in the way that we didn't.
  2. Roller coaster evening of 2v2s. Saltmine and fm33 finally got their month underway versus our team and were duly dispatched in UDM3 and skirmish, though not without some frustrations on my end. Without my customary Australian breakfast I was really out of sorts, missing some very basic SSG shots and really blundering around the maps. Marcaek, thankfully, was in a better mental space. Not too testing, in the end. 2 - 0. One bowl of superfoods and a cup of coffee later and we were ready for the next matchup versus Maronna's Team. We lost... badly. I don't know what was in those red lentils but it can't have been very nourishing, because we were totally outplayed on UDM3 and likewise on our excellent curveball selection in eondm (sound familiar?). In the first game we were gelling very poorly as a team and fell prey to their better aim and cooperation. The trend continued into the second game where we were dismayed to discover that they had a more-than-basic understanding of how the map works. 0 - 2. The wheels stopped spinning. Exasperated sighs. Morale was low at camp wheelchair. For whatever reason, we decided to jump into the server again where dew and loveless were waiting to slay us after a bit of practice. We played quite well, however — a surprising turn — though it seemed to me that team Vinegar was more off the ball than we were on, dropping quickly behind the pace on their own selection of lazarus. Probably, we were as surprised at our performance as they were of theirs. DBAB was smooth enough. I had seen it turn wine into vinegar a couple of times before and felt confident going in. All up, a lucky break. 2 - 0. Glad to have gotten that match-up out of the way! EDIT: Holy shit I just rewatched the demo vs dew and loveless and I didn't actually get off the deck until the end of the first minute of game 1. Really poor start. The scores looked even between Marcaek and I at the end but it flatters my performance. He totally carried the first two thirds of the game, picking off our opponents in the BFG room. Sweet wheels on that Canadian for sure.
  3. Leaving a post here as I have promised myself and others that I will make a slaughter map. I've always been more attracted to the "combat puzzle" side of the philosophy than the empowerment of the player versus hordes of monsters (being ill-equipped versus hordes is more my thing. Sheepdog maps — like in Hadron), so I hope you'll forgive the lack of surplus massacring outside of whatever walls of meat are necessary to make the pieces fit. As I understand it, such levels still qualify!
  4. Absolutely atrocious map selection by WCW in the tie-breaker. I was confident that our limited knowledge of dgoth18 (collectively, since I have next to none) would be enough to make it work as a curve-ball selection, but Mr. Glide was more interested in smashing chairs with the SSG. We completely collapsed. I dropped the ball in UDM3 badly, as well, feeding my feeble wheels to the Glidekid machine in the last 90 seconds of the game to basically gift them the win at 75 - 74. Marcaek's Canadian frame couldn't carry me over the finish line. Need to get some wins on the board or this party is over. @dew and @loveless we are coming for you. The procession of wheels approaches.
  5. Hello, this is a Doomworld health inspector. Could you consider lowering the volume of the intermission music by... a lot? Perhaps any other non-midi source that I haven't come across yet and which is similarly loud, as well. I was happily testing out your wad when I reached the exit of the first level and my ears were almost exploded. Didn't even have time to adjust the volume; I simply ripped my headphones off and threw them aside.
  6. A "good" Heretic film must feature lackluster fight choreography (weapon feel) and an unconvincing plot device that only appears in ~75% of cinema screenings (firemace), thus rendering the remaining 25% completely incomprehensible to the audience. Action sequences must have casualties sent flying across the screen (monster mass). It must have daring and admirable ideas that are hinted at but not satisfactorily realized thanks to some shortcomings in direction (the inventory system; ghost monsters). It must make repeat use of a limited number of locations and sets (99 textures) so that the grandeur of setting that is suggested by the plot is conveyed unconvincingly. Its villain must die roughly two thirds of the way through the film. Most of the exposition must take place within bath houses. Derivative and aggravatingly B-grade. A cult classic.
  7. Bearing in mind that we're talking about specific individuals here and not communities in their entirety (I'm quite enjoying my foray into the Zandronum side of things, so far)... trash-talking and bad humans needn't be interchangeable. Sure, some fights need to have a bit of genuine heat behind them if they're to mean anything at all and for the competition to prosper, but if someone's unable to tape their mouth shut at the very point of admission for new players — particularly when their peers insist that the competitive scene is in need of new blood and new perspective — it becomes evident who is playing the game in good spirit and who is wearing it to mask their true behavior. That of a goon. I love goading opponents as much as the next guy and can see that it is absolutely necessary to the scene; how tendencies can develop to assume there's a decent person behind whatever bit of defamatory shit-flinging that's about to emerge from the other player. What I find hard to believe, though, is that there is anyone who doesn't understand that you need to get people accustomed to that culture, first. Maybe I'm naive and will return to this space a blemished asshole, ready to spite the new player base with hilarious put-downs and discouraging remarks. Until then, however, I will assume that it's possible to both be a good player and a reasonable human being... ...The Saga of the Wheelchair continues...
  8. OP and season standings spreadsheet updated. We are closing in on the Endtimes. Demon of the Well remains the only player with a real chance of unseating the league favorite following his narrow victory in Osiris, last month, although if we're only factoring outright victories into consideration then the game is already done and dusted. Spare a thought for Veinen, in any case, who has been pipped at the post by DotW on both of the occasions he's managed to best Bloodite. Further down the ladder we have Dime and SSGmaster, who have all but surrendered their assault on the top ten with some bad luck and bad form, respectively, the sensational end to Dime's run in Unholy Realms' map17 typifying His Canadian Excellence. Keen to see how this year plays out. One wonders if RjY would have been close to the mark with showings in January and February, or if his keen preparation will bring him all the way to the end of the season without a single death in tow.
  9. I'll wave it through, sure. Flagging runs as illegal is more when an attempt isn't made to curb advantages by aligning the port as best it can with boom or vanilla behavior. This one only puts you at a disadvantage, really, and although that allows for the possibility of disrupting the points system... well, as was discussed recently, we're not that serious a comp. I have to ask, though, why not re-download the wads if you thought they were corrupted? Did you check the display settings to see if perhaps your config files were messed with? I'm not totally familiar with what sort of shenanigans can happen, here, but I'd be surprised if all of your textures being whited out was the only thing affected, or that that could be a result in the first place.
  10. The idea of having a space that allows for a more "fluid" 3D combat experience is interesting. It's the same as flying, essentially, except that there's a visual cue — water — that denotes this space. The problem with it in Doom is that you're far too slow, there aren't any unique monsters that take advantage of this extra dimension, and jumping in and out of water feels clumsy and inconsistent. Make Doomguy move faster, fix that problem and perhaps design some interesting monsters to demand more of the player's movement skill in that area. Arch-vile fishes. Plumes of bubbles filling your screen instead of fire. The horror.
  11. The room is quickly filling up with people who don't want to talk or want to remain invisible or are dead or in the attic or want to be seen wearing a straitjacket and rocking quietly in the corner for attention. Some people! You can talk to me and Pavera, who is also normal. We'll be at the table, eating, drinking and being stand-up citizens. Taking the plates away when everyone's done. Complimenting the hosts on their wine selection. Poisoning Jon's meal because THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE Doom podcast— sorry, what were we talking about? Normal. Just act normal...
  12. Good games, first up, particularly in Onslaught and UDM3. Pretty evenly matched from where I'm sitting, and Decay looked to be in ZEN MODE. Avernus just tearing it up in the decider round, as well. There was no stopping that train. Good recovery halfway through the round, though, with the deficit cut from sixteen down to just four or five frags or something. I was watching from raz's point of view most of the time. It really looked like he was off his game in goth18. Those missed jumps for the BFG and shots at the ss door wouldn't have helped him settle, either, and he and jason were both jumped early. Felt like a lost cause from the word go, to me. EDIT: Demo for WW vs. Fonze and Patience. Close games; should have won goddamn it! I gifted the BFG in exec at the very end and walked straight into fonze's SSG trap. Marcaek reckons we weren't in good form but after those atrocious warm-up games versus div. 1 I think there's some silver lining to be found, here. Can't be happy with a loss, though :(
  13. Survived both sets in a total of 2:28:37, woo! Probably quite slow but it should still sit me in good stead come the end of the month. I didn't prepare at all in advance and went in blind for roughly half of Endpoint, which I'd played only as part of a survival session a few months ago. Endgame (which came second) I had played in its entirety a couple of times but only as recently as two or three years ago. Not bad! Give yourself a little pat on the back. Some highlights:
  14. The Ironman machine rolls on into October. How will Endgame and Endpoint stack up? Find out now at


    P.S. I'm going to die. Twice.

  15. Reads like lawyer speak, yes, but that's because some element of seriousness is required to have fun with anything, anyway. And because I'm a stickler for dress-up! It walks like a competition and quacks like a competition and is in fact called a competition in the header, but it's really just a place to shoot the shit and only take it seriously in the moment. EDIT: Here's some further reading on the topic. As far as I know, it's the one time we've had an extensive conversation about the spirit of the league.