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  1. I'm 27. All of my life I assumed I looked a little younger than my years. Not much younger, but a little. That changed yesterday, when my grandmother stopped by for a visit. "Come on down and see your grandma, she may not be around for much longer," was my mother's joking contribution. So I drove down to my mom and pop's place (God the memories) and was ushered inside by my dear old dad, who was standing outside looking very happy. He should; she's his mom and he doesn't see her often. We all exchanged hellos, hi's, what have you and of course my grandma commented on my height, or overabundance of it. Anyway, she asked me how old I was now. "27," I responded. "Seriously?! You don't look a day over 18, 19 to me! You still look like a boy!" That sort of sucked. I thought I looked at least 22, 24. Older than 18 anyway. Some people have told me I looked like I was 30 or better.
    Does this or has this ever happened to any of you fine folks?

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      I have a mate who's 29 and married but is still often confused for a 16 yearold. Him and his wife were traveling overseas for something and one of the airport staff asked her "So just you and your son?" :P

    3. deathbringer


      Everybody who see's us together these days assumes my brother is "the eldest", he's 3 years younger. But then again, so what?

    4. Technician


      Oh, I just wanted to stop by and make another comment. French people suck.