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  1. valkiriforce

    Doomcute thread

    I just want a Doomcute thread, okay. Share some Doomcute things you've come across or made yourself. Here's one from MAP13 of Kama Sutra.
  2. I would like to withdraw my map Stalemate from this project, thank you.
  3. valkiriforce

    Favorite level in TNT: Evilution?`

    Pharaoh and Central Processing. Both are atmosphere-rich experiences that have influenced my mapping style and stay with me to this day.
  4. valkiriforce

    Cool M_DOOM graphics thread

    I want to talk about the cool menu graphics people have come up with - specifically titles, logos or otherwise. Share some you thought looked cool or some that you made on your own. Any other discussion about them is welcome of course. Some I thought looked cool: Some I put together:
  5. I challenge the above poster to play MAYhem 2018: Orange Edition - MAP06: Rushed. If that's too simple, then go for MAP09: Sun Blows Up Today - and play with saves!
  6. valkiriforce

    DOOM Retro v4.3 (updated October 15, 2021)

    I double-checked just to be sure, and the strafing issue only appears in 4.2 and above - it wasn't present in the 4.1.3 release or before it.
  7. valkiriforce

    DOOM Retro v4.3 (updated October 15, 2021)

    Unfortunately, I still get the same issues while strafing in the latest release - for some reason it stops registering on my end if I switch too quickly. Still holding out hope for a smooth 35 FPS as well - I don't mean to be pushy about it, it just felt really nice that way.
  8. valkiriforce

    Arrow keys or WASD for movement?

    Keyboard arrow user here - however on the few occasions I have used a mouse and keyboard for controls I use the right-click for forward movement, A & S for strafing left and right, and Z for moving backwards.
  9. valkiriforce

    DOOM Retro v4.3 (updated October 15, 2021)

    Hey Brad, I wanted to ask you something about the version 4.1.3 release and above where this particular change applies: Would it be possible for that same disabled interpolation to be a config option so it can replicate previous DOOM Retro releases? I'm still using 4.1.2, as the current 35 fps feels a bit too choppy on my end, and raising the framerate ventures too much into the dead zone inputs I tend to experience. Or, if there's any other way to replicate how it felt previously I'd be happy to know what options are available besides relying on an older release. One other issue I experienced with the newer Retro release is I had an odd instance of a keyboard input that wouldn't register if I switched too quickly between strafing left and right. Either one of those keys would fail to input and the player would stop in place. I've tested this again on the latest release just to be sure, and I get the same results.
  10. valkiriforce

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

  11. valkiriforce

    The best megawad ever made?

    Painfully typical as it might seem, my vote goes between Memento Mori and Eternal Doom.
  12. valkiriforce

    Do profile pictures change your perception of a user?

    I suppose anime characters do live in a flat world. It's made of paper.
  13. valkiriforce

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Not exactly - although I guess you could consider this first level somewhat of a sequel to it.
  14. valkiriforce

    Doomcute thread

    A truck trailer I made for Akeldama MAP11.
  15. valkiriforce

    a Dean of Doom series companion thread

    I never understood the hate for Hell Revealed 2; granted, I've never been that big on either of them, but I still find both of them fun to play on different occasions. I got halfway through HR2 on HMP before I was tired of dealing with the mobs of monsters, so I switched to the lowest setting by MAP16 and was able to have fun with the set as it is. I will say I think both HR & HR2 are especially great for co-op play. I do agree that Jonas Feragen's maps were some of the highlights for me, as I liked his quick explosive gameplay in the early maps as well as some of the cool tricks he pulled in vanilla Doom 2 - especially MAP19. There were highs and lows like any other megawad, and some maps did feel a little unpolished or not that interesting in layout - I'm thinking specifically of maps 6 and 11, but I never felt it was as bad as many seem to make it out to be.
  16. valkiriforce

    Wads/mods that feel like experiences

    Definitely Eternal Doom for me - huge gothic castles with a cool soundtrack and some new graphics, including a new HUD Doomguy. Everything about it still blows me away to this day. That anybody managed to create such gigantic maps for the original doom2.exe - especially with the older editors of the time, is quite a feat. Though the more puzzling elements are an acquired taste, they add a new dimension to the action for me.
  17. valkiriforce

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    TeamTNT's "Infinite" starts playing
  18. valkiriforce

    Is there still any demand for vanilla maps?

    Let me just add to the pile and say I've been working on some vanilla maps lately and goofing around remixing regular stock textures to make it feel a little more fresh, if a bit familiar. I enjoy working on limit-removing and Boom maps but I'll always have a soft spot for the vanilla Doom experience.
  19. valkiriforce

    i really don't like being in this community

    Ironically, seeing this topic was created by roadworx made me think, "Oh no, is he leaving?"
  20. valkiriforce

    Doomcute thread

    A subway station from Three's A Crowd
  21. valkiriforce

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Just a little something I threw together recently - using a status bar that was made by @galileo31dos01 if it still hasn't been used anywhere else yet. Really like how this skybox came out.
  22. Well, some of you might remember my first megawad Doom Core, and fewer might know that I've technically already re-released it in the form of Doom Core Delta as well as part of the Doom Core Trilogy for ZDoom ports with several new updates and changes. However, there were a few things left to fix up here and there, and I got around to creating a new map with some more updates on the way for it. I figured I'd finally create a thread for it as it's been over 10 years since the original project's inception and nearly 10 since it first released in the Summer of 2011. To give a basic premise of the purpose for this project's re-release: originally I had the idea to replace the filler maps (maps 25, 26 & 27, as they were originally in REJECTS.wad) and create all-new maps that were intended for Doom Core. I ended up creating a new map 25 & 26, and I brought back an old map that was intended to be part of the original set but was difficult to manage in vanilla Doom with VPOs. I later updated to include some new graphics, intermission text screens and other fixes throughout, some of which help to make the single-player and co-op experience a little more friendly. More recently I created a new MAP29, however I didn't want to replace the original 29, despite also being a map that was already released outside of Doom Core (not to mention having the only original track in Doom Core) so I bumped it down to 28 and moved the new 29 in. The original MAP28 was also merged with 27 since the latter uses no keys and they're both moderate in length, and I didn't want to replace any more maps (ironically, both maps used to share the same music track). I've got a huge list of changes made to this version to show what's different from this and the original Doom Core release: Also forgive me if the midi loops or volume changes I've made were a little clunky - I'm not very experienced with editing midi material, so I tried to make some of the louder tracks less so with some volume adjustments. Map listing for good measure: With that out of the way, here are some screens from the new maps of Doom Core Delta: MAP25: Incubator MAP26: Cages Apart MAP29: Toxicity This set has been tested in Chocolate Doom, chocorenderlimits and DOOM Retro. Happy Dooming! * Play Information * Game: Doom 2 Map #: 01-32 Compatibility: vanilla Tested with: chocolate doom, chocorenderlimits and DOOM Retro ============ >>DOWNLOAD<< ============
  23. valkiriforce

    Doom Core Delta (10th Anniversary Edition)

    The updated Doom Core Delta has now found its way onto Idgames - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/dcdelta Also updated the Doom Core Trilogy with the new map arrangements, so that's also on Idgames if you'd like to go for the full ZDoom experience: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/dctrilogy [EDIT] Oh right, and OpenRift made a dehacked patch for vanilla for those who would like to have it. Many thanks!: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=125994
  24. valkiriforce

    Doomguy's personality

    >do you know doomguy me: