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  1. +1 Though many RPG-snobs may find statements like that boorish and ignorant, it really is the better way to go. Despite what the arrogant "literary elite" are bound to say, games which focus on gameplay become more worthwhile and cerebral than those which are based around a cliche plot (i.e. Final Fantasy). Games should be games first and foremost. Playing Doom 3, I really just felt like I was walking through a horror movie. I don't think it was a bad game, but it did not have much charm or replay value. The movement was somewhat cumbersome and annoying, too. Id have it in them to make a classic game again. It may not be groundbreaking, but it can be fast-paced, intense, and anarchic like the classic series while taking advantage of new technology to make the engine, gameplay opportunities, AI, and weapon characteristics much better. Actually, if they do it right, it could even be head and shoulders above the classic series. Only they could accomplish that. We'll just have to see.
  2. Inhuman Strain

    I hate grades

    I'm not really ever bummed by grades so much as their grave implications. I loathe the notion that our intelligence and worth is determined by scores in institutions, but that seems to be the only true scientific proof of intelligence other than IQ tests (with the rare exception of "classic geniuses" such as Einstein). The "education" system irritates me because it fosters homogenization and ass-kissing, and seems to center around memorization and tedious "search and destroy" assignments...But at the same time, I'm really just bitter because I don't make the honor roll cut despite my efforts, which implies I'm unintelligent. Of course, a lot of potentially smart people like my dad did terribly in school, but often times that's because of sheer delinquency (screwing around, not showing up, not giving a shit, etc). When you're as serious as I am about it (even though I can't stand school), it's hard to chin up. I think a lot of it has to do with my terrible attention span: I hate being told to sit still, be quiet, face forward, and swallow a bunch of information for 1-2 hours. My GPA isn't bad -- it's about 3.7 right now -- but it's not satisfying, especially for all the effort I put into it. Also frustrating is the fact my cumulative GPA has more or less sat at the same spot for 3 semesters despite the fact that I got a 4.0 and 4.33 for the last two. It doesn't make sense. My semester GPA throughout all my high school years has mostly A's and some B's (I'm in my senior year now), and yet they've more or less kept me at the same spot the whole time. I sadly suspect that they count in weekly/monthly grade reports within those semesters, chronicling all my slumps/dry spells (I sometimes sink as low as a D before I come back up to an A in a semester) and counting it in to roughly bring me back to the same place I started, no matter how hard I try. Terrible.
  3. Inhuman Strain

    Sean Hannity: Freedom Scammer

    Can't say I can think of a single mainstream political pundit that was really worth listening to.
  4. Inhuman Strain

    Big fight tactics

    Yeah, door-covering and infighting works well, but I'm a Nightmare player, so in that case the aliens would resurrect pretty quickly anyway. :(
  5. I've read some polls about players' favorite Doom I-II weapons all around. The most popular choices were, understandably, the shotguns. However, given the choice between both shotguns, a lot of Doomers still chose the regular over the super. I'm personally asking why there is enough of an advantage in this over the super shotgun. Granted, the reload time is quicker, but the advantage of the extra damage arguably outweighs that, and the time it takes for you to take out a pack of zombies with the regular shotgun is at least as long. Precisely what is it that keeps some Doomers coming back to the regular shotgun? How is the quicker reload time that much more worth it?
  6. Remixes of video game soundtracks, especially MIDI tracks, usually aren't up to par. Especially because they replace the fat-sounding drum machine with some sampled dance beat, and soften up all the instruments so they blur together, and it ends up sounding like some lounge pop shit. I prefer the cheesy old MIDI sound.
  7. Inhuman Strain

    Random stuff you like that virtually everyone hates

    Here's another one: MIDI music. I really like it. I like the weird tones, the stock, upfront recording quality, the cheesy and fat sounding fake drums, all of it. I've heard many remixes of video game soundtracks including that for Doom, but at the end of the day, I always go back to that honky-ass MIDI version. If I could, I'd compose MIDI music.
  8. Inhuman Strain

    Who do you miss?

    Whoever inspired some of the Forum Guidelines section in the FAQ. I can totally tell that shit was based on actual members. They must have been hella funny.
  9. Inhuman Strain

    What monster are you?

    I figure a Chaingunner or Arachnotron.
  10. Inhuman Strain

    Where's Waldo/Wally?

    I don't know, though a morbid part of me hopes so just so that I'd have an excuse. :P Really though, as I mentioned before, in all the years I read those Waldo books, I never searched for what the author wanted me to find. I was always engrossed in everything else that was happening. It hadn't even occurred to me for years that there was an objective to those books. I know they didn't help me anyway because I've always been bored easily and am always drifting off to other things.
  11. Inhuman Strain

    Where's Waldo/Wally?

    They sure as hell didn't for me.
  12. Inhuman Strain

    Whats your Doom Origin?

    I don't remember what I read/heard that compelled me to try and get Doom. I was 11, got my first laptop -- complete with wireless internet -- and, after playing/reading about games like Marathon, stumbled across the word Doom. I vaguely remember watching my uncle play Doom years ago when I was little, and it was kind of scary to me at the time. When I finally downloaded the demo years later, however, I wasn't really scared (although I kind of wish the game was as scary as I remember it). I still remember what the webpage looked like -- with the Doomguy HUD face above the download link -- and the feeling of curiosity and excitement as I opened the downloaded demo folder and saw the Doomguy's face again on the icon. I clicked and played, immediately enthralled by the rocking music and corpses laying before me in the Hangar (played on lowest difficulty, of course). Once I grasped the controls and movements, I enjoyed the fuck out of it. I remember I played that demo for hours every day, beating it several times. I got fairly good: Within months I had accelerated to Ultra-Violence level, although never really bothered to push myself to Nightmare until years later. Eventually I found out Doom had become abandonware and got the full version off Macintosh Garden (yes, I am a Mac user, big whoop), followed by Doom II and Plutonia (which I didn't yet bother to finish). I sort of left the game behind for a while, but have since come back as enthralled now with the game as I was back then to try and take it on in Nightmare mode.
  13. Inhuman Strain

    Random stuff you like that virtually everyone hates

    Another one: Bad Religion's Into the Unknown album...You know, the out-of-print one where they're playing keyboard-laden hard rock instead of the usual punk? That's actually a damn good album. I was just listening to it in my car today.
  14. Inhuman Strain

    Liberal atheist monogamists have highest IQs

    I say this is just another skewed example of biased partisan whackjobs indulging in junk science to elevate themselves, and I'm an atheist. The same has been done for conservatives and theists as well. I'm still waiting for the scientific evidence confirming my suspicion that academic success is a bad way to measure/compare someone's intelligence. I've always suspected that the only thing inherently determined by someone's big-ass GPA is their dedication to the system...But of course, what scientific proof is there for that?
  15. Inhuman Strain

    Where's Waldo/Wally?

    a These quotes made me laugh hard. :) It's funny: I had those books for years and never really remember actually trying to search for anything, just marvel at the pictures for hours, looking at all the amazing patterns, jokes, color schemes, etc. I guess I've just never really liked following rules. :/ I still remember to this day a lot of the things I saw in The Great Waldo Search and Where's Waldo In Hollywood?. I'm not much into art, but I truly do think that Martin Hanford is a talented, diligent, and innovative artist.