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  1. I prefer to save my games at specific points -- after I get the megasphere and am therefore at an advantageous position, after I've found that elusive key, etc. but almost ALWAYS halfway or further into a level. The only annoying thing about ZDoom is that it autosaves at the beginning of each level, depriving me of control since there are apparently only four save slots so the autosaves pile up even if I try to save around them. So, is there a way to turn off the autosave feature so that I can decide where and when to save my game?
  2. pinata666

    What ports do YOU use?

    DOSBox for old saved games from before I discovered ports (I want to finish those saved games, dammit!). ZDoom for most of my current games. Skulltag for wads that require it specifically even in single player. I have dial-up, so I'm not even remotely interested in multiplayer. I don't have any other ports yet, but I plan to get into editing and might need some other ones for that.
  3. pinata666

    an actually GOOD doom movie

    Sam Raimi would kick fucking ass as the director of a Doom movie. And is it just me, or does Vince Vaughn look quite a bit like Doomguy?
  4. pinata666

    Random stuff you like that virtually everyone hates

    You do realize we're on a Doom forum, right? :P
  5. pinata666

    Probably a stupid question, but... [What is Win32?]

    Meh. I'm used to sacrificing speed for caution. Thanks for all your help, everyone. Downloading Zdoom now.
  6. What exactly is Win32? Because the zdoom.org site says I need it to run ZDoom, and it sounded like an operating system. Since I'm running XP, I don't want to download ZDoom only to have it not work. Clarification would be appreciated here... can ZDoom run in XP, or do I need an emulator of some sort?
  7. pinata666

    Doomworld goons' hobbies/fetishes

    Hobbies? Magic: The Gathering, chess, karaoke, bowling, martial arts (not any one style... I just try to learn the moves from each form that look the coolest, though capoeira is my favorite). Fetishes? Breastmilk and futanari, preferably together. If you don't know what a futanari is, you don't want to. So don't ask.
  8. pinata666

    Random stuff you like that virtually everyone hates

    X-rated Doom wads. Haven't played them all, and haven't liked all of the ones I've played, but they're a lot better than most people give them credit for. Around Season 3 or 4 of Heroes they did an arc called "Villains" that was pretty much universally reviled... I enjoyed it immensely, for some reason. For that matter, the last season of Heroes... nobody seems to even watch it anymore, and I still like it. I saw Nightwish get a mention on the first page... didn't know that many people hated them, but I like them. Wesley Crusher... do I win the thread for that one? No? Then how about Kim Bauer? Even the mountain lion scene, which I thought was fairly intense and rather well-done.
  9. pinata666

    What monster are you?

    I'll go ahead and say the Imp. Because I'm deceptively tough for my small size, sneaky as hell and look really scary.
  10. pinata666

    WAD Ideas

    Note that I have absolutely no prior experience editing levels, and would have to learn the craft before actually making any of these... they're just ideas for now. Serious: The Walk - A megawad of outdoor levels which coincide with Doom 2 storyline-wise. You play a survivor of the attack on Earth, walking along an eerie, abandoned highway (or series of streets) in each level, with only demons for company. I'm planning to make it fairly hard, and I'm hoping to add something in that makes vultures start circling overhead when your health dips below 30%. Possible level names: Highway To Hell, Route 666, The Beaten Path, Roboto-Bahn (multiple Cyberdemons on I'm Too Young To Die) Detail-oriented: Busch Gardens - I've seen a lot of my college/my house/my farm wads, and wanted to do some megawads of local tourist attractions in my area. The Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg seems to have the most Doom-friendly architecture. This one will probably take a while due to the massive amount of detail required. Level names: After the names of the "countries" in the park; Banbury Cross (England), Aquitaine (France), Oktoberfest (Germany), Festa Italia (Italy), etc. Scary as hell: Busch Gardens Howl 'O Scream - Every year in October, the park gets "haunted" and all the attractions become Halloween-oriented. Some of them are high-octane nightmare fuel, and all of them would make awesome Doom levels. Level names: Festa Dementia (killer clowns!), Wicked Woods, Sea Dog Cemetery (zombie pirates!), etc. Semi-serious, with some humorous overtones: Doom Slanted - Referencing the eye shape of the culture that inspired it, this is a two-part, 18-total-level megawad based on Asian creatures and culture. Expect pagodas, rice paddies, bamboo mazes and other bizarre architecture as well as new monsters (ranging from obvious ones like ninjas to less obvious ones like carnivorous mutant pandas). Also expect the unexpected (Hello Kitty fans will be pleased; that's all I'm going to say). Possible level names: Bamboozled!, Pandamonium, Ninjas? Where?, Yin and Yang (that one has a "hard side" and an "easy side"... you can get to the exit using either path)
  11. pinata666

    What Makes A Good Pwad

    Hey, don't knock pagans. You'll make me perform an unspeakable ritual on you. :P As for what you said, I agree. Balance is necessary, without it gameplay sucks no matter how profound the carnage is. That was why I mentioned the key item for dealing with certain types of monsters (the plasma gun), which you seemed to find funny for some reason.
  12. pinata666

    What Makes A Good Pwad

    Gameplay: There's nothing more frustrating than a prolonged key/switch hunt, especially if a key is on one side of a level and the door it opens is way over on the other side (in wads with small maps like Scythe, this obviously isn't a problem... but if the map is huge, it gets annoying real fast). At any rate, the game is called a first-person shooter, not a first-person switch-flicker or first-person door-opener. I want to shoot things... to me, that's gameplay, and it's the only aspect of gameplay for this particular game. I use IDKFA whenever I see a keyed door and no corresponding key in the immediate area, and IDCLIP to get around things that have to be activated with switches. No exceptions. As for focus on one particular type of monster... yes, that is aggravating, but it's very rare in the pwads that I've downloaded. Of course, maybe as much as 70% of the pwads I've downloaded are from the x-rated section so my custom dooming experience is probably different from most other people's. Design/detail: I tend to like pwads a bit more if it looks like a little effort went into them (Doom II Extreme, Webgrrlz, Trinity College). I also like seeing things I've never seen before in a Doom game, and tend to seek out wads that sound like they match this description (hence my tendency to download x-rated wads). Challenge: Too hard, and I get frustrated very quickly. No plasma gun for more than five levels (or no plasma gun before encountering a Revenant/Hell Knight/Baron of Hell), and I get frustrated very quickly. But since I'm an experienced (15 years) doomer, my idea of "too hard" is probably on the higher end of the learning curve. Not saying I'm really awesome, but I can get through the first 10 levels of Doom II on UV without using IDDQD. So I don't mind a little challenge, but if you go crazy with it you can break a level very easily. Tricks/traps/obstacles/ambushes: I don't mind them, but some people rely way too heavily on them when designing a wad... I've seen some otherwise very good levels get broken by having too many "Oh shit" moments.