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  1. Abandoned Community Projects

    Sitting quietly in a folder on my desktop. The plan is for it to gather enough dust that it will eventually condense into something resembling a ball and roll out of the directory and into the /idgames archive.
  2. Midi music.

    https://www.vgmusic.com/ has served me well, especially when I'm looking for one of the more popular titles that have a lot of competing versions of tracks belonging to their OSTs. After becoming familiar with the best composers whose material is uploaded there, like King Meteor, you can single out the best stuff straight away. Great variety and quite convenient. I haven't visited a lot of other sites, however; and not that I need to, as there's enough high quality material being produced within the community that opting for commercial video game music is more a luxury than a necessity. I could happily revisit everything produced exclusively for PWADs and not be strapped for sounds.
  3. I re-designed the column as a means to separate the just from the unjust. Only those who are enlightened such that they might use id tech 1 level design to depict nuanced phenomenon like the innards of a mythical dog monster or economic theory will ascend beyond the firmament and into the waiting arms of Christ Romero. So far, every single one of you is going to Hell.
  4. Where does The Ultimate Doom's Episode 4 Takes Places

    Quedlinburg. We've talked about this.
  5. @NaZa I've fallen out of love with the idea of standings and points as per last year's setup. It's not so difficult to maintain but it does feel to me a little bloated and superfluous; not quite reflective of the interest I think most probably have in Ironman. That said, you're welcome to continue to maintain the boards and I'll happily paste them in the OP! Thanks for the continued support. I may focus on maintaining some kind of lite table that's easier to update and is useful "at a glance." Best performance, worst performance, best death as voted by peers... that sort of thing. A fluff article that works in tandem with the existing one. Now, then, onto the serious business. Um... warlh_ironman_alfnz.zip
  6. Records show that your chain of deaths and DNFs started on the banks of Jenesis's Canal, way back in 2016, and continued through every single month to date. A very nice way to break the duck. Well done!
  7. Well done but goddamn it, Eris; I liked it better when you were a perennial cellar dweller. I've already given you the MIDI mantle so that you might leave me for dust. You can't have it both ways!
  8. For those wondering, I'll probably wait for the participation curve to dip to the low point in the middle of the month before trekking back to the old threads and updating the tables, there. Thanks to @RjY for putting that table in order last month... but I've still got snarky obituaries to write (and my own terrible run to acknowledge. Hey, it still counts because I said so)!
  9. March, 2018 > Download Warlock's Hearth > 2018 Season Standings (pending) Leaderboard [1] Survived [00:37:26] Bloodite Krypto - There's no such thing as the 9% club, Krypto. You've got to dip lower than that! [2] Survived [00:42:32] Memfis - Megaman putting in the hard yards. Those nukage and UAC segments were scary! [1] Survived [01:08:13] NoisyVelvet - *insert Great Gatsby gif here* [1] Survived [01:11:50] Anima Zero - Fair dinkum eleven months since Anima last saluted. Welcome back to the green zone, marine! [1] Survived [01:13:42] Eris Falling - No, go away, Eris! Back to the bottom with you! You're making me nervous :( Well done, though. [1] Survived [01:19:18] Beginner - The slowest to cross the line so far, but with a face you could wear in a Maybelline commercial. Easy does it. [1] 76% NaZa - Revenants have pretty thin hit boxes, yeah? Gotta sink those crackheads and err on the side of caution! Nice dodging. [1] 63% bioshockfan90 - Whittled and pissed on by zombies and other rogue monsters. The plasma gun was the wrong choice. [1] 37% leodoom85 - set upon by a ragtag assortment of surging monsters. [2] 32% SiFi270 - Snagged a fireball after hightailing away from an arch-vile. [1] 24% JudgeDeadd - Damn ramparts not even doing its job properly. Mancubus and pain elemental tag team for the kill. [1] 21% Agent6 - Two back-to-back textbook errors. The early step-out, the friendly spectre; the finish. What is the Doomworld Ironman League? The DWIronman League is a monthy competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag below for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom! In March 2018 the DWIronman League dies to @Khorus's The Warlock's Hearth, -complevel 2 (doom (strict)), a single level for Doom 2 released in 2015. Though it feels epic in scope and rich in atmosphere, this is likely to be one of the shorter outings for the League at roughly 40-50 minutes, blind... assuming you survive! A reasonable difficulty curve will help ease most players into the experience and get a grasp for Khorus's familiar brand of resource management and Plutonic industriousness; lots of well-positioned baddies doling out the harshness in surprisingly small numbers. If you're not pressed for time, be sure to slow down and enjoy this complete and expertly crafted level. It has a kick-ass soundtrack, too! Normal rules apply. Potential Game-stoppers and Bugs None yet documented. prboom-plus -file warlh -complevel 2 -warp -skill 4 -record my_demo Previous Threads 2016 Jenesis (winner: Demon of the Well) Crusades(winner: Ribbiks) Nilla Doom (winner: Demon of the Well) Khorus' Speedy Shit (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Perdition's Gate (winner: Bloodite Krypto) UAC Ultra (winner: Bloodite Krypto) 2017 Jade Earth (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Legacy of Heroes (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Back to Saturn X E1 (winner: dew) Mapgame (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Vae Victus 1 & 2 (winner: Demon of the Well) Disturbia (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Insertion (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Unholy Realms (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Osiris (winner: Demon of the Well) End Game & End Point (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Oscillation (winner: Ancalagon) 2018 Combat Shock 2 (winner: Bloodite Krypto) Coffee Break (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
  10. So, I'm going over some of the recent episodes as part of a general assessment for improving sound quality, and it occurs to me how irritating mouth clicks are. Mine, specifically. Yech! Maybe it's not all that off-putting for you folks but it's starting to do my head in now that I've noticed it. Some of the more advanced equipment that's arriving should help alleviate a few of the problems, but most of this can probably be dealt with in post-production (and with lots of glasses of water). I'll see what I can do. Now would also be an excellent time to take advantage of my vulnerable state by hurling suggestions and criticisms.
  11. Doom Radio is a platform that continues to explore the developments behind Doom’s community and to understand the creative minds of its greatest contributors. For most of its history it has done this in discussion with people who have a lengthy and storied history with the game. What, however, might we be able to learn from someone who is not only new to Doom but who attempts a more academic unearthing of its development and significance? Are there things that we can learn about this 24-year-old game that we aren’t positioned to discover from within, but which others are from without? Is there something that Doom can teach the world of video games, even, in the creation of “metagaming” phenomenon like speedrunning and modding? Interview with Patrick LeMieux & Amber Graham In this episode, Linguica talks to Assistant Professor of Cinema and Digital Media Patrick LeMieux from the University of California, Davis, about his 2017 Doom experiment. Joining them is Amber Graham, a computer science major and student in Patrick’s program. You can find links to their projects below, along with the Doom Is An Art Scene video by jmickle66666666, which was shown in the introduction to the course. At the risk of lessening the impact for all future episodes and announcements, this is a must listen. Also, stay tuned for the interview with Obsidian, which has been waiting patiently in the wings despite the delay! Patrick LeMieux’s website / Amber Graham’s itch.io profile / jmickle’s video
  12. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    There will be a slight delay before the March thread goes up. Blame February and its paltry calendar, if you like (I would prefer this, because it's actually my laziness). Looking forward to catching up on all these runs!
  13. What makes classic DOOM scary?

    The game dabbles in the abstract by dint of limitation and design. Pixelated environments and pseudo-representational impressions of believable spaces take us about half way toward fully understanding the world we play in, leaving our imagination to fill in the rest with evil agency and bad juju. Especially for newer players who haven't discovered the limits of what the game can do, these images can hit all sorts of uncomfortable heights. They did for me when I was growing up! It was so easy to look past the cartoonish drawings of monsters when there was this unrestrained power pulling wires at the back of my mind. I guess this meeting of minds and material depiction wouldn't have been unique among games of the time because of the limits, but Doom's combination of cool tech, playful mockery of human phenomenon (religious symbols et al.), gruesome humor, loneliness and last-man-on-earth barbarism is both uncanny and unnerving. At the time of its release when sweaty action flicks and science fiction movies were big in the mainstream... it's like raw, bottled zeitgeist. Drink up, it's the nineties! Also, tracks like Suspense just bring it home. The game can flip from spooky to frenzied on a dime.
  14. Perfectionism is not a positive quality

    Some sound points and I generally agree, though I'd take issue with the seemingly self-evident notion that being a perfectionist demands an aspiration to what it is commonly accepted to mean—an unmoving peak of absolute values. I am afflicted by this problem of perfectionism probably more so than the next guy*, but what my idea of perfection actually is will shift to accommodate for past failings and prospective projects and ideas all at once; ideas that will inevitably fall short of my impossible goal-setting... even as I profess they will do otherwise, again and again. They are perfect for precisely this reason: I tell myself that this is finally the terminus. "Ah, this is the model into which all things will settle—warts and all. Balance will finally be restored!" In this frame of mind, it is indistinguishable from the top of the mountain. You simply hadn't seen it before. When the ideal shifts again, it will only be because the previous one was a ruse conjured up by an ailing mind. Of course, this difference doesn't preclude the sorts of things you've pointed out, here (except for guilt, maybe. I don't feel any of that). Even in trying to stretch the model of perfection to some new, arbitrary heights, the efforts will still not satisfy. At the very least, constantly shifting the values of things will feel in and of itself unsatisfactory! You will still spend your resources poorly. You will still be prone to anxiety, distraction and frustration resulting from unmet "needs." You will continue to be blind to the lessons that can be learned from error-making. You will still make it more difficult for others to align their goals with your own in collaboration... Good topic, and it needs to be said. I have to rid myself of this mindset. It's so deep-seated, though, I'm sure it won't be a quick fix. *Now if you don't mind, I have 50 speedmidis I need to correct before they get unleashed onto the /idgames archive and pollute the airwaves forever.