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  1. Alfonzo

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    Lord, have mercy, I need to sit down. And I'm already sitting down so this is really inconvenient.
  2. Alfonzo

    Crunchynut44 MIDI Pack

    Some very inspired sounds in here, Crunchy. A little hit and miss—often within the space of a single track (ice and lava certainly do not mix)—but clearly the "speed midi" method is helping to bring about some very colourful ideas and instrumentation. You'd have to spike my drink with something to get me to roll out those beach bongo honks and whistles with such abandon, but you have a knack for piecing together a lot of the unconventional stuff to make convincing little passages, or otherwise filling out sound with repeat short phrasing, knocks and rolls and so on. I had no idea Conquistadors was your doing, or The Best Chords for that matter. I thought it was plucked from a game I hadn't played before. It fits map06 of BR2 very nicely. Great track. Devils Riff is cool as well, also Lost at Sea, Sightseeing...
  3. Alfonzo

    Doom Wiki Month in Review (Issue #3)

    Eris finally scored a wiki page. Well I'll be dead and rained on.
  4. Alfonzo

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I sat down to play a game of Doom and then went to sleep and when I woke up all of my save game slots were named dobu gabu savu.
  5. Dear Christ in heaven would you knuckleheads knock it off? Someone stole my goddamn pillow! Quit running your fingers and get after them! Start tipping bunks! And for God's sake QC your project. How am I supposed to make a slaughternap when I'm surrounded by such low quality bedding?
  6. Alfonzo

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    The wording in my post was quite poor and I now realize that since this is in 1CC format your run wouldn't even be discounted, anyway. I'd just ignore the second UV attempt and skip straight to HMP. You'd still end up with 1-1-1. Whoops! My mistake. But yes, just in case there's any confusion: there's only one circumstance in which starting a new game of the set selected for Ironman and not having it count as an official run is acceptable. That's if it's done knowingly as a prelude to a category 3 run, which is "prepared" i.e. you have practiced the set for the personally announced official run at some point later in the month. Unofficially I don't care much if you're just messing around with settings in the opening room or whathaveyou (also knowingly) and immediately restart the game afterwards, but I'd definitely rather no one do this. Anyway, sorry about the mix-up. I was tired and dumb.
  7. Bloodite Krypto: 14 Everyone Else: 10 (with 3 of those coming before he joined the competition in 2016). Bloodite represents that one sporting country that is generating so much talent that its opposition is required by organizers to compete under the banner of "The World" for international scheduling to remain marketable and competitive. Demon of the Well has simply dropped too far off the pace, now, and has been conglomerated. He is but a mote on the highway with his measly five victories, including just one from the last 12 months of Ironman League. If DWIronman did trophies I'd have booked this one months ago because yep, she's all over, folks. It's become the U.S. at the Olympics. The America's Cup. The All Blacks. Australia versus American Samoa in 2001. ZeroMaster versus eLim. If my reading is correct then last month's winner is @WH-Wilou84. Congratulations! Everyone else walked away from the spoils when you were most prepared to stick fat following 2 years of demo recording. What a refreshing change of pace. Now time to rip one out of their cold, dead hands!
  8. July, 2018 > Download The Darkening > Download The Darkening Episode 2 > NaZa's unofficial leader board Leaderboard [1] Survived Beginner [03:52:49] Your name and your performance do not square up properly, god dammit! [1] 22 levels NaZa - NaZa's come a long way... but how many talent points did he have to pull down from the navigation tree to get here? [3] 21 levels leodoom85 - Stone Tyrant gets its revenge on the other map11. [2] 19 levels Anima Zero - It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time. [3] 16 levels Sparktimus - Arch-vile didn't take too kindly to the bossa nova dis. [2] 13 levels NoisyVelvet - 2000 is close enough to the '90s that fence-hopping should still come with a disclaimer. Nice GAD in E1. (DNF) [3] 12 levels Aquila Chrysaetos - Different flavored fireballs bring to an end this debutant's Darkening. [1] 07 levels Eris Falling - Definitely not "Dead Simple". That was actually quite complicated and can we get a forensics team out here, please? [1] 07 levels Agent6 - I guess the agency doesn't train for chainsaw-versus-perched-sergeant scenarios. [1] 07 levels guineu - Headless chicken syndrome is a deadly affliction. What is the Doomworld Ironman League? The DWIronman League is a monthy competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag below for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom! In July 2018 the Doomworld Ironman League dies to 1999's The Darkening and its sequel from the following year, Episode 2, both -complevel 2 (Doom (strict)). These non-identical twin classics are the product of an ensemble comprising some of the big names from the past and present like Jan Van der Veken, Adam Windsor and Travers Dunne. The second episode in particular has served as a great source of inspiration for prospective level designers and is seen by many as a blueprint for the modern map with its "looping layouts" and unifying complexity, and standing in stark contrast to the first Darkening, which has aged considerably. Together, these 23 levels should add up to about 3 hours of harrowing hitscan encounters and crawling through corridors, but coming off the back of Rush... certainly it's nothing that will spell instant death to the unprepared. I put it to you that you will survive this ordeal! Good luck, and remember: you can play these in any order. Dying in one set does not prevent you from attempting the other. Completed maps are cumulative, and so is the time taken. Please zip your demos up for convenience. Potential Game-stoppers and Bugs None documented yet. prboom-plus -file darken -complevel 2 -warp -skill 4 -record my_demo Previous Threads 2016 Jenesis (winner: Demon of the Well) Crusades (winner: Ribbiks) Nilla Doom (winner: Demon of the Well) Khorus' Speedy Shit (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Perdition's Gate (winner: Bloodite Krypto) UAC Ultra (winner: Bloodite Krypto) 2017 Jade Earth (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Legacy of Heroes (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Back to Saturn X E1 (winner: dew) Mapgame (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Vae Victus 1 & 2 (winner: Demon of the Well) Disturbia (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Insertion (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Unholy Realms (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Osiris (winner: Demon of the Well) End Game & End Point (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Oscillation (winner: Ancalagon) Doom The Way id Did (winner: kmc) 2018 Combat Shock 2 (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Coffee Break (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Warlock's Hearth (winner: Demon of the Well) 50 Monsters (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Double Impact (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Rush (winner: WH-Wilou84)
  9. Alfonzo

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    July's challenge is coming in about 18 hours or so. This is probably going to happen more often than not from here out as about half of all participants don't submit their runs until the 11th hour, leaving me with a fair bit to sift through. That's no problem; it's to be expected.
  10. Alfonzo

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    Getting lost in the Hawaiian post is this extraordinary extra ordinary 2-4-12 performance by me, your dutiful master of ceremonies. There is really no need to click on this link and watch this performance; I can assure you it's bad. Once the heat is off thanks to some customarily stupid mistakes, I cruise to a foregone conclusion at the foothills of HNTR "victory," dying to a shit-ton of revenants and arch-viles. Updating the OP at the thirteenth hour once again and there are a few little titbits to tidy up. @Fiendzy, I love the fresh look for your run but I'm going to have to play the harsh taskmaster and rule it out with the rocket box bug and all. I know it's a bit unfair considering it doesn't affect things much, here, but in the interest of holding fast to principles and not sliding down a slippery slope in future... make sure you've accounted for all potential balance quirks before you've fired up the run, next time! If you could write any notes in the post instead of in the video, that would be a big help, too. It saves me needing to watch most or the entirety of your run. Apologies, and I hope to see you next month :) @Pegleg Was your first run a "prepared" one (cat 3) or an earnest attempt for the month? You'll win plenty of honor with this crowd in fessing up if it's the latter, though I'll have to omit it from the board. Sorry again for being so strict, here. I think it's necessary to keep the gig in check. @WH-Wilou84 I'm having some issues playing back your UV run in pr/glboom+. I could be missing something basic (it wouldn't surprise me). Can you confirm it works on your end? It seems to desync when you come into contact with the... erm, Super Mancubus? Flabulous? O'besetubus? EDIT: OP finalized, or near enough. Amazingly, a whopping 20 out of 34 people died on map02 UV, most of them to some combination of revenants and (super) mancs. I suspect Archi will be baffled.
  11. Alfonzo

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    Honolulu is my favorite city on Earth.
  12. Alfonzo

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    @pcorf My heart sank when I saw that you'd removed the apostrophe from "you're ticket back to Hell" in the trailer. A nostalgic masterstroke gone begging, I'm afraid.
  13. Alfonzo

    Bloody Rust 3

    A short Prime Mover for a short map by @A7MAD. And we're off to the races! One down, five to go.
  14. Alfonzo

    Doom Streams

    Dying to Rush at half past the hour. It's Slaughter Sunday, baby! https://www.twitch.tv/st_alfonzo
  15. Alfonzo

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    That sounds like it should be fine, Agent. I'm not very familiar with the engine minutiae but if there are no strings attached then... well, perhaps it's something I should try as well before habits set in.