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  1. No, it was not. But it turned up in Heretic shortly thereafter.
  2. EvilNed

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Thanks! I'll start with TNT Revilution, simply because I enjoy the original TNT a lot and haven't played this one.
  3. EvilNed

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    I've played the first one and thought it was pretty good, yeah. So something like that - but I've played that one. Grateful for any suggestions! :)
  4. EvilNed

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    EDIT : error
  5. EvilNed

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Hey this looks great. Anyone care to recommend me a Megawad to play this with? I'm not too keen on slaughtermaps or huge maps. I remember liking Interception for instance.
  6. It is quite obviously meant as a joke.
  7. +1 on this. I like this map and whenever I think of Ep3 this is what springs to mind. On the flip side, I think I used to enjoy Unholy Cathedral but nowadays I think it's pretty bad.
  8. I have no idea of how many books I've ready, but the last three books have all been related to film - and I've enjoyed all three. Nobody does it better, a 50 year oral history of the Bond-franchise A Long time ago in a cutting room far, far away - Memoires of Paul Hirsch, the editor of among other things Star Wars True Indie - Memoires of Don Coscarelli, filmmaker
  9. EvilNed

    Why is the Zombieman's hair green?

    Why shouldn't it be green?
  10. Haven't seen it, I'm sure I'll enjoy parts of it. I might catch it on Netflix. Regarding male or female character I like to think of it from a relateability point of view. The character should be as relateable as possible to it's intended audience, as well as pay respect to the original source. I think Doomguy should be a guy and if for no other reason than a marketing one - look at the Terminator-films doing away with all the "straight white males" - and then underperform. Well, I bet straight white males are their main demographic... They changed that and it may have been one of the reasons it did not perform well. (now people will say Aliens, Terminator 2 - yada yada, and yes, they feature strong female protagonists. But that's not all they feature. Whereas this new film is pretty much all that) It's not a big deal, but that's where I'd start if I wanted to make the film. That's also one of the reasons why horror films mostly feature female protagonists... Women are actually one of the biggest consumers of horrors and ghost stories. But another reason why i don't think Doom will ever play well on the screen is the Doomguy himself. As a protagonist he's invincible. He's a killing machine. He's godlike. He succeeds alone where hundreds have failed together - no contest. He's got no flaws. What a boring protagonist...
  11. EvilNed

    [Philosophical Discussion] "Soul" in Doom level design

    I don't like maps that are too square and too flat. They feel soulless to me.
  12. Just finished a runthrough of UD. I much prefer Doom 2's level design and feel that Doom features some of the weaker levels. Episode 1 is great and I just played through Sigil for the first time. Amazing episode! Love it. After Episode 1 I think Ep4 is the best. But E4M4 sticks out like a sore thumb. It's easily forgetteable among all the others, but I think it's the only map I don't like in the set. I even think E4M9 is pretty nice. E2 is alright but E3 is subpar. E2M1, E3M1, E3M5, E3M7 and E3M8 are all pretty dull. Though I kinda feel that E3M7's mood is pretty on point. Doom 2 is overall more memorable, I think.
  13. * I much prefer Doom 2's levels to most of Doom's - but E4 is pretty damn good too * TNT is better than Plutonia * TNT's music is great and I think I prefer it over the classic iwads * Doom is probably the game I've played the most but the limited number of enemies and lack of SSG makes the gameplay drag a bit compared to what came after it * I love all of Romero's maps * I don't like big maps. The Living End is pushing it. An ideal map for me is 10-15 minutes of playing time.
  14. EvilNed

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Just learned of this and am so amped to play.
  15. EvilNed

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    Best of luck to you guys.