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  1. Memento Mori Memento Mori II Requiem Icarus: Alien Vanguard Alien Vendetta Eternal Doom Scythe Scythe 2 Hell Revealed Hell Revealed II Doom II Reloaded Plutonia 2 Plutonia Revisited TNT: Revilution Valiant Ancient Aliens
  2. avoid this as if it was that fat annoying kid that goes to your school that always wants to show you his yu-gi-oh card collection these are just a bunch of old cruddy looking maps with lo, to repetitive game play
  3. Sure, I don't mind sharing some screenshots...even if these maps of mine are old.
  4. The Devilz Work, MAP03 ICAR2015, MAP03 ICAR2015, MAP03 Doomed In SPACE, MAP06
  5. What's with all the bagging on vanilla Doom mapping? It's a perfectly legit form of mapping that remains faithful to the original experience we all remember, and everyone deserves to celebrate Doom's 25th however they please - be it vanilla, limit-removing, GZDoom or any other format. And as others have mentioned, we've seen some great projects come out that were vanilla wads (Back To Saturn X, TNT: Revilution, DTWID series, etc.) and it seems detrimental to label it as nothing more than a waste of time. I'm just glad the Doom community is alive and kicking the way it is, and that's what deserves to be celebrated in all of its forms. It's great to see another old Doomer make a return - the kmetl series is great and I still have yet to play some of the later ones. Metal has always been one of my favorite texture themes in Doom mapping.
  6. Some decent fans of mine reviewing Doom Core:
  7. So we had a topic like this not too long ago - I wanted to see a poll version out of curiosity from a more statistical standpoint.
  8. I still keep my list updated, regardless how much activity this thread sees.
  9. Doomworld Mega Project 2017 - MAP28 - UV-Speed in 0:47
  10. I was working on such a map in late 2012/early 2013 but never could gather the steam to finish it. It was probably too ambitious to take on, but I was inspired by The Artifact with its approach to making a gigantic vanilla map split over three maps. I was intending to make it longer than three maps but three maps in was about as far as I got. Here is what it looks like with the three maps put together: Even after coming back to Doom I still have a hard time thinking about coming back to this project. @Tango I think leodoom85 made a map similar to your description; I might be mistaken though - I don't think it was within the 1024 grid but it was a good-sized techbase set in a humongous cavern.
  11. There's no reason you can't have all of the above - they don't cost money, only Megabytes.
  12. Or if you don't feel like clicking over 60 separate pages: The Ultimate Doom: E1M1: Hanger-----------------John Romero E1M2: Nuclear Plant-----------John Romero E1M3: Toxin Refinery----------John Romero E1M4: Command Control------Tom Hall and John Romero E1M5: Phobos Lab------------John Romero E1M6: Central Processing-----John Romero E1M7: Computer Station------John Romero E1M8: Phobos Anomaly-------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen E1M9: Military Base-----------John Romero E2M1: Deimos Anomaly-------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen E2M2: Containment Area------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen E2M3: Refinery----------------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen E2M4: Deimos Lab-------------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen E2M5: Command Center-------Sandy Petersen E2M6: Halls Of The Damned----Sandy Petersen E2M7: Spawning Vats----------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen E2M8: Tower Of Babel----------Sandy Petersen E2M9: Fortress Of Mystery-----Sandy Petersen E3M1: Hell Keep----------------Sandy Petersen E3M2: Slough Of Despair-------Sandy Petersen E3M3: Pandemonium-----------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen E3M4: House Of Pain-----------Sandy Petersen E3M5: Unholy Cathedral--------Sandy Petersen E3M6: Mt. Erebus--------------Sandy Petersen E3M7: Gate To Limbo----------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen E3M8: Dis---------------------Sandy Petersen E3M9: Warrens----------------Sandy Petersen E4M1: Hell Beneath------------American McGee E4M2: Perfect Hatred----------John Romero E4M3: Sever The Wicked------Shawn Green E4M4: Unruly Evil--------------American McGee E4M5: They Will Repent--------Tim Willits and Theresa Chasar E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly--John Romero E4M7: And Hell Followed-------John Anderson E4M8: Unto The Cruel---------Shawn Green E4M9: Fear--------------------Tim Willits Doom II: MAP01: Entryway--------------Sandy Petersen MAP02: Underhalls-------------American McGee MAP03: The Gantlet------------American McGee MAP04: The Focus-------------American McGee MAP05: The Waste Tunnels----American McGee MAP06: The Crusher-----------American McGee MAP07: Dead Simple-----------American McGee and Sandy Petersen MAP08: Tricks And Traps-------Sandy Petersen MAP09: The Pit-----------------Sandy Petersen MAP10: Refueling Base---------Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen MAP11: Circle of Death---------John Romero MAP12: The Factory------------Sandy Petersen MAP13: Downtown-------------Sandy Petersen MAP14: The Inmost Dens------American McGee MAP15: Industrial Zone--------John Romero MAP16: Suburbs---------------Sandy Petersen MAP17: Tenements-------------John Romero MAP18: The Courtyard---------Sandy Petersen MAP19: The Citadel------------Sandy Petersen MAP20: Gotcha!---------------John Romero MAP21: Nirvana---------------Sandy Petersen MAP22: The Catacombs-------American McGee MAP23: Barrels O' Fun--------Sandy Petersen MAP24: The Chasm-----------Sandy Petersen MAP25: Bloodfalls-------------Shawn Green MAP26: The Abandoned Mines--John Romero MAP27: Monster Condo--------Sandy Petersen MAP28: The Spirit World-------Sandy Petersen MAP29: The Living End---------John Romero MAP30: Icon Of Sin------------Sandy Petersen MAP31: Wolfenstein------------Sandy Petersen MAP32: Grosse-----------------Sandy Petersen
  13. Dreaming Again Glazing waters sparkle in the sunset Dreaming while awake in deep awe Feeling good enough to get wet You couldn't believe what you saw You jump in for a swim at dawn The planets and the stars gathering For a much deeper insight of beauty Continuing to feel a bit dreamy You gaze into the sky and think You'll never be happier than now Forgetting what you lost Forgetting what you got You take what God has to offer And you wonder why you bother To associate yourself with pain and suffering There's nothing dead ahead Just the red and blue horizon The thin red line that creates a border A border for your dreams to cross And coexist with the life you live A silhouette of dreams to come
  14. I'm going to be that guy and say none.
  15. @NaturalTvventy Here are the winners of the last contest in 2016 -
  16. By the way, if there happens to be any conflict with player dummies, there's always eyfix.wad
  17. Lately I've been playing a lot of wads on lower difficulties - I played Nova 1 & 2 on Hey Not Too Rough, because lately I don't always know what to expect when it comes to enemy encounters (especially when it comes to projects like Nova where people are new to the mapping scene). I haven't had the same commitment to Doom as I used to, as I want to be able to play multiple maps in a row instead of getting stuck on one or two maps for a long time. For me it's been interesting to see lately how people have been handling the lower difficulties, and in my own mapping I've tried to balance it out so that the easy settings are a far more casual experience; things like mid-tiers blocking doors or hallways I would uncheck for the easy mode, so the map becomes easier to run and gun through. For Hurt Me Plenty I would sort of pepper a few of the UV placements to give a little of both worlds - between the casual run and gun and the challenging aspects, while UV remains as challenging as it needs to be. I mentioned recently in a review of Nova II that I did have some odd encounters on the easy setting, including empty monster closets that opened on MAP14 and lots of arch-viles at the end of MAP32, and I think even MAP15 had some tough chaingunners/revenants/arch-viles appear in the secret exit area. Unholy Realms was another wad that had some unusually unfair scenarios on the easy difficulties in some spots. It's been interesting playing some wads this way, since it's given me insight to how much people have paid attention to enemy placement even on these lower settings. Some have managed to keep it casual while other mappers seem to have not as many brutal traps, while still leaving some of the higher-tier monsters in unusual higher density. I've been discouraged at times when checking some maps in the editors to find there was little difference - MAP24 of Scythe (and probably most maps in the third episode) is probably a more extreme example, as it hardly leaves any blinking difference between difficulties, so I was left frustrated when I did play it on easy and was still getting a massive butt-kicking. I really should have played it on Ultra-Violence, but I think a part of me expecting it to be easier on the lower settings is what sort of threw my guard off. Thankfully most maps I've played haven't been as extreme as this example. Anyway, this has just been a fun little experience of mine, and all this coming back to balancing both for players inside and outside. For the most part I don't think it's been that off-putting, although I could be a little biased since I've been in the community for some time and have played plenty of difficult wads as well. Ultimately most people would assume the players have already played the IWADs so it's expected that most everything would be above that in terms of difficulty. I do sometimes wonder about it though, since part of the reward for me is watching people like my dad play through the first couple of maps from Reverie and being able to handle it.
  18. idjohn = screen melts to a smiling John Romero, locking the game.
  19. I also liked the startan status bar, seems very fitting for this kind of project.
  20. Hey, I really enjoyed this mapset - good fast-paced fun with some fun space weaponry and atmosphere. Well done everyone who worked on this project! One thing that threw me off was linedef 14496 on MAP12 - was that switch supposed to do anything or was it intended this way? Just wanted to ask about it.
  21. I was responding to other comments I'd seen in this thread. I don't have a problem with Barrels O' Fun either, if that's a little more on-topic. Doom 2 is just the right amount of being perfectly imperfect and Doomy in all aspects. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  22. Tricks And Traps and The Pit were some of my all-time favorites growing up. I used to play with IDDQD+IDKFA on those maps with the fast monsters+monster respawn boxes checked in Doom95 sometime in the early 2000's. I would just hit IDKFA whenever I was running low on ammo and pointlessly clean out the same hordes of monsters over and over - good times...