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  1. You would think after 10, 15 or however many number years it has been that this site would look a little different, glad to see it does not.

    On the other hand when I look at profiles I see stuff like AOL/Yahoo/ICQ handles, do people still have any of those things?

    Does anyone even remember who I am? If not then mission accomplished.

    If you do.........well....I'm sure you remember only good things.

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    2. StupidBunny


      I definitely had no concept of what a web forum was in 2000. I was slow to learn to internet. Though as an oblivious 9-year-old I probably would've just tarded up Doomworld anyway.

    3. GavinJCD


      Took 5 mins for me to find the thread seems someone moved it.

      Seems people remember me after all, I even see some of my good friends.

      If anyone in here from the UK is watching the football later there is only one team to watch and it isn't Manchester City.

      Also, what are the top Doom ports these days?

    4. Coopersville


      Retro Doom is all you need my boy. If you like it, make sure to donate.

  2. GavinJCD

    Favorite TC?

    Mockery, although it was never finished... And MEGADOOM!
  3. GavinJCD

    Hey look what i found (pc gamer review of doom3)

    That's not a con unless you really need that slot. I only use two PCI slots myself. -E Also depends on your case/board and how many slots you have to begin with. Besides I know someone who used all 6 PCI slots on his machine. Gav
  4. GavinJCD

    Hey look what i found (pc gamer review of doom3)

    Was going to post those the first time around but didn't. Geforce 6800 Pros - Better drivers (usually) - Currently in a lot of games is that tiny bit faster, although not in farcry which has NVIDIA plastered all over it. - Half decent Linux support. - SLI!!! Cons - They have played silly games with benchmarks and Image quality in the past. - Has Hefty power requirements, 2 molex connectors + 400 watt powersupply, I think they actually recommend a 480. - Uses up a PCI slot cuz it's so fucking big, don't think the ATI X800 does. Ati X800 PRO - Ati are generally a bit friendlier and when the community doesn't like something in there drivers they are far more willing to change them. - The card doesn't need it's own power plant. - Faster in a few serious games, has the support of most of the major online hardware sites. Cons - Drivers can be fairly dodgy, crap Linux support. - Can't think of anything else that is bad about the current lineup of cards. I think that's it, if anyone would like to add something....well add it. Gav
  5. GavinJCD

    Hey look what i found (pc gamer review of doom3)

    I have an Athlon XP 2400+ (May go A64) 1 GIG PC 3200 (for the A64) onboard sound (sigh) 19" LCD monitor (drool) going to get me a latest card 6800U or X800 PRO, they both ahve there ups and downs. and umm that's it really. Finally something that gives me a reeason to really throw cash at my machine. Gav http://www.jemirojim.org
  6. GavinJCD

    Favorite SMB3 World

    I must state that the GBA is the scond platform that SMB3 has been ported to....Nintendo are saving themselves money and work by porting this title over and over again rather than making a new mario game. ENOUGH ALREADY! Gav
  7. for me it was the whole feel of the game. I had never before played a first pers on shooter. I had seen wolf3d once or twice but hadn't played it. The whole idea of running around having firefights with zombies and monsters really hit home. The graphics and effects also made me come back to the same levels over and over. Just one of those things. :) Gavin J. C. Doherty http://www.jemirojim.org
  8. GavinJCD

    Yo Yo Yo

    Hello Fraggle
  9. GavinJCD

    Yo Yo Yo

    Hello everyone, howze it going. Things sure have changed around here, except the colour scheme. Good to see there is still a large amount of participation in the doom community. Where does everyone hang on irc these days? Gav
  10. GavinJCD

    Did you miss me?

    Yes I'm actually in the middle of revamping that to something completely different and not quite so ugly.
  11. GavinJCD

    Did you miss me?

    That's right, it's me, Jemiro Jim/GavinJCD/whatever else I used to be called. It's nice to see that the doomworld forums have been cleaned up and are now a place that looks half decent and free of flamewars. Back when I was still around it was full of wars and more wars...and well you get the idea. I guess all the shit stirrers are gone(NOT ME). I also see the site is under new management or staff or whatever, I recognise a few names, keep up the good work, oh yes and you are all off your chomps...HAHA! Jemiro Jim
  12. GavinJCD

    Who is THE boss of DoomWorld?

    How can such a simple question generate so many posts, and so many WRONG answers. Linguica IS Doomworld. Doomworld is Linguica. He is the bloody webmaster, and no amaount of wrong answers is gonna change that. what? GavinJCD
  13. GavinJCD

    doom and windows XP

    Well have fun with your DOS. Just don't expect it to work with things like XP(haven't tested mind you). As for DOOM95, another waste of space. it's great that you can do all that stuff with the original, but it aint going tow ork with things like new Operating systems because it is too OLD. End of debate. GavinJCD
  14. GavinJCD

    doom and windows XP

    Yeh I've seen those bugs in MBF, and if you want to use the original EXE or Doom95 then go ahead, I just don't like people continuously whinging when they don't work and there are ports that they can get very easily that will work. It's called common sense. GavinJCD