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  1. JustACasual

    Second Wad - Nukage Plant

    Hey @Suitepee I'd like to thank you again for streaming my wad. I enjoying watching through it. My only gripe was that no secrets were found, but that's just a minor negative for me. Next time I'll be sure to put in the music credits though.
  2. JustACasual

    Second Wad - Nukage Plant

    Thank you for playing my level. @Simomarchi I liked the long, detailed explanation of what you liked/didn't like. Perhaps for the end of the level, I'll spread out the teleports so there is less infighting. I didn't even utilize any of the surrounding cliffs. I'll work on coming up with more creative ambushes. Were you really unable to find any secrets? You should try and find at least one!
  3. JustACasual

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Hi, if you're still playing maps, I'd like you to play mine. Length: 10 minutes Difficulty: Moderately hard on UV Recommended port: GzDoom Here's the thread I made. Download: Nukage Plant.zip
  4. JustACasual

    Second Wad - Nukage Plant

    Hello everyone. A few months ago, I posted my first wad. Now, I've created a second one. Unfortunately, this time the wad only contains one map. I'm still looking for feedback though, so feel free to tell me what's on your mind. 90% of assets are vanilla (2 custom textures and custom music) Tested in GzDoom and Zandronum Freelook is allowed. Jumping/Crouching is disabled. IWad is Doom 2 Map01 Music is Tyrian - Asteroid Dance, Part 1 This map was designed for ultra-violence, but has difficulty settings if needed. However, most of the testing was done on UV. Here's the screenshots. For those of you that played my first map, tell me if I've improved or not. Always looking for criticism. As always, stay tuned for more maps! Nukage Plant.zip
  5. JustACasual

    My First Wad - The Castle

    Thank you @Suitepee for the video. I appreciate the feedback. As for the misaligned textures on map01 when the 3d floors rise at the end, I could not figure out how to fix them. Even making the linedefs unpegged didn't help. Some of them moved and other didn't. It felt a bit random. Same thing happened in the underwater section on map02 and I have a feeling it was something to do with the 3d floors. These maps were more of an experiment than anything though and future maps I make won't go crazy with 3d floors like I did here. @Hell_Pike Yeah, the bloodfall does look weird, I'll probably just remove it in a later version. Can you give me some example of out of place flats? I was having trouble choosing textures. I either felt like I was using too many or too little and had trouble choosing textures that went well with others.
  6. JustACasual

    My First Wad - The Castle

    I appreciate the video and all the feedback you've given. Just finished watching it. Good job there at the end of the level. And you sure did look happy when you found the secret megasphere.
  7. JustACasual

    My First Wad - The Castle

    Thank you for playing the maps. I appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately, I can't watch the videos. Both of them say they are unavailable.
  8. JustACasual

    My First Wad - The Castle

    Thank you for playing the maps! I appreciate all the feedback. Sorry about those two doors, I forgot to make it a repeatable action. I updated the file in the original post that fixes these problems.
  9. JustACasual

    My First Wad - The Castle

    Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. I do admit map01 was a bit too bland in terms of gameplay, but my excuse is that it is my very first map. I do admit I have to work on the lightning and will probably dedicate a dummy map to it in the future. I did try to keep some height variance, but most of the room were indeed flat. I will find a way to change that (I have some ideas already). As for map02, I agree with how the red key can be considered almost pointless and on the idea of inter connectivity. Here was my thought process for that: You go through these rooms to get the key, and the teleporter is just for convenience so you don't have to run all the way back. I will take your idea into account. I always figured tight corridors were bad, since not being able to dodge is quite awful. I purposely left space to dodge attacks in most rooms. I'll make some areas smaller. As for the GZDoom features, it will more of experimentation than anything. I thought the idea of 3d floors rising to create a bridge at the end of map01 was pretty good, but in reality, it probably isn't practical. Thank you for the advice and be sure to stay tuned for more.
  10. JustACasual

    My First Wad - The Castle

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I finally decided to make my first wad after all this time. Let's get right into it. Here are a few things to note: -All assets are vanilla. -Both maps can be completed from pistol start. I would even recommend doing map02 from a pistol start. -Maps made using GZDoom Builder (Bugfix) R3045. Game configuration is GZDoom: Doom 2 (UDMF). -Tested in GZDoom. Requires hardware mode enabled for 3d floors. Will not work in PrBoom+. -Freelook is allowed, but jumping/crouching isn't. -IWad is Doom2 and this wad replaces map01 and map02. The first map took me about a week to make and the second one took about a week and a half. These maps are attempting to replicate just some good old fashioned doom. Nothing too fancy here. I did experiment a bit with 3d floors though. This wad was built for ultra-violence and is best experienced on that difficulty. However, I have changed things for each difficulty. If you feel ultra-violence is a bit too hard, switch to one of the lower difficulties. Just keep in mind that I tested these maps the most on ultra-violence. Screenshots: I will gladly take criticism on these maps. Tell me anything that's on your mind (I want to hear it all and I want to improve). In particular, I want to learn how to improve texturing and design. One final note to add: Jumping is disabled normally, but you can still use your jump key to swim upwards in deep water. I plan to add in more maps, so stayed tuned for more! The Castle.zip