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  1. Sp00kyFox

    DF Retro does Doom!

    and DF made the same mistake as GameTheorists, claiming that being able to hit enemies below and above you is evidence for the game being 2D. amazing how many people nowadays believe that it is a 2D game.
  2. Sp00kyFox

    DSDA on YouTube

    well I guess I'm not needed anymore. awesome work zeromaster! I wanna mention that you can upscale the video on the fly by using a commandline option of x264. but this is slower than doing it in two steps since prboom+ and the encoder are waiting too long for each other on higher resolution. anyway, it looks something like this if you wanna give it a try: x264 --preset veryfast --crf 0 --input-csp rgb --input-depth 8 --input-range pc --input-res %wx%h --fps %r --vf resize:width=3840,height=2160,method=point -o demo.mkv -
  3. since this wasn't mentioned, here is another reaction video by Nerd Sauce from last year. this is more of a layman's contribution but shows that you don't have to be an expert to observe what the engine can do and to know which statements GT made can't be accurate.
  4. I'd like to see a source for this. many people claimed that in the youtube discussion to the Game Theorist video but both Romero and Carmack recently stated otherwise, as you can see here in the thread.
  5. guess I'm late to the party but whatever. in relation to the video by Game Theorists someone asked Carmack about it on twitter and he responded: https://twitter.com/id_aa_carmack/status/793807004670111745
  6. Sp00kyFox

    Smoother weapon sprite animations - Released!

    and here is the previous version: boom_enhanced1_16a.wad
  7. Sp00kyFox

    Architecture or figthsetup?

    why not both?
  8. Sp00kyFox

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    I always thought a directed bruteforce approach with a map anaylsis beforehand should be possible but maybe only with -nomonsters. with monsters it becomes very dynamic regarding advanced tricks like monster sliding, rocket and archvile jumps. so bruteforcing with that in mind would requie a loth more paths to explore.
  9. Sp00kyFox

    how source port allow a 2.5d game look up and down

    speaking from a mathematic POV this makes no sense since 2.5D itself is already just a (not well defined) term for 3D graphics which don't use it to a full extent. this is not an actual number which counts the available space dimensions. saying the geometry has 2.5, 2.9 or 5.673 dimensions is equally nonsense. if they are limitations which doesn't allow specific geometric features it doesn't make it less 3D but just a subset of 3D and in this case still a true superset of 2D.
  10. Sp00kyFox

    how source port allow a 2.5d game look up and down

    they specifically state that it's not about the 2D nature of the rendered image. basically in the game theorists video they claim that the game is not true 3D (not defining what true 3D is supposed to be), instead the z-axis or height is merely an illusion or a trick. then they come up with a weird comparison to Zelda ALTTP which they don't explain correctly (ignoring that the game actually has different planes like in the hyrule castle). back to DOOM they is a lot of explanation how the rendering works with the BSP tree (not showing what it has to do with anything). finally they present their arguments, stating that DOOM can't be true 3D because you can't stack rooms on top of each other in the engine (since when is this an essential requirement for 3D?). and they also claim that this is the reason why the player can't look up or down and why shooting enemies above or beneath you is possible. again ignoring that projectiles can miss on the z-axis, that vertical autoaim is a thing (which doesn't work at a very high distance) and that bullets/projectiles don't climb stairs or walls which should be the case if the game world were actually 2D.
  11. Sp00kyFox

    how source port allow a 2.5d game look up and down

    yeah there seems to be many misconceptions about the engine. because of the new DOOM game many youtubers decided to publish videos which features the original game. among them was "DOOM wasn't 3D" by The Game Theorists which confused a lot of people. it seems well argued but actually uses a lot of false statements to prove their point. if anyone is interested to see it: actually there is a lot more which would make it pretty bad to play it from that perspective. you can't see pits, walls or windows so you never know if you can actually cross a line or not and if you can make it back. shooting enemies becomes obfuscated because from that point of view it will often look like as if you could shoot an enemy when in reality (3D) you have no line of sight because of height difference.
  12. Sp00kyFox

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I was using the glboom executable but with the software renderer.
  13. Sp00kyFox

    Survive In Hell UV Speed (TAS) in 13:53

    by request of the runner, here is a youtube upload of this TAS: nice job!
  14. Sp00kyFox

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I just tried the newest version of and I noticed some problems with the -viddump feature which weren't there before if I remember correctly. I think this is related to the switch to the new SDL version. trying to record in windowed mode in a resolution higher than the desktop one results in a video with the correct resolution but the actual picture content has the size of the resized application window. and if one records in fullscreen and tab out of prboom to do some other things, the last rendered frame before tabbing out will be repeated for the rest of the dumped video. btw.. is there a history archive for all the different buids? on the changelog page you can only find a download to the most recent version and on sourceforge are only stable builds.