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  1. Okay, I actually found a bug with the achievements. I just completed MAP20 in Doom 2, and the achievement for completing maps 12-20 didn't unlock. The achievement completion stood at 88%, which indicated that I had one more level to beat. I suspected it maybe was because I had used the secret exit in MAP15, so I decided to play that level again and use the normal exit, and what do you know: the achievement unlocked. So for some reason using the secret exit doesn't count as beating the level. Apparently, it's a known issue.
  2. Ah, okay. That makes sense. If you have the right tools, and know how to work around to fix your electronics, it's actually incredibly easy to fix permanently:
  3. By the way, I wanted to report a bug in the Xbox version. I was playing just now, trying to get the achievement for beating the game in under 2 hours, and I played all levels in order starting from E1M1 as fast as I could, and I got the achievement upon beating E3M5. I didn't even get to complete the entire game lol. I'll try to see if the same happens in Doom 2.
  4. hfc2x

    linux doom builder

    Hey, I really apologize for necroposting, but I was Googling how to make the Windows version of UDB through Wine to stop crashing whenever I wanted to delete a texture from a sidedef, and this post was literally the solution. So it would be great to have this post as an unofficial way of getting it working on Linux, or at least be promoted more by Google's algorithm. I understand that OP wished to be able to use a native version of UDB, but it's frankly not worth the trouble. The Linux version is just extremely buggy and unstable, and I don't want to bash the developers for this, considering they're just volunteers. The solution really is to just run the Windows version with a Wine prefix that has those packages installed. Running UDB through a virtual machine is also not worth the trouble. I tried it, and the mouse just goes haywire, making the visual mode useless.
  5. Uhh.. do you know the specs of your TV? Is this in docked mode? Because as someone who plays fighting games regularly (I'm not a pro, I just like them), I'm very sensitive to input lag and I can tell you the Switch on handheld mode has some degree of input lag but it's too little to be bothersome. My TV is also pretty decent for gaming (in game mode it has 8-10ms of input lag, which is pretty acceptable), so even in docked mode there's really little input lag, and it boils down to the perpetual 4 frames of input lag the Switch has, which is around 1/15th of a second and therefore barely perceptible.
  6. hfc2x

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases

    If there's ever a patch for consoles, it's pretty obvious it'll add intro skip, considering that's part of the things that have been added/fixed in the PC version since release.
  7. I suspect it has to do with a Nintendo policy of some sort regarding games published on their platforms, because no game released on the Switch (that I know of) has the ability to turn off VSync. Come to think of it.. I could be wrong, but I believe this also applies to any game ever released on any console since the Nintendo 3DS, and this includes the mini consoles.
  8. It doesn't. Switch: Xbox:
  9. The easiest way to get NERVE.WAD is by installing Doom 3 BFG edition (now given for free to people who own a copy of Doom 3, if I understood the news correctly). You can find NERVE.WAD by opening the game's install directory, and looking inside the base/wads folder.
  10. Those are the same screenshots used everywhere besides Steam and GOG. As far as I'm aware, the Nintendo eShop and the Xbox Marketplace both show exactly the same gallery.
  11. Yeah, the Steam Deck uses Linux, and runs games that are Windows-only through Proton (Valve's fork of Wine). Because Proton is open source, and included with Steam for Linux, it's made it so if a game is fully playable on Steam Deck, it'll also be on any Linux distro. What I was saying about GOG is that while some games available on their platform do have a native Linux version, their client is not available for Linux whatsoever. The only option is running the Windows version of GOG Galaxy through Wine, which makes it really unstable and glitchy. The reason having the client is important for some people is because GOG measuring your play time and knowing your achievements affects game recommendations you get. Some third party tools exist to fill that void, but they're useless for this purpose, because they don't send any of that data to GOG. Also (if you happen to care), native Linux versions of GOG games don't have achievements, or if the game is listed as having them, they're completely incapable of unlocking them because GOG hasn't made the Galaxy SDK available for Linux. I had a very similar issue some time ago. Turns out in my Windows installation, the games and WADs were saved to the root directory of one of my drives (e.g. "F:\Saved Games\id Software"). Seems like the rereleases save their data in very random locations for some reason.
  12. Now, if they only supported Linux..
  13. I remember this bug happened to me a couple times, but I couldn't ever reproduce it consistently. It often happened after loading a save and pressing esc/start/whatever the menu key is too fast. Other times, it happened immediately after opening the menu and quickloading. It was never 100% of the time, but I'd say 75%.
  14. Curious that it hasn't been released, considering Fraggle made a version a couple years ago that would in theory be supported by this port. Then again, addons that don't change the levels like music packs and the like haven't been added, so I guess that's why.
  15. Not sure what you're trying to imply here. I explained why Sigil is really no different from any fanmade WAD. But I agree? No idea what's your point.