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  1. I don't normally do this, but today I was particularly obsessed with thoughts of the impending fall. Anyway, this is what I wrote:


    Gloom arose with the newborn day
    All around was painted in gray
    Another darkening silhouette of
    distant May

    The austere skies set the scene
    Over distant peaks the wind still
    For lost to time, like a forgotten

    So soon to come, so soon to set
    Though a memory one could not forget
    A name whispered with tidings beset

    The day looked like a yellowing photograph
    Washed out and faded, at the last gasp
    We hung our heads and looked to the past

    Solemn and tall in the forest glade
    The air is tragic, I stand at the gate
    Whispers of Winter tell us our fate

    This drapery falls like a funeral shroud
    The trees are tall and grim and proud
    The colors descend to carpet the ground

    Indifference to the patterns of fate
    The web it weaves leaves no trace
    I will not leave but cannot stay

    Words in mist fade to none
    A sigh for each and every one
    The clouds form a wreath around
    the sun

    You told me this and I could not
    A glimpse of the graven times
    Bleak and forlorn like the fields
    we've left

    Where hearts are torn there will
    be tears
    In the coming months, the year
    Is crippled but this is here

    You looked into the sun a
    I saw your sorrow when you
    I felt your heart, like a
    crying child

    Feel free to laugh or cry or whatever. Like I said, I don't normally write stuff like this.

    1. bytor


      Well...sounds pretty cool to me.

      At first I thought; "'impending fall' of what? Is there something I should know about?!".