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  1. You would think after 10, 15 or however many number years it has been that this site would look a little different, glad to see it does not.

    On the other hand when I look at profiles I see stuff like AOL/Yahoo/ICQ handles, do people still have any of those things?

    Does anyone even remember who I am? If not then mission accomplished.

    If you do.........well....I'm sure you remember only good things.

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    2. StupidBunny


      I definitely had no concept of what a web forum was in 2000. I was slow to learn to internet. Though as an oblivious 9-year-old I probably would've just tarded up Doomworld anyway.

    3. GavinJCD


      Took 5 mins for me to find the thread seems someone moved it.

      Seems people remember me after all, I even see some of my good friends.

      If anyone in here from the UK is watching the football later there is only one team to watch and it isn't Manchester City.

      Also, what are the top Doom ports these days?

    4. Coopersville


      Retro Doom is all you need my boy. If you like it, make sure to donate.