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  1. yellowmadness54

    quake, doom, same universe?

    I thought this out... Quake is a prequel to doom, I think. And heres why. Quake starts with slip-gate technology, like in doom, leading to human coming across a demonic world. However, the demons in this world are old beliefs and gothic styled demons, using old weapons and traps as well castles and torture methods. But, upon finding technology of man, demons have evolutionized them selves, leading to the usage of guns and computer technology, creating and using plasma weapons as well bullet feeding systems to the point where demons themselves are mechanized into biological weapons. Quake 2 must, clearly, take place after doom, and after the first demon invasion. It kept the BFG technology, as well. And it will also end the "where did quake 1 leave off?" subjects.
  2. Are there maps in doom or doom 2 you just can't stand? Just maps that turn you off entirely or you just skip? What brought this up, in my mind, was map 05 of DOOM2. The map turns me off entirely ever time I play it. I either skip it, or just call that my quitting point for the time. Other maps I truly dont like are E3M2, for me simply because of its slower pace than other maps (especially the previous one)
  3. What was the very first doom wad you've loaded and played? I wanted to put this into the WADs section, but it seemed to fit this forum more, as it concerns doom experiences rather than simply WAD help and suggestions. My first WAD was one of the wolfendooms, as I downloaded it while reading the wolf3d domes guide to running WADs (which I did not know how to do up until then) yours?
  4. Title pretty much says it all. Which Doom have you played through the most? I mean all the way to the finish. For me, most likely DOOM 2, as I cannot stand the second episode of Ultimate Doom. Though I have played through both atleast twice.
  5. I thought of this question while playing Armageddon. For me, it is easily the damned "eyesores". They're fast, typically in the dark, hard as hell to kill, make awful noises, and are ugly as hell. When I was first slaughtered by this thing, I leaped from my chair. It was by far the ugliest, scariest thing I've ever seen in DOOM, especially in comparison to the Halloween Masks-O-Doom in ghouls forest. Now discuss.
  6. yellowmadness54

    Spider mastermind a dumb idea for a boss?

    It has been discussed quite a bit. People will usually say that it was too weak, or not challenging enough period. I think of it too "alien like", rather than demonic. But I do like it, and think it looks neat regardless. As a final boss, not so much, but I still like its usage in the game, and it is a fun fight.
  7. I mean even as far as coasting over. Quite frankly, I don't even like the thought of people like this existing. But that's just me.
  8. I'd like to see pornography taken off television, as I take no liking to it. If one wishes to look it up on the internet, that is his/her decision. But I cringe every time I come across "hot teens and milfs" on the channel guide, its simply disgusting society does condone to this stuff.
  9. yellowmadness54

    ss guards.

    It was moved here from the "Doom General" related forum.
  10. yellowmadness54

    What do you think about Dave Mustaine?

    I believe the term for Christian Black Metal is "White Metal"
  11. yellowmadness54

    Doomworld ranks?

    Isn't that true for post hell, as well?
  12. yellowmadness54

    Futurama Memes on TV

    Quite frankly, I think the word and usage of "meme" is more annoying.
  13. yellowmadness54

    Doomworld ranks?

    how do you make a negative post?
  14. yellowmadness54

    Doomworld ranks?

    Post count. Or admins change it based on their thoughts of you.
  15. yellowmadness54

    Just a thought

    A tower defense mod using that Master of Puppets wad. Basically, demons are placed in path around the exit, and the marine players have to march through with it, with limits on their speed, and it costs money to use certain demons or marine weapons. IE, cyberdemons would be loads of points, BFG marines aswell. Thoughts?
  16. yellowmadness54

    What exactly is a Lost Soul?

    Thats a pretty neat idea.
  17. yellowmadness54

    Doom world and newdoom

    Of course doomworld will continue on. Look how far its come now.
  18. yellowmadness54

    What do you think about Dave Mustaine?

    Very well executed.
  19. yellowmadness54

    id games are too easy

    I can't even say I've played through Doom 2 all the way 5 times. Maybe twice I've done it, but I have completed it. And I tend to now just skip around levels doing stuff in the 10-20 minutes of the day I play doom.
  20. yellowmadness54

    Doom DLC?

    I wouldnt, I can get any amount of maps free. Thinking about it, there are actually millions and millions of maps made... Wow
  21. yellowmadness54

    Doom world and newdoom

    I was banned there for saying the subscription was a lousy idea. That was long ago, though. When I was dumber.
  22. yellowmadness54

    Check this out

    Pretty neat, I suppose. But scary, I really think we are progressing in technology way too fast.
  23. yellowmadness54

    Kim "Mutator" Malde passed away

    Wow this is very sad news, indeed. I haven't played much AV, but I will do so tomorrow in his honor. This is very unfortunate, and too young. And indeed sorry for your loss.
  24. yellowmadness54

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    No, their new fans are well... typical of that of standard radio rock fans.
  25. yellowmadness54

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    Baroness's new double album is really, really disappointing.