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  1. Couple things I cannot stand:

    Don't you hate it when people eat real fuckin' noisy? I've always been a really quiet eater myself. I just cannot stand hearing someone slurping and chomping like a damn hog eating out of a trough. For fuck's sake, have some manners.

    When you're in, say, a waiting room with a sign on the wall that states in BIG BOLD LETTERS please don't talk on your cellphone. Ironically enough, the person sitting underneath a sign like this is usually some hamburger roundeye on, surprise, a fucking cell phone, taking care to talk loudly so that all other conversations get really quiet so everyone can hear what the idiot on the cell phone is saying. Not that they want to, of course, but God forbid we step outside to take care of our little chat.

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    2. Mattfrie1


      I hate when I order stuff online and it takes an astronomical amount of time to show up at my house via mail. Not to mention the seller's page you are buying from has hundreds of reviews boasting "quick shipping times". Bullshit, the last time I checked two weeks wasn't quick.

    3. baronofheck82


      Craigs said:

      I can't stand a single one of you mother fuckers (Except Pavera. He's my bro).

      Feeling's mutual, you fucking fuck ;D

    4. Maes


      People who can't do shit by themselves, in the sense that they laziness, lack of proactivity, stingyness and disorganization often leads them to fucking things up and getting nothing done.

      A prime example of this is a guy owning a furniture tapestry shop next to me: he's an OK guy, a bit downtrodden by life if anything, who is keeping the shop up just to reach pensionable age and close it down. He has done me some favours and I've done him some favours, fairly enough.

      Now, from time to time I've had some WTF moments with this guy (e.g. once he asked me to re-set the V.A.T. setting on his rarely-used cash register. In itself, this is not exactly legal, but given that calling a specialized tech costs $$$....okey dokey, so I did this for him. Twice. Said cash register is so rarely used that it had cockroach egg casings in it -_- but that's another story. Just to get you in the whole stinginess mood.

      Then there was the couch story: this guy repairs...well, furniture tapestry. He was kind enough to lend me a quite comfortable couch for the first months I had moved here, but at some point he said he wanted it back to "repair and sell it". Fair enough, it was his after all so I gave it back and made do with some throwaway furniture (it's very easy to find ghetto furniture in this city).

      Well, he practically stripped it to the naked wooden frame, hacked and modified it, and changed the style completely. So much work and materials were involved, in fact, that he could have just as well assembled a new couch from scratch without ruining a perfectly good one. Needless to say, I lost "my" couch and he can't sell the "renewed" one for shit because he can't keep a competitive price (or advertise properly).

      Another thing he keeps bugging me often is "dropping to his place to set the channels on his TV set". OK, last time anyone asked me to do that was like, 10 years ago. What's the problem with this apparently simple request?

      • Our schedules just don't match, and giving in to his request would mean me wasting a whole evening.
      • Plus he lives like 20 minutes of driving away, so either him or me must drive there and back, assuming I accepted.
      • He has two fully-grown sons both under 25 yo (one is a uni graduate) who could do it just as well if they put some effort into it. That's the one thing I just can't swallow. It's not like he has a technically inept retarded son or a totally airheaded bimbo daughter.
      • For the price of the gas alone, he could just as well give $5 to some neighbor "whiz kid" and get the job done.
      • Hell, since he does the driving each day anyway, and our schedules barely overlap, he could carry the TV to his shop, I show him once and for all how it's done and wish him good luck.
      • He could've asked a neighbor in all this time (he keeps asking since last summer!) which means that he probably isn't in very good relations with pretty much anyone where he lives (not that I want to find out).
      Other "interesting" things about him is that whenever I go shopping to a hard discount market or hardware store, he acts all amazed that such cheap shopiing places exist, and claims that he "doesn't have time/knowledge to do that kind of shopping" and bums me for shopping stuff for him, which I occasionally do. Still, someone like him who's struggling financially should have as a #1 priority to optimize expenses, like I do. I wonder how he made it this far and raised two sons, honestly.

      Draw your own conclusions. Misery, pettiness, passivity, cheapness, or something else? Pretty much anything he does or attempts to is hampered by his inability/misery/etc. which is really a pity, as at times I really feel sorry for the guy, but OTOH it's not like he is alone or helpless, family-wise. WTF, really.