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  1. Jugulator

    Rome.ro Forum

    Liam, if you`re referring about this and the trivia I posted, maybe I have to say that I found out about the trivia game on another homepage so I`m not gonna be a regular newsposter in this forum.
  2. Jugulator

    Rome.ro Forum

    Hope everybody read the news about John Romero`s forum where he answers questions we all had about Doom and also other games he has a part in. If you missed it, it`s at: http://rome.ro/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi I think it`s very nice he has put up that forum, what do you guys think? :)
  3. Jugulator

    Doom trivia

    Your right, it`s 30 questions and not 20, apologise for that. My result is still kinda satisfying though :) Thumbs up to Volteface who scored 29.
  4. Jugulator

    Doom trivia

    I did the Doom trivia at http://www.3dactionplanet.com/features/agt/agt22/ and guess what my score was? 20/20 :) Would be fun if you other guys here also try it and tell me what score you got.
  5. Jugulator

    Doom2 for Half-Life

    I think it sounds like a cool idea so keep working, I`m looking forward to see it! :) Would be good if you could put up a homepage so we can stay updated on this project.
  6. Jugulator

    favorite doom midi song

    I love `em all! :-)
  7. Jugulator

    Look at me cos I'm lame

    Hehe nice song :P
  8. Jugulator

    Wacken 2002

    I`m not gonna go there but I know Blind Guardian is gonna play there so it`s probably gonna be good.
  9. Jugulator

    Weird Dreams

    Wish I had more of those weird dreams, they f**king rock :)
  10. Jugulator

    Doom Best Ever What Now

    There`s a lot of other good games that are very similar like Heretic1 and Hexen1, Duke 3D, Rise of the Triad, Shadow Warrior, Blood and the Quake games.
  11. Jugulator

    Looking for an old, old wad named Doom 3.

    I searched through my old discette library and guess what I found? Doom3 wad :) Contact me about it.
  12. Sorry for not really keeping to the subject but I got one little noob question coz I`m kinda new in playing mods and I didnt wanna make a new thread. Started with Doomsday but now I wonder how you play the other wads, with which programs? Thx
  13. Jugulator

    Looking for an old, old wad named Doom 3.

    Yes, I have also played "Doom 3" and I also think it`s really good and funny to play. VERY humoristic! I had it on discettes but over the years I`ve lost them though.