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  1. So I was drinking over at my friends, getting ready to go out and we were having a bit of a laugh at my mates expense which he wasn't too happy about, this resulted in him elbowing me in the face and smashing in my 2 front teeth.

    I've been to the dentist and apparently it will take about 4 weeks to get it fixed during which time I can't bite anything, can't smile in public without feeling a bit self conscious etc. Let me just say that we really do take everything for granted.

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    2. glenzinho


      printz said:

      Why? It's his fault for elbowing you.

      I think he's referring to having functioning teeth. As a fellow sufferer of toothache and bad dentistry I can feel the pain.

    3. Cupboard


      Elbows to the face usually suck, yes. On the bright side, your nose could have been easily broken which would be more painful.

      Friendly neighborhood warning: don't get hooked on the pain pills they give you. There will be a lot of them.

    4. Danarchy


      As someone with two broken molars, I almost literally feel your pain.