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  1. Just wanted to write about something that I've been mulling over for the past several days. And that is death.
    Now death is something not many people want to talk or even think about. It's understandable - it is the end of a person's life (I realize all things die in some way, shape or form but I will keep this centered on us humans). I often think of my own impending death, and it is not the thought of my biological form dying that scares me, it's quite honestly I don't know HOW I will die. I could be hit by a semi going 100 mph down the freeway. I could die silently in my sleep. There are quite a few ways to die naturally, and many more where you die unnaturally. The point is, I don't know. And unless you've been suffering through, say, cancer and are approaching your final hurrah, or you have a death wish of some kind and are contemplating suicide, you won't know until it's that final moment.
    It should also be said that even if you did live to say four or five hundred years, eventually your life would come to an end.
    Your mortal being will, at some point, die. It is something you should be getting ready for because ever since the day you were born, no, since you were conceived up til this point in what we call time, you've been heading towards death.
    And then for the hard question.
    And after that...? What?
    What happens when we die?
    Lots of people think that when you die, that's it, game over, you're done, finished and gone. You'll pass on into an eternity of dreamless sleep and your corpse will rot into the ground to become one with the Earth once more. Lots of others tell of how they died in some way, left their body and passed over into the Great Beyond. The fact of the matter is that only after you die will you know for sure what will happen when you die. For the time being, here in this mortal body on planet Earth, all I can do is wonder about it.
    I think of death as an experience, much like being born and being alive are experiences.
    Now, personally I would be delighted and in a state of euphoria if when I died and headed towards that fabled light that was a place like Paradise waiting on me. I'd be moved beyond words. But the thing is - I don't KNOW. I don't know for a fact that anything happens when you die.
    And that, more than the fact of my approaching death itself, and exactly how I'm going to die, is what scares me. Then too, death has to be looked at like this: suppose that when you die, that's all there is afterwards - nothingness, not that that can imagined by the human mind. Then there would be nothing to be afraid of - you'd dead and that's it. Now, then, if there WAS something after death, some kind of afterlife, who is to say what that afterlife would be like for YOU, you yourself? Would be it good, as in Paradise? Would be it awful, terrible, as in some version of Hell? Once again, all the people who have died and (for the sake of argument) have indeed passed over the Great Divide haven't come back to fill us in.
    Your thoughts?

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    2. baronofheck82


      I found out today that my step-grandfather died this past Friday. He was 77, which is a good long life as I understand it. I was told he had a heart attack and that was what got him. Totally out of left field for me. I've been wondering off and on what his final thoughts were, what his final words were. And of course, what happened to that part that made him, himself, if you see what I mean. Provided of course you believe that there is something to the whole soul thing. And if that's true, that we have a soul and the soul is immortal then it follows that your soul goes elsewhere when you die. I wonder what his experience of departing into the afterlife was...if there IS an afterlife.

    3. StevieWolfe


      I just lost my grandmother yesterday. She was a mother to me and helped raise me nearly my entire childhood as such, I don't even know how to feel right now. Most people have a bit of a distance between them and their grandparents, but for me they were my parents in the sense they raised me and such...sorry if this doesn't make really any sense right now. I saw this thread and needed to let that out somewhere.

      To contribute something to thread that, I guess I should say that death is an incredibly shitty thing.

    4. Technician


      glenzinho said:

      I guess Eric and Dylan got the combination wrong. Instead they chose Birth-Doom-school-death.

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