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  1. Bullshit. Why do I even play this game?

    If you get it done, please tell: I'll finally be able to go outside and tell those Spanish kids to stop setting off firecrackers at my front door.

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    2. Sharessa


      Chess? Pffft...I play tabletop war games, bitch. It's like chess with tactics, freeform moves, and artistic skill.

    3. Alfonzo


      Grazza and Jodders may very well be right in saying that once you have the basic methods etched out it's just a matter of time before the whole puzzle is solved without the need for creative application. According to the mathematician who built it, however, this particular puzzle can be solved by logic, but not by using the conventional methods that everyone is used to. Hitherto, it requires creative thought.

      By and large though, it's the same old story with sodoku. Maybe I should move into less conventional areas of creative brain training like cloud shaping. Or disabled charades.*

      *You choose what film/thing everyone has to guess for, and someone else chooses which disability you have to have while getting everyone to guess!

    4. Quasar


      Regular grid games like Sudoku and picross are good for when you are so utterly bored and have so much time to pass that you are in physical pain. Otherwise I'd rather do something more productive ;)