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  1. My brother walked into the kichen this morning to announce his first ever lucid dream. He didn't go into much detail about the content, but it did get me wondering whether or not this sort of dreaming is even desirable. It's fast becoming a topic that I find very, very interesting...

    Why would I want to control what's happening in a dream? If the purpose is to find yourself in an environment in which you are suddenly capable of manipulating anything and everything around you, how different is that to simply imagining it as you're awake? Is it because you don't have to constantly apply your mind to the task of creating this world, and merely point at where to go? Or is it simply because, now that you're not just stuck doing nothing for 6 to 8 hours, you might as well make the most of the occasion? It seems much more "profitable" to play out the experience in complete ignorance, reacting genuinely to every event as though it were actually happening.

    Much of my dilemma stems from the fact that there are barely any events that occur within my dreams that might be considered normal. My most recent outing to the land of Nod, for instance, saw me delivering bowls of milky wine to a residency overgrown with vines in which a former classmate was crying pitifully into a waterbed. After fixing a pair of tricycles together he turned into David Frost, and we subsequently transported ourselves to an urban intersection filled with sliding vending machines, polite hoodies, and parliamentary offices. When a gloomy day breaks over the horizon, the intersection we are in is revealed to be the divide between a glass and concrete structure of architectural wonder, situated plainly in the midst of Greenland. And then I eat some pastry.
    ...Now, I think I have a rather decent imagination, but I recognise that, when I'm awake, the sorts of scenarios and environments that I usually think up of are too contrived and represented to best the ones that occur overnight. If I were granted control over what was happening, the whole experience would dumb down rather quickly, and I'd end up imagining myself in places much less interesting than the false hub of Greenland architecture, Centauri Mons, a door factory in Windsor, or the first class section of an 18th century train travelling through a salt flat in a giant cargo hold. The unstable nature of everything would be lost. No chaos!

    This is all granted that I'm not already dreaming lucidly in any case, because I'm completely unsure as to whether or not I'm

    1. Aware and in control,
    2. Aware and simply more entertained by the idea of letting the dream play out, or
    3. Completely oblivious.
    How could I consider the dream that I had last night to be real when all that is happening is too bizarre to overlook? It seems to lend toward either of the first possibilities quite well, yet I remain uncertain.
    I suspect that I am missing the point entirely. Clearly there is something of a difference between being able to imagine any scenario and finding yourself consciously in that same scenario as part of a dream... but having observed the sheer obsession that other people seem to have with the concept I find it hard to shake off the feeling that much of this is going over my head.

    I shall strive to obtain lucidity -- despite the small probability that I already have -- in order to see what all the fuss is about. It's an interesting affair.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      I appreciate your concern. However, unless you have a way for me to legally watch those films without paying, then I'm probably not going to.

      In either case I don't think watching these films would change my mind. I think we both come from very different viewpoints to begin with. You value being close to the "real world" and assume this is best for everyone, while I feel that this more traditional approach to living limits the opportunities we can take from the advancements of the modern world.

      tl;dr: go back to dating, you socialite.

      Also, assuming the 4chan/Reddit crowd are the only ones interested in lucid dreaming is a hell of a generalization.

    3. fraggle


      Creaphis said:

      Lucid dreaming isn't for me. It concerns me that the people who seem most interested in the concept are also people who browse sites like 4chan and Reddit. Isn't the internet already distant enough from reality? Is it safe to retreat even further, and nestle one's mind within the solitary unconscious?

    4. DuckReconMajor


      ^ I looked for the button to upvote this.