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  1. Does recreating in Unreal count? Admittedly I did look at E1M1 occasionally while creating this. I messed up the scale though :/
  2. Officer D

    Fixed Medkits For Steam Rerelease

    This mod already exists Classic MediKit's for Doom BFG Edition The more the merrier I guess 👌
  3. Baculus is an outstanding solid megawad and I'm psyched to try out the overhaul. Played the first two maps. And my thoughts so far. 2nd map is pretty much what I would of expected from an overhaul but what happened to map01 Breach? It's a completely different map and there is nothing memorable about the opening shot anymore. That spiral staircase with the tech pillar in the middle and the windows to the yellow sky was such a cool introduction. Now we just see a wall :( I personally like the old map01 way better. It felt more dynamic and had plenty of room to maneuver. This new replacement feels a bit cramped imo. Definitely glad to see this overhaul though. Thank you! P.S.: There still seems to be a texture error.
  4. Doomworld is a fucking joke and full of PC cancel culture moderators. In a rational discussion where I have made valid arguments about freedom of expression. They have decided to delete all my comments and of the people supporting it too. Your wokeness is cancerous.

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    2. magicsofa


      People calling for Doom to be totally stopped is a little different from enforcement of a standard on a specific forum. It's not like the mods here can make someone's creation illegal.


      That said, I was curious to see what the arguments were and I'm a little disappointed that I can't now. I kinda wish it was moved to post hell or something so I could at least read it.

    3. EvelisH


      Yes I agree that the mods should not have deleted certain comments of the posts, as none of it was considered rule breaking per say.  They should have just locked the post as is, because the post was going off topic.

    4. Officer D

      Officer D

      @magicsofa There is no standard anybody can follow here, since "not being a dick" or "use common sense" are interpreted by each individual differently. As we have seen already, banning certain games, mods or speech doesn't do anything except making them more popular. The best disinfect to bad ideas is sunlight. It isn't to ban them and allow those ideas to fortify and gain strength unchallenged. When you are creating content, it's out there for the world to see. It's out there for the world to debunk, criticize , poke holes in. But when you ban these people and their speech from your platform, they and their audience leave the platform and go and gain strength unchecked on other platforms. What you do is create an echo chamber that gains power strength, financial backing and does it unfeathered by challenges.


      Doomworld can follow the methods of youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. But that will only fuel the fire.

  5. Officer D

    Smooth Doom Bugged BFG9000

    lol For some reason the BFG gives the player 256 ammo when fired.
  6. Officer D

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    When a mapper applies broken or impossible geometry causing the game engine to render it with an visual error. It's a common problem in older BSP based game engines and are mostly displayed as HOM effects or just black voids. Nothing you can't fix but some mappers seem to just ignore it.
  7. Officer D

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    Lazy level design. Meaning: no height variations, unaligned textures, BSP errors, empty box-shaped rooms.
  8. Officer D

    Mapping regrets?

    My biggest regret was never getting into Doom mapping. I started around 1996 with the Descent editor then moved on to the Build editor and before even getting into Doom, games like Quake 2 and Unreal came to the market and Doom pretty much lost all my interest. Later on, I tried modern editors (Crysis, Amnesia, UEd 3 & 4) but got overwhelmed with all the new things I would have to learn. So I remained with UEd 2.0. In the late 2000's Doom was reintroduced to me with all the great community projects. Sadly at this point I already had given up learning new editors. However as a rookie coder, at least I have done a little with Doom, so that's cool I guess.
  9. Officer D

    Doom Exp [Gameplay Mod]

    1.9 Changelog The shoulder cannon now has 3 different fire mode types, that you`ll have to toggle via keybind (Options - Doom Exp Settings). The flamethrower (Ammo type Fuel). Probably the most effective weapon but dangerous to use in tight places. Does not damage Arch Viles and Pyro Demons. The Grenade launcher (Ammo type rockets). Fires a burst of 10 grenades. Not the strongest fire mode but great for shooting around corners. The Frost launcher (Ammo type cells). Will freeze any monster besides bosses and is super effective against Arch Viles and Pyro Demons. -Barrels now spawn fire around them when destroyed. -More breakable sprites added (Big Torches, Candelabra). -Minor effects added to the breakable sprites e.g smoke puffs and sparks. -Missing decals added for arm blade, plasma rifle, rocket launcher and BFG. -BFG impact spawns fire. -When standing closer to the BFG impact the player will get a little camera shake. -Zombieman cut in half animation was sped up and minor sprite fixes on the torso.
  10. Officer D

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm currently on a tropical island south from spain.
  11. Still is lacking a few things e.g. force disable mouselook, disable hardware rendering and maybe even console just to be sure. :) Question to author : since you mentioned custom playerclasses will overwrite your script. Does this apply to only the classes defined in zscript or will the older mods that don't use zscript overwrite it as well?
  12. On PC the most common way, is to get it through Steam or GOG and both include Dosbox. Since apparently people these days are too naive to follow instructions, they will probably first try and load pootal Doom with Dosbox and then google for solution, which will lead them to the GZDoom, Zandronum, etc. People who want the original experience will settle with the pre-configured Dosbox version included, which works fine for modern PC's.