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  1. painterinfo

    Custom Control Panel

    Yes the big red button is a trackball so that takes care of the mouse. Thanks, I guess I need to start playing a couple more games to get a feel. I am only really intersted in Doom, but it would be stupid to not be able to play other games.
  2. painterinfo

    Custom Control Panel

    I am designing a MAME arcade machine with a DooM theme and need some advice on what I need to change for the control panel layout. The machine will use arcade style buttons and controls optimised for Doom. Secondary considerations are other classic first person shooters like Heretic, Hexen, Quake and maybe even a modern FPS or two. Last but not least it will also play MAME classics so have left in a joystick. This layout works for me playing Doom, Joystick left right is previous weapon next weapon and I have heaps of buttons up top that I can use or spread out. Could you guys have a look at this design, I post this here because I just realised that there are other keys needed for games like Heretic and there are a lot of modern FPS games that I have never played.
  3. Grosse Pointe Blank is a Cult classic, though I would have forgot about the movie completely if it was not for the shoot up scene with the Doom arcade machine. Hey cool setup Bucket, I did not know Doom Legacy could do that and will check it out. I have fine tuned my setup to the best I can get it now. I used to use left click fire, right click run and right double click open but it looks like you can't do that any more? I am still not as good as with a KB and mouse but somehow it is better to grab a quick game in passing rather than sit down at the computer.
  4. Thanks for helping me old memory. I have now posted a video response to that Grosse Pointe Blank Youtube. Please don't bag my crap skills, I couldn't even remember where the enemies were, am still concentrating on getting used to the new control panel layout.
  5. I saw a movie years ago where a gun battle between two people was carried on and into a small supermarket. Stuff on shelves was smashed by hundreds of bullets and after the battle a kid playing Doom on an arcade machine looks up suprised to discover what had happened. Can any one tell me what the movie was called?