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  1. I'm not a football person, or a sports person. I honestly couldn't give a rat's ass who's going to be at the Super Bowl, or who wins, or who loses or whatever the fuck. It's just another football game to me. I watched the Super Bowl a couple years back, and it was just a waste of time. Didn't like the commercials, didn't like the half-time show, sure as shit didn't like the game itself.

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    2. Technician


      Processingcontrol said:

      I don't give a shit about the football, I just watch for the ads.

      Have we really gotten to this point as consumers? Really?

    3. Lüt


      I think we've been at that point for a number of years already.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Krispavera said:

      Uh, what's there to hate about getting together with family and friends, eating lots of awesome food, drinking beer, playin' some video games, and, oh yeah, watching the big game? Nothing, that's what. Unless you don't have friends.

      The Internet replaced all that. For me at least.

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