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  1. Both my PC's some how managed to get a virus.

    How the first one got it, i have no idea, but EVERYTHING is lost. All my first doom wads, videos I have made, everything.

    The other one, the one with the Community chest 4 map, is totally dead.

    What is the point of viruses? Is this some sort of funny joke to some no-life fat ass living in his mom's basement?

    Better yet, why has the government not cracked down on this yet?

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    2. Ladna


      One of my favorite quotes comes from the guy who wrote Kyoto Cabinet (which is an embedded database engine):

      Mikio wrote
      Asynchronous Replication
      Even if you take hot backup and update logs, all data might be lost when the storage device or the computer itself broke down. Keep in mind that everything is vanity.

    3. GreyGhost


      yellowmadness54 said:

      Hell, one of the PCs didnt even have internet on it.

      The flash drive or floppy you used for data transfer is most likely infected, make sure you scan those for malware as well.

    4. Technician


      Maes said:

      Well, the "old school" viruses of the MS-DOS era could really be that destructive, wiping the FAT of the disk/partition table clean off.

      Nigga stole the fat from my 32.

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