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Status Updates posted by DeathevokatioN

  1. that feeling when you find out that one of your favorite anime series is actually Hentai but with the sex scenes cut out.

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    2. Memfis


      Oh. I'm not familiar with Fate/stay night, but I know there are some visual novels that incorporate sex scenes quite tastefully, to the point that I wouldn't really call them hentai since sex is not necessarily the main attraction there.

    3. DeathevokatioN


      Yeah you're, I read into it and the people defending the novel said it's actually a masterpiece (with all the different alternative paths and each one warranting it's own season I can't argue tbh)... I guess it all goes down to where they inserted the scenes, there was this one really cheesy gap where I imagined them placing one and my brain melts everytime I think about it haha. I hope they didn't place one there, but at the same time I'm not sure if I want to find out about the other scenes that might have come between characters that I really enjoy. 

    4. DeathevokatioN


      meant to say "yeah, you're right". :p

  2. Got the results from my final exams and apparently I've finished my degree... I'm calling bullshit tbh. :D

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    2. ShoDemo


      Congratulations!  :)

    3. DeathevokatioN


      Thanks bro... I still don't know how I passed though, haha.. I barely finished more than half the paper and had a "resistance is futile" feeling echoing through my head the entire time, haha.

    4. ShoDemo


      Well, now you can't do anything else about it, but all that matters in the first place is that you got the degree.

      My advise for you is to celebrate!!! At least that's what I would do after getting my degree (4-5 years later for that to happen though).   :D

  3. I came across this video in my history and thought you might like it. Have a good weekend dude.

    Hailz :)



    1. Doomkid


      This rules! Hit that perfect heroic 80's metal spot. I also now have the perfect number of followers thanks to you!

  4. If anyone clicks on this link and gets this song stuck in their head for the rest of the day, I'm sorry.



  5. murderer: any last words?

    me: thanks

    murderer: Damn, u ok?

    1. Fonze


      This status made me think of this comic :)



    2. Nevander


      Are you Sad Larry?

  6. That feeling of not wanting to design a final boss arena...

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    2. Ichor


      How about this then?


      You walk into a giant arena with the exit portal in the center and a massive door in the back. The door opens and out comes...2 zombiemen. Shoot them and the exit opens. You step into the exit and you immediately get telefragged by the boss.


      "Sorry, I'm late."

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      Why would you want a final boss arena dear god that's just stupid who told you that you need one

      Make a boss fight in a crate maze!

    4. DeathevokatioN


      And the sky will be a hellish sky with fiery crates.

  7. Got it in a bundle... for anyone that wants it:

    Anyway, a dating game (I think)... not my kinda thing either way. Hopefully someone else finds value in this, if someone gets enjoyment out of it then I'm happy.

    At some point I might just end up changing the thread name to "DeathevokatioN dumps random keys" or something. :P

    1. SavageCorona


      Who the heck took that key I was dying to play this :(

    2. DeathevokatioN


      Well in future threads I'll require someone to post first to make sure people with a join date of 2014 and below can get a copy, but this one I really didn't think anyone would want it, tbh. haha

    3. SavageCorona


      I was joking but I'd play it for a laugh

  8. Hello!

    It was quite a lot of effort and a pain sorting through 1000+ photos to find the best 100 so I hope atleast someone finds some enjoyment looking at the pictures. :P

    Be sure to witness my near death experience (okay maybe a bit of an over exaggeration) with an elephant that charged towards our car! :)


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    2. DeathevokatioN


      I'm glad you guys like it. :)

    3. dew


      Damn, I'm jelly!

    4. 40oz


      pretty cool zoo trip!

  9. If anyone's interested in seeing what South Africa's countryside looks like.



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    2. 40oz


      Beautiful mountains! It's all grassy hills in this area for the most part. I love natural geographical things. Though i gotta admit I spent the most time looking at the photo of your lunch. im starving.

    3. RUSH


      Very cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!

    4. Snakes


      Booooooring! Slap a "Hollywood" sign in those mountains and then maybe I'll care.

  10. MACABRE is one of those bands whose awesome cds I have in my collection that I don't know why I bought them. All these songs are based on events which happened in Dahmer's life, so listen to some Dahmer music, and have a murderously gay Saturday night! :D

    (I'm leading you to Youtube instead of quoting the videos so you can read the funny lyrics as you listen to the music.)

    Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory (MUST LISTEN!!!!!!111!!!11)

    McDahmers (MUST LISTEN!!!)

    In The Army Now

    Grandmother's House

    Apartment 213

    Into the Toilet with You

    Coming to Chicago

    Dog Guts

    Scrub a Dub Dub

    Jeffrey Dahmer Blues

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    2. MajorRawne


      EXCELLENT! Just what the world needed in this dark and uncertain time; a band getting rich and famous by singing songs about a bloke who cannibalised and sodomised dead and dying boys! I wish someone I cared about could be tortured and murdered in this way, so a bunch of arseholes can make a few quid from it!


      Hooray for humanity!

      PS I've said it before, and this time I really mean it: ib4ph.

    3. bytor


      tremble tremble tremble

    4. Coopersville


      Sorry dude, it's only kosher when generally liked bands such as Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Gwar, and Judas Priest make light of old and forgotten serial killers like Jack the Ripper and Vlad the Impaler. That's the rule.