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  1. hfc2x

    Quake Remastered

    Just of note here, this happens to me on PC and on Switch. Seems to happen in every platform, but I don't have it on Xbox (yet anyways). VGA also posted about it here:
  2. hfc2x

    Quake Remastered

    This has been talked about a lot already. It's a bug with the weapon wheel, that after use, slows down the game permanently (or at least until you open the menu, and then close it).
  3. hfc2x

    Quake Remastered

    Throughout the entirety of the base Quake campaign. Started noticing it in E1M6 (The Door to Chthon), where for reason, I kept finding Super Healths I was sure I picked up. I thought my memory was just playing tricks on me. By the time I started Episode 4, I began finding this really suspicious, so I picked up one Super Health (the one in the ramp hallway, which you open by bumping your head into a ceiling light), and waited for a while. Sure enough, it respawned. No idea whatsoever what's causing this. I played the game on normal difficulty, although I changed the difficulty after finishing Episode 1 on Hard. Switched to Normal for Episode 2 onwards, because playing with a controller really kicked my ass lol. But I'm sure it was happening on E1M6 anyways, way before I switched the difficulty.
  4. hfc2x

    Quake Remastered

    It comes with the soundtrack out of the box without you needing to pirate it or rip it from a CD, you can play Quake on the go on Switch, you have multiplayer crossplay on every platform, etc. Not to mention Bethesda is monitoring how well it does, so it also brings the possibility of either more Quake series remasters, or brand new Quake games.
  5. hfc2x

    Quake Remastered

    By chance, did you activate view bobbing? Because on my end, I felt everything was kinda off, and I felt like I was just sliding around, until I noticed my weapon wasn't moving when I walked. Went around in the options until I found inside Gameplay Options the view bob thing, and everything feels correct now. Set your TV to game mode. It'll remove basically all of the latency you feel. My Switch dock is connected to a budget gaming monitor (set to lowest possibly latency), and Quake docked feels nice and responsive. Actually, this is relevant, considering I checked immediately after Steam updated, and the NVidia Control Panel on my end had the new executable (inside the rerelease folder) set to "default: integrated graphics", which I obviously changed without a second thought. But then again, I understand he has an AMD GPU. Anyways.. I just wanted to congratulate the guys at Nightdive, Machinegames and id Software for this amazing remaster. I have a couple minor peeves, like localization. I was kinda hyped to see Spanish in there, and I was curious so I turned it on.. and it's Spain Spanish. It's mostly a peeve I have with most games, and not just this version of Quake in particular. Spain Spanish and Latin American Spanish are not the same. And yes, they're mutually intelligible, and for most use cases is alright and sufficient. Problem is, they're still very different dialects altogether, and it's actually a huge point of contention (and source of memes) in Spanish internet in case you didn't know. Ignore me, just ranting. That aside, I've been playing mostly on Switch, because Quake on the go, baby. Although I think I've seen two things that I'm pretty certain are bugs: The D-Pad hotkeys being reversed (in my opinion). Pressing up once selects the normal Shotgun, and pressing twice brings up the Double-Barreled. Same for the rest of the weapons. Why is it like this? It feels like it's reversed, considering you'd normally want to use the Double-Barreled Shotgun and Super Nailgun most of the time in a sudden fight. It's not really that fun to turn around a corner, get jumped by a Fiend, and pull out your lame starting weapon to fire back at it. Super Health pickups are respawning.. in single player. I don't really mind it, since I'm abusing the hell out of this, but it bothers me, because it's clearly a bug. That aside, the other issues I have are things people have already mentioned, such as the disappearing cursor in the Load/Save menus, the weapons slowing down after using the weapon wheel, and the music being very quiet. Other than that, it's an extremely solid port, and definitely the rerelease Quake needed.
  6. Just tried this on both Switch and Xbox One, and they're pretty much identical, i.e. you can't bind stick axes to buttons.
  7. Aren't you exaggerating yourself? I never said this DLC releasing in this state would kill the series lol. And I know that for a fact since we, the players, aren't Bethesda's audience. As much as we can complain, the DLC sold really well, and that's the end of that. As for you treating this like it's a great addition to the game and whatnot.. I know you obviously liked TAG 2, but that doesn't automatically make it a good product. If you like it, good, but gauging the opinions of most people in this subforum, plus Doom Eternal content creators, and reviews for the DLC on Steam, it's clear as day that most people aren't happy with this DLC. Me included. Although I don't recall saying Doom Eternal as a whole is unplayable now because of this DLC, so I don't know where you're getting that from. Criticizing a portion of something doesn't mean you hate all of it. If anything, people are angry are they loved the base game to begin with.
  8. This sounds like first world problems to me. I assure you if they had announced this was going to be delayed, but people who had gotten the year 1 pass would still get the DLC as promised, most people would have understood and would've been perfectly fine with it, if a little disappointed. Except, of course, for the usual tiny crowd that throws a fit if their game gets delayed 1 minute from release. That's just a vocal minority. The huge majority of people don't bother enough to refund a videogame unless it's a Cyberpunk 2077 level of catastrophe (which TAG 2 definitely isn't), and especially because almost everyone understands of the state the world is in right now isn't exactly conductive for meeting deadlines and the like. Besides, a corporation like Bethesda being fined for millions of dollars doesn't really do anything to them. They make so much money that whatever they usually get fined for, they get back in a matter of hours. If anything, executives at the top usually take this as a sign that a specific series that makes them lose money should go into indefinite hibernation. Overall, rushing it was worse in the end because it ended up damaging the brand in the eyes of their own audience. Many players bailed out of Doom Eternal and lost faith in the newer Doom games because id Software shot themselves in the foot by putting out something of pretty low quality, rushed in an effort to meet this deadline. I really don't know what you're talking about when you say it's a win/win lol.
  9. hfc2x

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    Hugo himself is not the problem, but it's sort of what happened with George Lucas and the Star Wars prequels. It happens a lot that people surrounding an "accomplished" director/producer/writer/whatever become too single-minded about that person becoming too famous or whatever, that they start believing anything said person does is completely immaculate, even the ideas that are absolutely outlandish and even stupid. The difference is that when they were a nobody, people around them weren't "scared" of discarding their bizarre suggestions. I'm pretty certain that the worst parts of Eternal are entirely because of the mentality of "anything Hugo Martin touches becomes gold". Everyone needs to be told "no" from time to time.
  10. That's not what he was asking.
  11. No, you don't need the DLC for the Master Levels, but why even bother coming to a Doom Eternal thread and asking about this when you already left it clear you already made up your mind about this game lol.
  12. hfc2x

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    I'm not sure I've been playing the same games for the past 20+ years as you have.
  13. This would be nice, but for now, remember that at least on Switch and Xbox (no idea if in PlayStation) you can remap your controller's inputs in the system menu and switch different layouts on the fly.
  14. The Unity ports do have deathmatch. Local multiplayer only, though (or Steam remote play if you're on PC and feeling brave).
  15. hfc2x

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    The only "scary" games are PSX Doom, Doom 64 and Doom 3. The rest are very over the top and silly, even 2016 if you pay attention. Just that Eternal chose to be overall way more cartoony.