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  1. Novel! Striking! I like it. Finished in a little over 40 minutes elapsed... It looks like you had some fun cooking up an allegory, here. I wonder what connects the ruins of a city with those curiously coloured materials and other bits of symbolism? Very nice use of the stock textures to convey this story. Also god dammit, Eris is pulling ahead in the musical sweepstakes. Stop making awesome stuff!
  2. I would relish the opportunity to bully the best players almost as much as I would getting into a room 1-on-1 with Alyson. Please form a queue; take a ticket and make a thread.
  3. Nice footwork forty but you should have taken that warm-up! ;)) Thanks go to Capn for the stream host, to dew, Decay, Rottking and Edward850 for the commentary, to doomkid for keeping the wheels turning ahead of crunch time... and to 40oz for decorating the floor. Deathmatch is not for the elite alone; if you enjoyed watching the game or any of the others before and after, I encourage you to get involved! Speak to one of the officiating honchos and they'll point you in the right direction. Now get off my airwaves.
  4. Good evening, America. Are you sitting comfortably? The duel for the airways is due to commence at the top of the hour.


    Read this post and the one beneath it for details.

    1. Alfonzo

      That's airwaves*, Alfonzo, woah. Morning is my weakness; better shovel down some weetabix fast

    2. Bauul


      Well played Alfonzo!  That Blue Armour / Soulsphere was a nice grab at the start of game 2!

    3. Pinchy
  5. You are all cordially invited to a night of mutual destruction: CapnClever has generously offered reluctantly agreed to accommodate this feast of frags. There will also be commentary from in-house experts Decay and dew. A Double D viewing! Feel free to join ahead of the match (within the next hour; server details in Decay's post above) to enjoy some opening act duels. We'll even let you get on the pitch and kick the ball after the game has ended!!
  6. Good morning, America. Doom Radio trusts that you've made the necessary preparations ahead of this evening's battle for the airwaves. All your assets should now be liquidized, your life savings contingent on the destruction of our mutual enemy.


    Keep watching this space for streaming and server details. Gamble responsibly!

  7. God dammit quit hyping up my game! And get someone on side who knows how to perform the heimlich maneuver.
  8. Ne'er a truer date was written. EDIT: Back to the Edwardian Era.
  9. I stopped caring about the idea of giving out awards for "exceptional" deaths and performances in DWIronman demos some time ago, but if there's ever a good reason to give it a second thought, well... just take a look at this: (death at 2:56:00) Map17 (reached in): 2:12:58 Alfonzo Map17 (reached in): 2:34:13 Dime
  10. Hey (St) Alfonzo ('s pancake breakfast), wanna duel some time this arvo/evening? Not only would I like to practice but I'd like to gauge battling you and battling @40oz when he shows up for his mandatory training. If you're interested just join us in IRC or something :)

  11. Haha, that's the spirit! I'm so glad to read that you're getting something meaningful out of the ordeal. If it has the benefit of also improving your skills as a player (as the results seem to suggest!) then that's an added bonus. Nicely done.
  12. Yes. I'll pin the necessary details once they're available (we have expressed interest from select superfiends), though it should go without saying that any impartial or partisan bystander can screen his own showing.
  13. From each other! We're trying to get a read on Battle_Kirby and so far we've had to assign a possible three different positions depending on which one turns up.
  14. Some very interesting developments in this thread. Our analysts are working hard at investigating the "like" distributions to determine priority match seating and bleacher arrangements. Your safety is our primary concern. Flares are not permitted during the match. Liking this post may be considered as an attempted rort of the system.
  15. Definitely some cool rhymes in there, forty, wp.