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  1. If you have the PC game manual you can actually see the advertisement for the action figure. now I don't remember if it was on the normal, atomic version or any of the addons.
  2. A clockwork orange http://www.coverbrowser.com/image/greatest-book-covers/40-1.jpg
  3. As much as I like Duke Nukem, that made me laugh so damn hard.
  4. F**k yeah! I honestly never liked the strogg nonsense.
  5. I agree, Blood 2 was bad. Blood should have ended with the first one. Which is one of my favorite games ;)
  6. oh.... my.... god... that was, terrible.
  7. wasn't that bad actually, but it wasn't really good either. I remember downloading the official alpha of the expansion they cancled. you could check that out, however I think it's just one map or something.
  8. looks like you can play it in FPS mode too http://www.gametrailers.com/user-movie/alien-swarm-in-first-person/347646?playlist=featured
  9. I bet that one npc is a child heh
  10. Wish the 2nd place winner would have been voted 1st in sweden alas the votes went to Anna and whatever the name of her song was. which diden't even make it to Eurovision I liked Salems contribution (which was the one to come in 2nd place in sweden) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdAjcMi7GWg
  11. =/... RIP
  12. A1 A1_h A1_n A2 and so on the H and N means the difficulty
  13. yeah, buleberry! for maximum effect water them down with milk and then crush them!
  14. size is too big. try jpg or just link to them like they are now =) [EDIT] And btw it's looking great.
  15. Oh shi- They are in our cereal too!
  16. The intro screen says it's MK II for the Super Nintendo. the smooth scrolling suggests it's a 60hz version. [EDIT] Haha those are hilarious, I'd love to see more.
  17. Like img and url, only you replace it with "[.yt] [/yt]" instead without the dot of course. [EDIT] oh i forgot something. you need the video code in the midle Here is a random Doom video I cought from you tube just to demonstrate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr-lQZzevwA the end code is ---- > yr-lQZzevwA so thats what I will add in the forum code [.yt]yr-lQZzevwA[/yt] there "is!" of course a faster way to do this through youtube, but I have no clue since everything is a total mess there since last I was there. can't find anything =(
  18. DM1 Quake II. yeah it's not Doom, but damn that map rules.
  19. Ever tried http://www.trackmanianations.com/ ? I havent played it in a long time, but I sure had fun with a lot of friends in that game. Gona give the game you just posed about a try once I get home.
  20. Hell yeah *thumb up*
  21. You know, now that you mention it I'm sure some of the emulators do support that. From what I can recall though, some of them won't let you record the video stream and audio at the same time, but that can be remedied by recording a play back and then later record the sound and video seperatly. Which is still inferior though since it takes a longer time then a direct stream copy =p
  22. Thats ok =p I don't bother adding it to any profile or signature since there isn't much to see anyway. Though if your interested I guess I'll just litter this post with it. http://acunia.deviantart.com/
  23. Heh, yeah I'm aware of other ways to go around this without bothering with sofware. I was really going after the fact that most people that do Let's Play videos wont bother using any special harware or cables to record a video. The majority mainly use software, which is pain-full to watch through. [EDIT] (I'm ofcourse talking about the ones from a few years ago. now days people do great Let's Play's) His video pretty much looked like what I said. Any of the suggestions you mentiond are good, and better then just relying on software.