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  1. Yeah, I bought it.

    And I'm not even going to lie, its great.

    The single player was actually good. Unlike the previous crap that was released within these passed few years, the SP is memerable, long, and fun.

    Feels like a classic Xbox game, like Halo 2 or far cry instincts, rather than the avg. CoD clone that comes out.

    Its fun, its not extra mega linear.

    The online, however, shows more of EAs trying to be CoD IE
    class system, KILLSTREAKS (ARGH), Percs, attacthments, etc.

    Really, I miss days where you came across your weapons and rank was nothing.

    All in all, its worth a $60.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      I couldn't wait for my copy to come so downloaded it and had a good play of the campaign.

      • In general terms it plays a lot like Crysis Warhead. Even a lot of the suit "puzzles" are similar. That's not necessarily bad and it is fun IMO but don't expect Crysis 1 in a city.

      • The new suit is OK. I like all the parkour stuff, but wish that armor mode was still default. It's lame getting owned even when you have 100 energy just from forgetting to tap Q.

      • Removing regular saving was a bad, bad idea. A lot of the fun in Crysis came from approaching a situation in different ways, here it's kind of risky unless you like getting kicked back to the last checkpoint all the time. Sigh.

      • The graphics are really, REALLY good. I've never seen a city that feels so "real". It's insane what they've done with lighting, particles, etc. The "consolized" textures are definitely noticable on vehicles, etc. though. Lots of jaggies.

      I think they really pulled off the feeling of being in a city. The game kinda feels like a less irritating and more believable HL2. On balance, the best FPS this year (or even the last few years)? Sure.

      But a worthy sequel to Crysis? Nah. But any non-delusional person with a brain could've deduced that the moment EA said "multi-platform."

    3. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      In their attempts to streamline the gameplay, they took a lot of the quirky stuff from the original. You can't run at 999km/h in speed mode, grab a chicken and throw it through a wall anymore. The "fists" aren't even a weapon anymore. And it's a lot harder to throw soldiers into each other now. It's not a dealbreaker but made me kinda sad.

      Oh yeah, that reminds me. Maybe it was from playing at the highest difficulty, but the AI is pretty good. It can see you while you are cloaked now (uh oh.)

      Oh, and the first part of the game, until you enter the city proper, sucks a huge cock. You can't even use your suit powers until Prophet tells you how to. Lame. And I wish it was possible to turn that retarded tactical overlay off. It just gets in the way.

    4. 40oz


      Mike.Reiner said:

      I'm pretty sure attempting a pacifist nightmare run of doom without even so much as running is going to be a little bit harder.

      Even on UV the shotgun guys on E1M1 will turn you into swiss cheese.