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  1. I went into hospital on Sunday since I had trouble breathing properly - was short of breath, turns out I have Pneumothroax. They stick a great big needle into my chest to syringe out the air and that was not pleasant, the needle was in my chest for about 5-10 minutes. When that didn't work they put in a chest drain which gets pretty incomfortable from time to time, its still in now. Don't know when I'll get out but on the plus side I finally watched Lawrence of Arabia and am playing through Doom 3 again.

    All of the interesting people who were in my ward on monday have now been moved away and the man opposite me now is the illest looking man I have ever seen

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    2. Megalyth


      That sucks. I had traumatic pneumothorax in both lungs from cliff jumping this summer, and although it was only a moderate case, it sure as hell didn't feel moderate. I sympathize.

      Get well soon!

    3. Hellbent


      I had primary spontaneous pneumothorax when I was 18. Was in the hospital for three weeks and had to have surgery. Good luck with a swift recovery.

    4. esselfortium


      Ow, sorry to hear it. Hope things start to look better for you soon!