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  1. The jaguar cannon is a defining feature of the STRAIN experience. If anything, we should be ramping up the feline firepower. I look forward to gibbing myself unceremoniously with the wildcat howitzer in 2022.
  2. Oh, yeah, it's top stuff! Succeeds in overcoming a lot of the issues that you'd think foregone conclusions in a mapset of first-time level designers. The point I'm mostly trying to get across, though, is that we've fostered a culture of commitment through the accessible nature of our community projects and that means we don't talk as excitedly or play as much of this sort of material in a way that resonates with those first-time level designers. Doom is in a good place at the moment; that bears repeating. Passing a critical eye over how we proceed and move forward is just so important.
  3. Doomworld is a place that flaunts the underbelly of progress with every waking moment; a place where everyone's a level designer. You, me and Dupree. Not everyone plays the content, however, or at least not to the extent that we can chisel out the shape of a classic from something that would ordinarily be glanced over because it doesn't look like BTSX — a ready-made masterwork. Why is this? Perhaps Good Morning Phobos is secretly a gem that we've let fly under the radar while the Ancient Aliens were stealing our attention and injecting us with foreign bodies like Mapper Envy? Probably not, but the situation is definitely such that we'll never find ourselves roosting over a 'classic' in the same way that we have done in the past, playing them repeatedly and arguing over the details like we only do with Doom 1 and 2 these days (how droll!)... An outpouring of material on this scale means that while our heads are down and our hands are patting each other on the back for beating the clock and getting another ten high-profile 'community maps' under the belt this year, security is waving through the acolytes. I mean, this is great in one sense. Everyone gets a go; an introduction to the community and a fair crack at one of the countless projects that welcomes anyone and everyone to the fold! But the full-body scanners are bleeping, the levels are mediocre, and although we do acknowledge that The Rug is getting suspiciously fat we're simply too tied up in our own pitfalls and ideas to stop, prop and assess the merits of Nova 2, Depths of Doom or Mayhem 2016. We're not playing enough outside of some contextualized bubble like DWMC or Ironman to really talk about our experiences with others in a more grounded, visceral way. Newbies feed off of that sort of energy, and we're providing very little of it. Take nothing away from this community with its industrious approach to change; we're always looking for new avenues to keep things fresh and do a very good job of it, even without that outside influence that @Memfis was talking about (a good point raised there, just quietly). But either through the inevitability of a growing influence or not, we've made a system where our 'run-of-the-mill' projects aren't offering the sort of eye-opening support the new guys need because our veterans are busy playing catch-up elsewhere and filling the interim with talk that frankly flies over the heads of everyone else. It's almost like we've outpaced ourselves with ideas and there are too many people who want to learn the trade! Frankly, it's a problem I think we should be glad to have.
  4. The level I'm scrubbing up at the moment now jumps between the clouds and grasslands partly in response to there being so much green, but it's designed to be a very short level — an opener. A full-blown castle-in-the-clouds type level would plug the thematic gap very nicely.
  5. Come one come all to a night of exceptional duelling with CGI's weekly duel tournament! Newcomers and stalwarts welcome.


    Find us on Doomseeker at [TSPG] Painkiller: Taco Tuesday duel

    1. Alfonzo

      Password is fronkular. Whoops!

  6. @Doomkid Sekaiju can do all of this and more. It's been my program of choice since I started composing in 2012/13. Between the track list, piano roll and event list windows you can comfortably map on and then edit the values of any number of effects (note on/off, program changes, end track events and so on), both collectively and individually, as well as change the displayed content of the music on the piano roll to make only the selected event type — volume control, say — visible for the tracks in question. Makes it easy to single out and edit a wide variety of important MIDI values. To combat your first problem it'd be as simple as using the track list or piano roll window to highlight the entire MIDI and then selecting the "Modify Event's Time" option from the Edit menu to move everything back the necessary number of beats or tics. You can also drag it manually once selected, although from memory I'm not sure if this feature is smart enough to just cram all the events prior to and including the first note into the first tic of the opening bar. The events list is helpful here for picking out events that are standing all by their lonesome and shifting them back to 00001:01:000. The volume-across-all-tracks problem? Tick the volume event box in the bottom right-hand corner of the piano roll and then single it out by hitting F11("show only current graph") followed by F10("show all tracks"). You'll then be able to highlight the volume events as they're displayed in the graph at the bottom. Once highlighted, you can visit the Edit menu once again, this time for the Modify Event's Value option, with which you can adjust everything as a percentage, as a relative shift, or with absolute specificity. If you're having any troubles hit me up with a PM or post back here. Maybe I'm a software ignoramus but I can imagine it'd appear a little confusing on the face of it (it's in Japanese! At least until you find the language change option :)).
  7. The sub-aquatic foodstuffs in Square being protected by glass covers is hilarious. He's not bringing the burgers to the surface, so presumably he's eating them faster than the water can rush in after he lifts the lid. That's crazy ravenous!
  8. You know, I thought this month's selection would scare some of the regulars off! Three cheers for showing up and giving it a fair old go; you've done yourself a service. Lambs to the slaughter, yes... but a service nonetheless.
  9. It's a real shame that this won't be fully realized, though understandable given the scope of the project and the attention it would have doubtless demanded vs. all your other commitments. I enjoyed playing through what little there was a couple of years ago, anyway — mesmerizing architecture and a dedicated focus on items, much like with Curse of D'Sparil. Your enthusiasm for exploring the game the way that you did Heretic really shone through, I think. Kudos.
  10. Don't.
  11. Mind that stirring pot; it's time for another Doom Radio podcast! Intermission – E2M5: TNT 2: Dynamite

  12. Intermission – E2M5: TNT 2: Dynamite For all we know, the real sequel to The New Technology has been missing in action for long enough that an energized squad of enthusiasts has started stirring in the wings. They propose to make a follow-up to the divisive IWAD installment with all-new textures and music (the first of its kind — never before proposed!), headed by some of the brightest level designer stars in the Doomdom. Oh, that project already exists? Eight years in development and going strong, is it? Well why didn't you play so! During this podcast I attempted to multitask by playing games at the same time. However, it turns out I am not suitably brained. On E2M5, we discuss my stiffy for verticality in level design, marketing a retro FPS, playing Doom on your phone, what’s popular on Zandronum, dew’s status as a heretic, Dead or Alive, wet dreams, the importance of Minecraft modders, the going price for the Blood IP, how many actors the engine can handle at once, the confirmation of BTSX E3, the Spiderdemon, the identifying marks of a Kinsie mod, how a shitposter is born, intergenerational modding, international mapping, smacking people with newspapers, shittalking, and F-List OCs.
  13. Creative Works is a reclusive corner, so here's me plugging my new MIDI depository in Status Updates as well. Enjoy!

  14. The natives have been getting restless. 'Why don't you upload your MIDIs somewhere so that we can download them, you nonce.' Fair enough. Here they are, courtesy of Wartorn and his awesome service: Example track #1: Mystic Tides, from Realm of Parthoris (2015) Example track #2: Corrugator, from Bloody Rust 2 (2016) Example track #3: Clippings, (2015) Example track #4: Aerial Tombs, (2013) Please feel free to use anything and everything as you see fit, because it's all been featured in/composed for released titles like Realm of Parthoris or Bloody Rust 2. By extension, this means that MIDIs for work-in-progress projects like Adventures of Square won't register on the site until that too has seen a formal and final release. This stuff dates back as far as 2012 when I first started composing using Sekaiju. None of what you hear here has been registered through instrumental input; it's all been painstakingly (and often poorly) cobbled together by clicks and scrolls of the mouse. I hope you find something worth using in your levels! Check back every other month, as I'll be composing and uploading new material in a desperate attempt to win over some suitors. Cheers.
  15. You're not wrong, Gez! The release of Revilution is a watershed moment in the story of The New Technology. With the great contender finally kowtowing to destiny, a measly 8 years of development to its name — 5 of them borrowed — the path to greatness has been cleared. Devilution now soldiers bravely into the wastelands of development hell to become the most infamous project since the original of '96. Where one of the sequel hopefuls has brought dishonor to the franchise with a timely and competent release, the other is entering its third generation of elite mismanagement, like some twisted, delusional python shedding its standards in a meaningless search for self-acceptance. It is the true TNT2, and it will not be stopped — or uploaded to /idgames. Rest well, Little Brother; we'll take it from here. For history favors the bold.