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  1. Ive just finished DTWID, and i must say: your map rocks! Its very stylish A perfect imitation of Petersen. So now that im impressed: is there going to be a BTSX e3 map from you? Would love to see you toy around with those resources. No, im not asking for a release date (but if you dont mind....), but rather just asking to see if you are mapping for it.




    Also UDTWID is held hostage long enough yer freaks.

    (Called out 2 anticipated projects, such a person i am)

    1. Alfonzo


      Thanks! I dispute the authenticity of Foundry and don't look kindly on it these days (it was my second map ever made barring three ancient attempts from 2003 that are lost, needless to say) but it appears to have gone down well with at least a few people so that's something.


      There will be no BTSX map unless I somehow manage to escape the four-year development hell pit which I and a number of other luckless enthusiasts have fallen into.


      UDTWiD has developed stockholme syndrome. We're currently enjoying a spot of tea and are getting along like a house on fire.