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  1. Hyper_Eye

    Odamex 0.6.4 released

    Please run make like this: Also, please consider filing a bug report on odamex.net. Thanks.
  2. Hyper_Eye

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    It was great. I let out a huge "WHAT?!?!" at the end of D5M1. If you missed it catch the replay @ 40 minutes here: http://www.twitch.tv/quakecon/b/440423483?t=40m00s
  3. Hyper_Eye

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    Doom 2 Final in 10 minutes!!! http://www.twitch.tv/quakecon
  4. Hyper_Eye

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    This link takes you right to the start of it which is around 3 hours in: http://www.twitch.tv/quakecon/b/440209211?t=180m00s
  5. Hyper_Eye

    Odamex joypad buttons

    Right now the menu code always treats the button registered as joystick button 1 the same as enter and the button registered as joystick button 2 as escape. This is certainly an area that needs to be improved. For now the only way to eliminate this binding is to change the code in m_options.cpp and build a new client.
  6. Hyper_Eye

    Odamex Saturday Nitro #1

    If anyone has the same lag issues that dew had it may be that you have an old config file. You should reset your config through the Odamex menus or check the "rate" value in your client. Pull down the console and type rateIf the value is not 200,000 please type into the console: set rate 200000The old default value of 10,000 is way too low for the amount of traffic that can be expected in Odamex 0.5.4.
  7. Hyper_Eye

    Prboom 2.50 Newbie Question -- Multiplayer

    The Odamex Mac releases are always built with the 10.4 SDK and are always universal binaries. You should find the ppc support to be completely comparable to the Intel support. Endianness is not an issue. If you are finding the graphics to be of a lower quality than a video of Odamex running on Mac, or any other platform for that matter, it is likely due to a change in default settings in the last few releases. Try pulling down the console with the '~' key and typing: r_detail 0That should bring it to par with the videos you have seen. We are discussing what this settings default will be in future releases.
  8. Hyper_Eye


    Actually I am not so sure about that. People are able to run a lot of the original Xbox's homebrew emulators on modded 360's using the backwards compatibility emulation layer. So the only way to be sure will be for someone to try it. I don't have a modded 360 myself so I can't. I am a little weary as I use some unconventional tricks that could make it non-functional. For example, the launcher uses AG_Threads for fast threaded server queries and the backend to AG_Threads are pthreads. Instead of writing a CreateThread or _beginthread/ex API backend for AG_Threads I went ahead and ported pthreads-win32 to Xbox to create pthreads-Xbox. I have no idea if that will function properly in the emulation layer. Also, Odamex uses two xbe's with the launcher being default and the launcher calling the odamex.xbe with a command-line. Well, Xbox does not have API for passing command-line parameters around and this is not a conventional thing to do on the Xbox. I created my own launch code for that. I don't know how the emulation layer will respond to that code either. If someone does try it I would love to know the outcome. As for whether or not a native 360 port will be produced is another question. I would like to make that happen. Unfortunately it is going to cost a good chunk of change to get the dev gear I will need. With the Xbox you can turn a regular modded Xbox into a dev unit which is what I did for a while before 2 real debug kits were donated to me. I don't foresee anyone donating any 360 dev kit to me. If I find that I can spare the change to swing it I will be all over adding 360 into the codebase right along with the Xbox support.
  9. Hyper_Eye

    Building WiiDoom with devkitPro

    Well, you might try to get a backtrace: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/User:Qiang0/Debugging#Using_gdb_to_debug_over_the_network
  10. Hyper_Eye

    Building WiiDoom with devkitPro

    If you use SDL Wii from svn you probably also want to use libogc SVN.
  11. Hyper_Eye


    The last time a build was put up on the Odamex site was in December when we released 0.4.4. Did you download the install package from sourceforge as linked from the front page of Odamex? It should work on 10.4+ with either ppc or Intel. I build all the dependencies and the bins with the 10.4 SDK.
  12. Hyper_Eye


    That should not be the case. What leads you to believe it is 10.6 only?