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  1. Smokebox

    One Nation, NOT Under God, Indivisible

    ...Which is why I'm deeply offended by the pledge. Other than the fact I'm an anarchist.
  2. Smokebox

    Doom 2 : The vacation

    Oddly, it looks sorta (but not really) like the cover to the horrible fourth book in the Doom novel series, Endgame.
  3. Smokebox


    Oh, really? I never paid any attention. I just read the sigs. Math was never my best subject anyways :)
  4. Smokebox

    One Nation, NOT Under God, Indivisible

    Why did they even add the words 'under god' to it [the 'Pledge'] anyways? I'm offended by the whole damn pledge myself.
  5. Smokebox

    Fourth of July

    Who done it? Me or Mod? Me :)
  6. Smokebox


    Heh. I dunno, yours isn't as long as mine was. So I guess yours is ok.
  7. Smokebox

    Fourth of July

    Heh sounds like me. They'll get yelled at if they're lucky :P
  8. Smokebox


    Heh I see I'm not alone.
  9. Smokebox


  10. Smokebox


    Oh sorry, It was a little too long. I would have changed it, but anyways, thanks Lüt.
  11. Smokebox

    Doom textures in another engine = neat look?

    Fucking sweet, man. But I agree with Duker900, you should make it for HL.
  12. Smokebox

    It's all a matter of weaponry.

    Bah, the Railgun is ok for single player, but they should have left it out of DM. No, sratch that. It would throw off balance. I have a bit of a fetish for the Shotcycler-6 in Daikatana. Too bad you couldn't fire one double-barrel blast as an alt-fire or something.
  13. Smokebox

    Return to dsm's art gallery

    Looks awesome, dsm. The detail is unreal. I can't draw people like that. I'm better at drawing stuff like weapons, items, vehicles, etc.
  14. Smokebox


    Korn's ok. Personally their newest album is the best.