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  1. What the fuck, folks? Am I the only one who gets REALLY FUCKING AGGRAVATED when he hears someone eating just as noisily as fucking possible? Surely to GOD you've got to be able to fucking hear yourself eating that noisily. Have some manners for St. Pete's sweet fuckin' sake! Hate to rant, but dammit all, it's just fucking annoying!
    Now, it's not ALWAYS the fat folks that do this, but a lot of the time it is. It's like it's the first meal they've had in minutes, no, HOURS, so therefore they have to chomp and slurp and smack and generally be as disgusting as possible.
    Anyone else get peeved about this as well?

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    2. Alfonzo


      ssssssip. tt. aaahhhhhhh!

      But only in winter.

    3. Hellbent


      I was thinking about this thread while I was eating in class today. I made an extra effort to make as few audible mastications as possible.

    4. Ichor