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Posts posted by EVIL ARCHVILE

  1. Hey guys, i'm really sorry for reviving this old thread, but I wanted to apoligize for being a douche.

    Anyway, somebody said i was lazy for not posting pics and stuff?
    They were right. I am lazy.

    I stopped making the figure when i was about halfway through, because as most lazy people do, i lost interest in it.

    I'm back into doom, and still have the half finished figure.
    I'm actually hoping to continue making it if i get struck by inspiration, and hopefully you'll see that i'm not completely full of shit :/

    Thanks for reading back, and hopefully you forgave me.
    I'll definetely try to be more polite in forums from now on.

  2. eargosedown said:

    I still want a PC port of both of them.

    Hell, I'd pay triple the price for a PC port of both. My phone is too sucky to run them =(

    edit - I actually played the first one on my old phone (before a TRAIN ran it over, you heard me right, a train) and got ALMOST to the end before it was... destroyed... I still lay awake sometimes and fantasize about the climactic ending I must have missed :(

    Triple? That's $15

  3. Look up Baron of Hell on Google Images. Do you see anything high quality? I thought that most of you have some sort of Doom Images with Barons of Hell. Apparently not. I ended up taking a (not very good) Screenshot and making my second post. Then i got a better image from Mr. Chris. You know what, whatever.

    If there's anyone still interested in the miniature, then... Well i kinda made i more to the Action Figure side. It's 6 inches long. It's about a third of the way complete, with most major details done

  4. Technician said:

    Go to hell, we're one of the most intelligent and balanced communities on the net. If you can't see behind your own dumnassery then we don't want you.

    What kind of intelligent person brags about their intellect?
    And being douchy doesn't mean you're stupid, it means you're a jerk.

    All I wanted was a picture, and what i got was everyone flaming me.

  5. No thanks to this thread, the creation process has already started.

    I thought it would be simpler to get a good image from this thread within a few minutes, rather that taking a crappy screenshot myself. Thank a lot, guys. Really helped. Might take some pics when I feel like digging for my camera. Which won't be for a few days. Also need a few days to finish. Until then, see ya.

  6. I'm fairly skilled at making miniatures, and i figured i could make a profit by making one or two Doom miniatures. Good idea, amirite?

    Anyway, I need a large reference image of a Baron of Hell. Screenshot works fine, as long as Baron takes up most of screen. Preferably Large or Wallpaper size. K THX

  7. Here's an idea. Both players start out with a Cacodemon. Then both Cacodemons turn in to owls and fly away.

    On a serious note, this game idea sounds great. Currency? I don't think there's much resources in hell, so I would definitely go with the soul idea.
    The guy above me had a nice idea too. Make sure there's a nice storyline to it!