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  1. I've been trying rather hard to draw or/and sketch lately, and its actually just getting to be just irritating.
    I can't think of anything to draw, and when I do its something I can't do at all. I have an understanding of what I want to do, but no clue how to really do it. And when I do start,I screw it up somewhere and quit or its just over all totally shitty.

    I want to do stuff like this:

    Like this guy: http://vectroave.com/2009/12/john-dyer-baizley-illustrations/

    Or just stoner metal art in general like:

    But I don't know where to begin, how to do it, nor can I get an interesting image in my head of what to do.

    Heres my most recent little thing I just jotted down in about an hour or two, maybe more:

    Its meh.

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    2. yellowmadness54


      Technician said:

      Dude, he's giving you practice advice. What do you want?

      Hes giving me advice on a topic I did not originally ask for.
      I'm not saying this in like.. a disgruntled way at all, mind you.

      Just as I want advice on the topic at hand, which would be how/ where to get ideas for such things during blocks, and how to piece them together.

      EDIT: HOWEVER I did say that sharply towards him, as I had already stated that it was not what I desired advice on, as it was a minor sketch of the basic pace I'm going in. Sorry for that.

    3. Vordakk


      John Dyer Baizley! I stayed at his house when my old band was on tour in Savannah, Georgia. Great dude, and one hell of an artist.

    4. Liam


      yellowmadness54 said:

      Hes giving me advice on a topic I did not originally ask for.

      turning away critique in any form is the worst thing an aspiring artist can do. to put what ggmork was touching on in a more general and less gingerly way: baizley has a very solid understanding of the construction of the figure, the properties of light, and the way line and value denote form. you simply don't. no concept or style can save poor technique and the inability to "see as an artist". you need to do many, many studies of the figure and of forms both organic and inorganic, from life whenever possible.

      to answer your "actual" questions. every artist employs their own ideation processes but research in some form is usually involved. baizley seems to be strongly influenced by art nouveau so i suggest you start there. doing many rapid thumbnail sketches will also help you develop ideas and find interesting compositions. if you have a block then improvise a still life with the objects nearest you. motivation is there or it isn't and it's up to you how badly you want you to improve.

      but none of that will matter if you do not learn fundamentals.