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  1. Alfonzo

    Secret levels

    Boring answer: Secret levels are an opportunity to deviate in fun or fanciful ways from the established convention of a game or set of levels and, at least some of the time, reward players who invest in the experience enough to appreciate the levity of such a departure. Exciting, Doom-specific answer: It's high time MAP15 relinquishes the rights to secret level access. Let's use advanced source port features to allow entry from any map in the set, accept that less able ports will have to use the CLEV or -warp function to get there, instead (like half of us suckers don't do this anyway!), and revive the gold standard. Searching for the secret exit in 2018 is less an exploration than it is something like being handed a map with a watermark 'X' on it and being told to start digging.
  2. That's interesting. Do you have any numbers for me? The trend towards category 3 runs is more noticeable, these days, so much that I'd be lying if I said I wasn't wary of a possible shift in the Ironman paradigm. RjY's meticulous deconstructions were almost the sole reason the category was brought in, even though he was the only player doing prepared runs at the time, and while I still admire them I remain a bigger proponent of crossing your fingers and bringing whatever knowledge you have of a set to bear on the day. First try, first death. It makes for a much more enjoyable watch, at least. The method will continue to be supported for now and I'm not going to try and limit the numbers artificially, but my greatest hope is that participants continue to recognize where the spirit of the league was founded. #CorBlimey #PreparedToDie
  3. Absolutely zero chance I'll be in a position to help out in the next week or month or two. Can't say I didn't have any opportunities for all the time that's disappeared, but thems the breaks. Mission abort! Good luck!
  4. You're ranked by time only if you survive the challenge (exit MAP21), correct.
  5. I feel sick. Just awash with nausea. It's supposed to be the fun bit at the end. Why was I reluctant to pick the invulnerability up sooner? I knew what was coming and still bottled it. All I had to do was walk forward before what I knew was going to happen... happened. cc420_ironman_alfnz.zip Category 2. Last played this in full when I tested it in 2010. I have no idea how many kills I got because I was so dismayed I just left the game cold and I'm not going back in there to check, thanks. Does anyone have a paper bag?
  6. If the HUD shows the monster total count increasing with any resurrection or lost soul spawning, the total difference is removed and subtracted from the kill count, which allows us to use the same rule set to account for both prboom and (g)zdoom playback. This does mean we can run into some discrepancies in cases where players don't end up killing any of these "extras" en route to their death (their percentage will go down!), but this only affects the more advanced ports and it seems preferable to allowing them to be brought closer to 100% for free. I'm not sure if I've held this discussion before—possibly in the Disturbia thread—but I'm willing to hear suggestions. @RjY talked about the possibility of counting the player's sector coverage as a means to rank instead, which I thought was interesting but probably not employable as the norm. Smart totals in prboom+ reveals that you scored a solid 100% for MAP20, though. Nice going! Strong performance by you.
  7. Clarification for those who are unsure as to how these are meant to be played, since I've worded dual-set selections in other titles similarly: these two levels are played MAP20 into MAP21 as part of the same recording. One attempt! Dying on MAP20 does not entitle you to a second go on MAP21 and vice versa.
  8. September, 2018 > Download CC4 > NaZa's unofficial leader board Leaderboard (Displays only the current top ten players. For a complete list, click the link above!) - - - - - - - - - - What is the Doomworld Ironman League? The DWIronman League is a monthy competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag below for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom! In September 2018 The Doomworld Ironman League dies to @lupinx-Kassman's famous duology from Community Chest 4, MAP20: Interstellar Sickness & its sequel in MAP21: Shaman's Device, -complevel 9 (Boom (strict)). What a treat! This self-contained story is nestled deep within one of the most substantial megaWADs ever put together and has a decisive beginning and end, so it's perfect for use with the single-level ranking system we've employed in the past for maps like Jade Earth and Warlock's Hearth. Expect lots of crossfire, puzzling and shiny details as we try to survive from the Light through Dark Sectors of this rogue AI's domain. Not an easy task, by any means. Good luck and die well! I'm looking forward immensely to watching all runs of the mandatory blur sphere cyberdemon fight in Dark Sector. Note: Because we are using the percentage model for ranking across two levels instead of one, you should only choose to concern yourself with reaching the end of MAP21 in good time instead of the end of MAP20. Monster counts are cumulative: 621 monsters, in this case. Streamers should make sure that the monster count is displayed in the HUD at all times, otherwise I'll be rounding down from the percentage offered in the tally screen. Potential Game-stoppers and Bugs None documented, yet. prboom-plus -file cchest4 -complevel 9 -warp 20 -skill 4 -record my_demo Previous Threads 2016 Jenesis (winner: Demon of the Well) Crusades (winner: Ribbiks) Nilla Doom (winner: Demon of the Well) Khorus' Speedy Shit (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Perdition's Gate (winner: Bloodite Krypto) UAC Ultra (winner: Bloodite Krypto) 2017 Jade Earth (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Legacy of Heroes (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Back to Saturn X E1 (winner: dew) Mapgame (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Vae Victus 1 & 2 (winner: Demon of the Well) Disturbia (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Insertion (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Unholy Realms (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Osiris (winner: Demon of the Well) End Game & End Point (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Oscillation (winner: Ancalagon) Doom The Way id Did (winner: kmc) 2018 Combat Shock 2 (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Coffee Break (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Warlock's Hearth (winner: Demon of the Well) 50 Monsters (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Double Impact (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Rush (winner: WH-Wilou84) The Darkening E1 & E2 (winner: Veinen) The Plutonia Experiment (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
  9. Alfonzo

    How about a Doomworld interview?

    Hi! I'm a microphone fish nice to meet you. Figured I should weigh in, here. Doom Radio obviously doesn't hold the keys to this space so whether my lazy ass decides to take interest in this sort of thing is plainly irrelevant, but just in case anyone is interested: I do think some of the members of Doomworld are uniquely positioned to ask some very interesting questions about the details behind Doom Eternal and "2016." And sure, I would be interested in playing host to an interview. These sorts of things are definitely best done post game release, however, if what you're looking for is an exploration of ideas and behind-the-scenes goings and you're not just probing for content, which, if I'm honest, would just be a waste of everyone's time. Trying to work the only worthwhile angle of discussion at a time when id has all their papers spread on what sort of things they are or are not willing to talk about and how they want to talk about them will probably just result in some seriously hamstrung exchanges. Why should it make a difference if Doomworld comes knocking? After the game's release we can really tee something up. I probably should have done something like this in the second half of 2016, too, come to think of it, although, you know... at this point Doom Radio "probably should have done" a lot of things :)
  10. Alfonzo

    Post Your Epic Moments

    God dammit. The one time I show up...
  11. @NaZa This is fine and thanks for the continued support! I would just ask that you make sure there are no discrepancies between boards at the end of the month, since a more frequently updated list of runs is probably going to be checked against what's in the OP more regularly and we shouldn't split authority, here. If something gets rubbed out for some reason on this side then it should be mirrored on your end. Yikes!
  12. I know this is rhetorical but a split second before it happened I wondered how costly stepping into the teleporter with an SSG in hand would be. That's rolling the dice when you land next to an arachontron and you don't get to react immediately. Chaingun/plas or bust, there, I reckon. You can pain chance the sucker while you back out of the hot spot. Okay @Suitepee, @an_mutt, Plutonia is waiting with open arms. Shoot them off with a shotgun!
  13. Alfonzo

    The BFG

    Space is a dreadful place to invest in BFG artillery, and the fact that it's on Phobos—the closest natural satellite to its parent body of any in the solar system—just makes it doubly dumb. If you miss with the main ball projectile how on God's Green are you going to know when those tracers hit? Phobos orbits Mars completely within just 8 hours; can you guarantee you won't end up obliterating Martian settlements because your chief Big Fucking Engineer didn't log the weapon orientation before firing and missing the target? Maybe the UAC should have read the BFG FAQ before committing to such an expensive mistake.
  14. Another slab of marine for the abattoir! Dead in the last fight on map09. Really crapped my daks in this one—or gone to mud, if you fancy a spin on a lesser-known idiom (though I didn't actually fall into the stuff like Beginner and Roofi). I had completely forgotten about those nested chaingunners opposite the entrance and had no idea you could blow their feet off with a few well-placed rockets. Doom physics and all. In my panic I lurched forward with the plasma gun, failing to pick them all off while triggering all of the threats in the room. Died lunging for a medikit, too. I felt I was performing quite well up until that moment, honestly, so I had another go afterwards and managed to survive up to map22... wherein I Good At Doomed. Perhaps some curiosities are best left unsatisfied.
  15. I'm convinced that I haven't actually made a speedmap, yet. I just make stuff at my normal slow pace and cut the string at "strategic" moments in time (read: when the panic sets in). Willing myself to go faster as the deadline approaches is like trying to telekinetically move driftwood in an almost still pond. It will bump up against the bank eventually... but all that fevered concentration is really just wasted energy.