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  1. Baker's Dozen, MAP13 Requiem, MAP03 Nova: The Birth, MAP31 Alien Vendetta, MAP01 (w/doomxmas.wad)
  2. Congrats to all the winners, and Happy 24th birthday to Doom! The only decision I wasn't fully in agreement with was to award the Mordeth based on an ongoing project history that took forever to get out there, with links to the threads instead of a link to an actual WAD to play like TNT: Revilution. I was confused to see TNT 2 mentioned there when I know for a fact that wasn't even released yet, whereas Revilution was finished this past Summer. I just like it when it stays traditional to linking actual wads and mods as opposed to wondering if TNT 2 actually did get released as I'm sure outsiders or returning members might be misled to believe. In short, I think Revilution would have been a more straightforward Mordeth winner, then I'd replace Revilution's runner-up entry with Super Mayhem 17. I was sad to see it didn't manage to make any kind of mention, but hey...2017 was a really good year for plenty of good projects. Also congrats to dobu gabu maru for Mapper of the Year - definitely felt warranted at this point and I've been enjoying his occasional mapping streams or wad playthroughs as I've managed to catch some of them. Still have yet to challenge The Given but I have a lot of catching up to do anyway...
  3. Agreed with Xaser - I'd like a community project setting that uses powergun.wad or some other new weapons or assets. Like I mentioned in another thread something that uses Valiant's monsters/textures would be super cool to join with everything already sorted out - and it doesn't have to be a megawad in length (although it could be) but an episode would be just as acceptable. I'd also like to see more total or partial conversions. Some mods like Contra Doom are cool or that Castlevania wad. I'd also like to see more love for player skins - I think my biggest obstacle when making player skins is working around Doom's color palette, since some things I've turned into player skins usually require some additional editing to make sure it looks good enough, at least. Also I'm not very good at animating, so I'd like to see other people with more talent manage such things.
  4. ^ I actually went in and made that fix myself since it was so minor a thing; unless any other major changes have been made to the map, there shouldn't be anything else to worry about. :) Concerning a DeHackEd with level names - that's a good idea; however I have no experience making DeHackEd patches. If someone could make one for this, I'd be eternally grateful.
  5. I agree with Memfis; since the project isn't going for the full 32 it would be nice to have it release with the available maps. A 26-level megawad still sounds like a good length.
  6. That looks pretty nice - I've made adjustments to the status bar and included the fix for both maps concerning hawkwind's feedback.
  7. OK, so I started to get second thoughts about using a status bar that uses a space theme despite there being no space maps, so I decided to come up with something more Final Doom-ish for this little set: I may keep that space one in reserve though; I almost feel inspired to do something space-like considering I've never actually made anything with a space theme before.
  8. @galileo31dos01 Okay, decision-making time - which one should I go with: the status bar with a health pulse or a more consistent space theme?
  9. Oceanside, MAP04 H2H-Xmas, MAP13 H2H-Xmas, MAP25
  10. Well, Devilution is still in development. I don't think it'd be fair to include it in a lesser TNT project such as this. On the other hand, maybe I can either find a replacement status bar or just whip one up and include it for the eventual idgames release. EDIT: By the way any suggestions would be welcome.
  11. Seems you really stumbled on the trove.
  12. Thanks for the update! The final version is now posted. A big thank-you to all the mappers and testers involved; I will upload this in the coming weeks.