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  1. Officer D

    Doom Streams

    You got a shout-out by the man himself @joshthenesnerd :)
  2. Officer D

    Unreal meets Doom

    Update! People have been having issues with the mod hard crashing. There is a fix up, that hopefully fixes this issue. http://www.moddb.com/mods/unreal-vs-doom/downloads/unreal-doom-doompawnsu-fix
  3. Officer D

    I Need Some Help With Research

    It gives me the option to be "other" which I have never seen on any of my forms. It's a sensible subject and is brought up in the questionnaire. Sorry to hear, that my reply's are considered "derailing" it just felt off to me, to see those choices in such questionnaire. I shall not continue on the matter.
  4. Officer D

    I Need Some Help With Research

    Since the Admin thought I was trolling, let me rephrase my criticism. I think to improve the questionnaire you might want remove the gender identity question completely. It definitely gave me the impression I would be participating in some gender politics survey.
  5. Officer D

    Unreal meets Doom

    Interesting pictures. A lot of early development screens look very different from the final product. Possibly this was part of the Tech-Demo. Also, E1M3 is probably at 97% complete. Still need to make the path finding network and one or two trigger systems. Since E1M3 has the secret exit and the project will probably be on hold after I release these 3 maps. I thought I might add a little something special for the secret exit.
  6. Officer D

    Unreal meets Doom

    So after a few months break and that setback indecent with the intro, I have finally made a new one yesterday. However I will not be making a 300+ animated texture again. Anyone who has ever done this with UEd will know what a pain it is to link textures together. So F.... that! Here is the new intro. Any thoughts or criticism is appreciated.
  7. Officer D

    Unreal meets Doom

    Thanx! I had a little bit of a setback. I accidentally deleted the intro level >.< However E1M3 is almost completed. Taking a break atm from this project. But as soon as I remade the intro and completed Toxin Refinery, I'll post a ready to play single player campaign beta version of this. As of, why this wasn't done before? I have no idea =) I did however make a E1M1 remake for the UT99 mod Tactical Ops 7 years ago. But nothing close to a TC, it was just a single map and I guess many more like this exists.
  8. Officer D

    Unreal meets Doom

    Nuclear Plant pretty much done now.
  9. Officer D

    Unreal meets Doom

    lol ikr. UE4 remakes usually end up looking ugly af and having poor mechanics. To be fair, those are mammoth projects and require huge effort and motivation, when building it from scratch (especially when this is coming from 1 person alone). My project however will rely on good old fashion BSP level design, sprite art and Unreal gunplay. It's pretty much a clash of two games. =)
  10. Officer D

    Unreal meets Doom

    Greetings! Thought I might share this here too, since I posted it on the Doomworld facebook group. I plan to make this a full single-player campaign for Unreal. The idea is to try and keep the maps close to the originals without too many fancy Unreal features. E1M1 is pretty much done and ready for playtesting. So if anyone still has his copy of unreal installed or feels like playing it again, this is a good opportunity to reinstall. Criticism and bug-reports are appreciated. Map Type : Singleplayer Campaign Game : Unreal Gold Patch : 227h or higher Build Time : Started October 2017 had a few months break and finished 4 maps +1 intro on March 2018 Programs Used: UnrealEd 2.1, Gimp 2.8, ModPlug, Audacity, Slade3, Blender 2.78 Game version this was build on : Unreal Gold 227h Download : @moddb Intro Full level videos:
  11. Yes, but the error messages were originating from the cazador.o file related to other weapons/options which weren't defined anymore. Since I pretty much tried to delete everything which had nothing to do with the slide feature. When I deleted the whole file, the slide mechanic would stop working, so I had to leave it in. Awesome! That is just what I was looking for. Searching on Google for "Doom slide mod" didn't give me any results I was looking for. Thanks! Since your mod is pretty solid, there isn't really any suggestions I could give to improve it, besides minor bug fixes. Although I have to agree with what someone mentioned already. The staff seems to be my least favorite weapon and I wouldn't miss it if it were scratched entirely. Another thing, but this is probably a personal preference thing. I would love it, if the whiplash sounds would be replaced with the ones I added in the .zip file. Your trailer suggested it would actually be in the mod but I was disappointed when it wasn't. The berserk whiplash sound is basically a thunder/lighting sound added over it =) WhipSnd.zip
  12. Any chance of there being a standalone version of the slide feature? I really enjoy that mechanic and would love to use it with other gameplay mods. I have pretty much managed to extract a working version already but it's still giving me error messages in-game. I believe this would require editing the cazador.o file which can't be done within Slade. So I tried to decompile it with listacs but that also is giving me error messages and no actual code output.
  13. Officer D

    How much storage has DOOM-related stuff took up on your computer?

    I have been accumulating doom files for almost 10 years now probably. Back then my Skulltag source port was pretty much the doom files dumpster. Now it's become an archive folder.
  14. Officer D

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Posted this video in the doomworld facebook group. Thought I might as well share it on this forum.
  15. Love the new update. I'm encountering sound issues when spamming dual grenades, set to explode on impact. The second pair of grenades don't play the exploding sound. Is there a sound setting to fix the issue or is this a bug within the mod? All the sound settings are pretty much default.