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  1. As I type this I've had a few beers (as well as a few other chemicals). My question to you is this: what was the most fucked up you've ever been?
    For me it was definitely year 22, back in '04. I went to this party and there was beer seemingly without end and weed seemingly without end as well. Me being me, I partook of both very liberally and was so fucked up I couldn't keep my eyes open (or my bladder closed, cause I had to take a piss every four fucking minutes) or make the mile and a half drive back to my house (back when I was still living with my mom and dad). From what my friends told me who were there, and there were a few, I couldn't keep my mouth closed. To this day they go on and on about the subjects I talked about that night. Anything and everything, I've been told. I got there around eight that night and by nine o' the clock I couldn't tell the difference between up and down ;P
    Ah, back in the good old days :D

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    2. Mr. Freeze

      Mr. Freeze

      Mine isn't drug/alcohol related, but it's pretty funny in retrospect:

      Last July, I woke up one morning to discover I had the following symptoms all at once:

      -Sore knees
      -No voice
      -Splitting headache
      -Hazy vision (even with my glasses, I only could see like 20 feet ahead)
      -Upset stomach (vomited three times that day)

      I've been straight-edge all my life, but I still can't explain what the fuck that was.

    3. Philnemba


      Getting drunk on New Years eve of 2005 at age 17, watching a 12oz mouse marathon on adult swim at my uncles house. The best part was that nobody notice that I was drunk.

    4. ReFracture


      I've yet to drink past a buzz. Getting completely fucked up sounds like something a moron would do.. I think I'll pass.