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  1. valkiriforce

    Doomcute thread

    I just want a Doomcute thread, okay. Share some Doomcute things you've come across or made yourself. Here's one from MAP13 of Kama Sutra.
  2. Well, some of you might remember my first megawad Doom Core, and fewer might know that I've technically already re-released it in the form of Doom Core Delta as well as part of the Doom Core Trilogy for ZDoom ports with several new updates and changes. However, there were a few things left to fix up here and there, and I got around to creating a new map with some more updates on the way for it. I figured I'd finally create a thread for it as it's been over 10 years since the original project's inception and nearly 10 since it first released in the Summer of 2011. To give a basic premise of the purpose for this project's re-release: originally I had the idea to replace the filler maps (maps 25, 26 & 27, as they were originally in REJECTS.wad) and create all-new maps that were intended for Doom Core. I ended up creating a new map 25 & 26, and I brought back an old map that was intended to be part of the original set but was difficult to manage in vanilla Doom with VPOs. I later updated to include some new graphics, intermission text screens and other fixes throughout, some of which help to make the single-player and co-op experience a little more friendly. More recently I created a new MAP29, however I didn't want to replace the original 29, despite also being a map that was already released outside of Doom Core (not to mention having the only original track in Doom Core) so I bumped it down to 28 and moved the new 29 in. The original MAP28 was also merged with 27 since the latter uses no keys and they're both moderate in length, and I didn't want to replace any more maps (ironically, both maps used to share the same music track). I've got a huge list of changes made to this version to show what's different from this and the original Doom Core release: Also forgive me if the midi loops or volume changes I've made were a little clunky - I'm not very experienced with editing midi material, so I tried to make some of the louder tracks less so with some volume adjustments. Map listing for good measure: With that out of the way, here are some screens from the new maps of Doom Core Delta: MAP25: Incubator MAP26: Cages Apart MAP29: Toxicity This set has been tested in Chocolate Doom, chocorenderlimits and DOOM Retro. Happy Dooming! * Play Information * Game: Doom 2 Map #: 01-32 Compatibility: vanilla Tested with: chocolate doom, chocorenderlimits and DOOM Retro ============ >>DOWNLOAD<< ============
  3. valkiriforce

    Doom Core Delta (10th Anniversary Edition)

    Wow, that would actually be amazing to have available once you're finished - it'd be nice for the trilogy not to be stuck under the ZDoom tree. I know I left some mistakes in the trilogy release I've been meaning to patch for a while (namely the map titles) but if there was anything else amiss I'd be happy to address it.
  4. Reverie turned 12 years old a couple of days ago - time sure flies, huh?

  5. valkiriforce

    DOOM Retro v5.0.7 (updated October 21, 2023)

    Hey Brad - it's been a while. Had a couple of strange errors happen recently: -I was testing out a rocket jump with IDDQD enabled, and for some reason I wasn't getting the normal push-back you get from firing a rocket directly at the wall. It was pushing me in random directions. I later learned it had to do with me using the Kill Monsters command, so I wouldn't have any distractions when testing it out. I guess it's not exactly a major bug, but I thought to bring it up nonetheless. -I played MAP30 of TNT: Evilution recently and the building staircase to the red key bugged out and didn't reach the top. Same thing happened with the staircase in the Icon of Sin area, as well.
  6. =========================================================== Anomaly Report is a brand-new 33-level megawad for vanilla Doom 2 - inspired from my love for the original Doom 2 and Doom 2 The Way Id Did. It is intended to be an easygoing experience with a few nasty traps thrown into the mix. It is deliberately minimal in places and intended to work in any source port of choice. The wad was tested in chocorenderlimits, Woof! and DOOM Retro. =========================================================== Play Information: Name: Anomaly Report (AR.WAD) IWAD: Doom 2 Compatibility: Vanilla Ports Tested: chocorenderlimits, Woof!, DOOM Retro Map slots: MAP01-MAP33 Music: Mark Klem, David Shaw, Jeremy Doyle, Tom Mustaine, Charles Li Gameplay: single-player/co-op Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 11 months Requirements: no jumping/crouching Thanks to @galileo31dos01 for the status bar which was originally intended for Akeldama, but has found a new home here. Downloads: >>>Idgames<<< >>>Doomshack<<< >>>ModDB<<< Maplist: Soundtrack list: Screenshots:
  7. Akeldama is set to be a 32-level megawad for vanilla doom2.exe. This is an answer to the throwback days of Memento Mori and Alien Vendetta of classic megawads featuring various authors, new textures and music, and staying true to the original Doom 2 formula of gameplay. So far it features the works of waverider, The Mysterious Moustachio, Paul977 and myself. Currently there are 8 completed maps, and we're hoping to aim for strong replayability with emphasis on fast, fun gameplay and shorter-length levels roughly the size of maps from Memento Mori and regular Doom 2. There will be bigger maps as well, but they will likely be featured towards the end of each respective episode. Maps were tested in Chocolate Doom and chocorenderlimits with a bit of PrBoom+/ZDoom testing as well, although they should be friendly towards any port of choice. ------ Project History ------ To help bring some coherence to the overall experience, I'm including a list of potential monsters/weapons that can be featured for each map; this will help slowly introduce players to tougher monsters and enemies without giving the most powerful weapons away from the get-go. And here is the current map lineup: Download: Idgames Link ModDB Page Doomshack Zip Episode 1: MAP01: The Generator (valkiriforce/waverider) (Complete) 1 2 MAP02: Knights of Ilasac (Philnemba) 1 2 MAP03: Renegades (ZaBigBoss/valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 MAP04: Chillwell (dt_) (Complete) 1 2 MAP05: Bunker Hill (DerFurer'sFace) (Complete) 1 2 MAP06: Insurrection (Gothic) (Complete) 1 2 MAP07: Carnage Facility (valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 MAP08: Arctic Compound (Diego 'DJV' Villarroel/valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 MAP09: Winter Stronghold (The Mysterious Moustachio) (Complete) 1 2 MAP10: Hangar Facility (valkiriforce/The Mysterious Moustachio) (Complete) 1 2 MAP11: The Glacier Base (waverider) (Complete) 1 2 Episode 2: MAP12: Urban Strike (complexDoomer/valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 MAP13: Toxic Disgust (Juza) (Complete) 1 2 MAP14: Darkness Beneath (Chaingunner) (Complete) 1 2 MAP15: Breaching The Source (gaspe) (Complete) 1 2 MAP16: Aqueduct Fortress (valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 MAP17: Blood Covenant (antares031) (Complete) 1 2 MAP18: Mortar (wolfmcbeard/Khorus) (Complete) 1 2 MAP19: Death March (Pegleg) (Complete) 1 2 MAP20: The Devil's Triangle (Juza/valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 Episode 3: MAP21: Disaster County (valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 MAP22: Dark Sacrifices (Paul977) (Complete) 1 2 MAP23: Chimera (valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 MAP24: Alexandria's Library (Diego 'DJV' Villarroel) 1 2 MAP25: Opulence (joepallai) (Complete) 1 2 MAP26: Duskbound (Breezeep) (Complete) MAP27: Bitter Waters (valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 MAP28: Climbing Blood Mountain (Khorus) (Complete) MAP29: Boglach (pcorf) (Complete) 1 2 MAP30: Mind of Enmity (aka: The Devil's Capital) (valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 MAP31: Make Believe (valkiriforce/DerFurer'sFace/joepallai/gaspe) (Complete) 1 2 MAP32: Operation Pump And Dump (Doomkid/valkiriforce) (Complete) 1 2 Track List: MAP01: Shrouded In Mist by AD_79 MAP02: Crabs Don't Need Butter on the Ocean Floor by LewkForce MAP03: Light It Up by LewkForce MAP04: Iridescent by AD_79 MAP05: The Triangle Rises by Paul Corfiatis MAP06: Parting Souls by Viscra Maelstrom MAP07: Kings Fall Down by Viscra Maelstrom MAP08: For The New Lunar Republic by Viscra Maelstrom MAP09: Gat Out of Hell by LewkForce MAP10: Mind The Gap by Seybsnilksz MAP11: Yumi Macintoshio by Paul Corfiatis MAP12: Acts of Terror by Viscra Maelstrom MAP13: Sludgehammer by AD_79 MAP14: Fallen Empire by Viscra Maelstrom MAP15: Sinners of The Dark by Paul Corfiatis MAP16: Controlled Explosion by LewkForce MAP17: The Forgotten God (Alternate Version) by Eris Falling MAP18: Delusions by Viscra Maelstrom MAP19: Illusion by Eris Falling MAP20: Penance by AD_79 MAP21: Death by Viscra Maelstrom MAP22: Aris Nesting Grounds by Viscra Maelstrom MAP23: Page Removed by LewkForce MAP24: Derived From Unconscious Mind by Viscra Maelstrom MAP25: Stone Chamber by LewkForce MAP26: Kaguya by AD_79 MAP27: The Final Chord by Stuart Rynn MAP28: Empire Built Upon Lies by AD_79 MAP29: The Unholy Valentine by Paul Corfiatis MAP30: Wasted by Doomkid/Eris Falling/valkiriforce MAP31: Survivor's Guilt by LewkForce MAP32: This Might Burn by Seybsnilksz Title Screen: Akeldama by Viscra Maelstrom Intermission Screen: ChudBeast by DoomKid Text Screen: Life On The Line by LewkForce There are no episodic themes - I would like to encourage a variety of map themes and designs that at least fit thematically with their respective sky textures. Episode 1 for example has a snow mountain sky, but there are other themes like marble and techbase and earth themes that could be explored as well. You can check the screenshots posted for each map to get an idea of what it's like. Deathmatch areas are optional but certainly welcome. Instead of setting an overall deadline on the megawad, I would like to focus the attention on each individual episode. Given the shorter map lengths and sizes, it shouldn't be too hard to come up with a number of maps in a decent amount of time. So each episode will focus on small/medium-size maps with bigger maps getting placed at the end of each episode. The deadline for contributing to episode 1 will be March the 8th - if any slots are left empty then either I or someone else will create a map to fill the space, or if they are all finished before then we can move straight to the next episode. If I've learned anything from projects like MAYhem and NaNoWADMo it's that they managed a good sizeable amount of maps over a month's time, so I would think we can manage to fill at least seven slots and hopefully more in twice that length. Episode 2 and 3's deadlines will likely be similar, although they can be longer if the time is needed for bigger maps, so you can consider this a semi-speedmapped megawad with more leniency towards bug fixes and any other problems. That being said, people can still contribute to later episode slots if all the other maps are taken, but the emphasis will be placed on what is currently set for a deadline. Episode 1 deadline: March 8th Episode 2 deadline: May 8th Episode 3 deadline: July 8th If any slots are left empty by then either I or someone else will fill those empty slots. There's also a chance the map is unplayable in vanilla Doom or isn't up to standard with the other maps - either a map can be reworked to fit those standards or it won't be accepted as it is. ------ If anyone has any additional questions or advice concerning the points I made (like the monsters/weapons/deadline stuff), I would very much like to hear from you in this thread. I would greatly appreciate any help on new textures, music, playtesting or any other details if anyone is interested. Hopefully this will be a project for those who have the same love for older wads like I do with the Memento Mori/Alien Vendetta era of vanilla mapping. Resource wad: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1dyzz7vb6yzn0sh/ak_resrce.wad?dl=0 Post your maps in this thread for playtesters and any additional community feedback. I'll be sure to update this post with the links for each map. Most of the new textures are remixes of existing Doom 2 textures, but there's some new stuff in there as well. It is likely to be updated over time, which means people can also update their maps to include any additional new textures if anyone wants to. I will very, very likely need some help running this project - so please let me know if you're available to help out with managing this project if it interests you. It would be helpful to have others in charge if for whatever reason I become unavailable. It would be good for all of us to put our heads together and make this thing the best that it can be! I hope this covers everything - also be sure to test your maps in Chocolate Doom or chocorenderlimits using the Doom 2 IWAD along with the texture resource; happy mapping! Team members: Oh yeah, there is at least a video of MAP01 I posted - this was a collaboration map between me and waverider:
  8. valkiriforce

    What are you listening to?

  9. valkiriforce

    Tips for making good, balanced mega wads?

    Think about what it is you enjoy about megawads, and study everything you can about it - layouts, monster encounters, how certain enemies/weapons are introduced (gradually or all at once). Also, consider what source port you'd like to target for the project, as it can give you more of a specific goal and it helps to shape the personality of the gameplay experience. The 'vanilla' experience can be more lightweight in terms of visual work and map size, while limit-removing can lead to bigger vistas and larger group encounters. That's not to say either experience is exclusive, though - it all comes down to your personal preference and what makes you most excited about it. You'll have to convince yourself before anyone else when working on a large project. Another good practice is to keep a notepad/document and make a list of potential map names, finished maps and any other useful notes to remember. It could be music tracks, texture packs, sky boxes or anything else you'd like to play around with. Just don't confine yourself too much with a specific rule set, as you should be allowed to experiment and keep the fun of it going in any way that works for you.
  10. valkiriforce

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    This accurately describes my early mapping experiences - I'm rather curious about the source of this image (sorry if this is off-topic).
  11. Oceanside is of course a 3-level WAD for any limit-removing ports based on my hometown of Oceanside, California. Tested with PrBoom-Plus & ZDoom. Any testing feedback would be greatly appreciated. download
  12. So we had a topic like this not too long ago - I wanted to see a poll version out of curiosity from a more statistical standpoint.
  13. Sargasso is an 11-map episode for Doom II for use with any Boom-compatible port of your choice. It explores space themes and makes use of DeHackEd monsters, which is a first for me. Tested in PrBoom-Plus and ZDoom/GZDoom, let me know if you run into any issues. Playtesters are very much needed so I would like to hear back from anyone playing this. It's likely this won't be released on idgames due to the nature of using certain copyrighted graphics/sounds, but I would like for this to remain available on any other sites where it might be safe for upload. Maplist: MAP01: Freighter MAP02: Red Zone MAP03: Surveyor MAP04: Multiplier MAP05: Starfighter MAP06: The Terminal MAP07: Cannon Ridge MAP08: Clones MAP09: Alien Colony MAP10: The Portal MAP11: Danger Zone MAP12: Credits MAP13: Lobby (Bonus) MAP14: CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT (stops progress) >>>DOWNLOAD<<< (Doomshack) Idgames Download ModDB Page MAP01 video:
  14. valkiriforce

    Unusual request, but, are there any "relaxing" wads?

    Try Oceanside - it's based on my hometown and mostly uses pop/rock midis.
  15. valkiriforce

    This is Woof! 12.0.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

    @Lila Feuer Those skulls aren't actually shootable switches, they were just decorations. The red switch unlocks one of the northern buildings over the waters which holds the red key.
  16. Hopefully that STEPTOP texture gets fixed as well - it can always be replaced with something else since it tiled vertically on my map.
  17. valkiriforce

    TNT 2: Devilution (Final beta released)

    Some more feedback - sorry I've been out of the loop. Played MAP12 in the first beta and switched to beta 2 afterwards because I forgot about the updates. Continued on HNTR. MAP12: No problems here - almost thought the arch-vile was a bit much until I spotted the rocket launcher hidden behind the nearby pillars. Only spotted a bleeding texture in a couple of sectors (sectors 75 & 76 - sorry if this has already been addressed in beta 2): MAP13: Almost felt there were too many Pain Elementals on easy, but given the large amount of rocket and shotgun ammo it made things much more manageable. The two arch-viles near the blue key were a bit of a scare, but thankfully block lines made them easier than they appeared to be. I don't think I have any real complaints about this one. MAP14: It seems cruel to have two arch-viles (sector 813) teleport into the nukage pools for easy players; I would either just have one or none appear on the lowest difficulty. I might cut back slightly on the revenant usage for easy players.
  18. valkiriforce

    DOOM Retro v5.0.7 (updated October 21, 2023)

    Hey Brad, nice update! I do seem to have a problem with it mysteriously crashing on me - it's somehow related to changing the r_ditheredlighting option. I was able to play just fine at first with it turned on, but turning it off would cause the game to crash upon choosing a difficulty setting.
  19. Idgames link is live - I hope you all enjoy it!
  20. valkiriforce

    TNT 2: Devilution (Final beta released)

    I continue my HNTR (easy) playthrough: MAP07: I might take at least one mancubus out and maybe replace the pain elemental with a cacodemon on HNTR. MAP08: I was getting chewed to bits with all the chaingunners - I would definitely tone it down for the easier setting. Also, the chaingunners on the ledges near the yellow key area should probably have block monster lines, as I was able to push them off the platforms with chaingun shots. MAP09: I honestly feel the cyberdemon was a bit too much on HNTR - I would replace it with something else for a casual playthrough. Maybe a couple less pain elementals as well. MAP10: This one had an even worse cyberdemon, as it's literally just left of the player as you exit a teleporter platform area in sector 444. This one felt like a lite-slaughtermap, so it's kind of hard to say just what should be toned down and where, but I definitely would give something like the invulnerability much sooner given how hostile that area is with the cyberdemon. The map honestly felt like an ultra-violence experience playing it on HNTR. I also found that baron/hell knight hallway in sector 159 pretty tight for a casual playthrough, so I'd take at least some barons out of there on easy or replace them with easier monsters. MAP11: Just a few small changes: I would make the steps leading out of the water in the eastern area have a different rock texture to make it easier to find your way out. I definitely think the chaingunner in sector 126 should be removed, as it's much too malicious upon climbing up those steps - not a very good decision on my part. I would also remove a handful of imps in the starting open area and a few hitscan enemies in the eastern water cave area as well. I think most of it wasn't bad difficulty-wise, although quite a huge shift from the previous map's difficulty.
  21. Hey, I decided to finally release it yesterday - Idgames link is pending, but there is Doomshack and ModDB available in the meantime - enjoy!
  22. I would like to mention Anomaly Report can now be added to the list.
  23. RC3 is now available. There are quite a few small changes that I've made throughout this month. -Added slightly more health and ammo throughout a number of maps -Slight difficulty changes made -Added linedef triggers on MAP13 for when navigating around the red key area to release a monster ambush -Changed green armor to mega armor in a secret area on MAP14 -Fixed the computer area secret on MAP14 so GZDoom players can't get stuck -Added another secret on MAP16 -Fixed a softlock on MAP18 when jumping out the window in the northern outdoor area -Changed the soulsphere powerup on MAP20 to a megasphere -Resized the outer ring of the spider mastermind arena on MAP20 and fixed some texture misalignments -Added an extra powerup on MAP21 -Changed teleport destinations for monsters on MAP23 so the ambush is more spread out -Added multiplayer cyberdemon on MAP24 -Slight change to teleport destination on MAP26 -Slight change in monster behavior on MAP28 by adding the deaf flag for monsters guarding the plasma rifle -Added secret effect to the soulsphere area of MAP29 and changed the teleport destination -Linedef action change for a secret on MAP31 This may be the last update before I eventually upload this to Idgames - that is unless anyone reports any other bugs or has any other suggestions to make. I'll let it sit on RC3 for a while before then. [EDIT] Oh yeah, and I made sure to package this with the widescreen status bar from NightFright and the DeHackEd patch from OpenRift this time!