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  1. I went and saw these guys live last night with my older brother at The Orange Peel over in Asheville, NC. I have to say, these dudes bring it. If, for whatever reason, you didn't know who Led Zeppelin was and had never heard any of their music, recorded or live, you might be tricked into thinking these guys were the Real Deal. Excellent show. I would say the only downer was the fact that Stairway to Heaven wasn't played, but to make up for it, they DID play No Quarter, which is one of favorite Led Zep tunes.
    Also when the drummer walked up to the front of the stage at the end of the show I caught one of his drumsticks :)

    1. bytor


      Wouldn't mind seein' this group and No Quarter is one of my favorites, too. It's kinda creepy.

      Have a banner.

      edit: removed "ZOSO" banner to avoid copyright mess.