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  1. Both my PC's some how managed to get a virus.

    How the first one got it, i have no idea, but EVERYTHING is lost. All my first doom wads, videos I have made, everything.

    The other one, the one with the Community chest 4 map, is totally dead.

    What is the point of viruses? Is this some sort of funny joke to some no-life fat ass living in his mom's basement?

    Better yet, why has the government not cracked down on this yet?

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    2. ReFracture


      This thread is amusing.

    3. Maes


      yellowmadness54 said:

      Dude the gov needs to crack down on this already.

      As much as they need to crack down on other forms of crime, but in all recorded human history there was never an instance of a kind of crime that has been completely eliminated in all of its forms. There have been virus author prosecutions too, but they are few and far between. Most usually there's no way to tell who made them originally, and there are so many variants and (today) so many chinese sweatshop programmers creating them for powers such as Russia, China and NK (and some are even commisioned by US gov't), that there is no end to it.

      However you really didn't post many details or symptoms here (e.g. does it boot at all, do you get a chkdisk, do you get a "missing SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM" error, does it boot in safe moder etc.
      so what you call a "virus" could just as well be a disk crash, bad driver or data corruption.

    4. darkreaver


      yellowmadness54 said:

      Dude the gov needs to crack down on this already.

      God they chase around teens for smoking weed (which is just harming those kids ANYWAYS) while my $600 PC's plus all my files and work files get deleted.

      How is this funny at all?

      God, if I ever see some one who has given me a virus, oh so help me...

      This entire post is funny on so many levels