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  1. Officer D

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    When a mapper applies broken or impossible geometry causing the game engine to render it with an visual error. It's a common problem in older BSP based game engines and are mostly displayed as HOM effects or just black voids. Nothing you can't fix but some mappers seem to just ignore it.
  2. Officer D

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    Lazy level design. Meaning: no height variations, unaligned textures, BSP errors, empty box-shaped rooms.
  3. Officer D

    Mapping regrets?

    My biggest regret was never getting into Doom mapping. I started around 1996 with the Descent editor then moved on to the Build editor and before even getting into Doom, games like Quake 2 and Unreal came to the market and Doom pretty much lost all my interest. Later on, I tried modern editors (Crysis, Amnesia, UEd 3 & 4) but got overwhelmed with all the new things I would have to learn. So I remained with UEd 2.0. In the late 2000's Doom was reintroduced to me with all the great community projects. Sadly at this point I already had given up learning new editors. However as a rookie coder, at least I have done a little with Doom, so that's cool I guess.
  4. Officer D

    Doom Exp [Gameplay Mod]

    1.9 Changelog The shoulder cannon now has 3 different fire mode types, that you`ll have to toggle via keybind (Options - Doom Exp Settings). The flamethrower (Ammo type Fuel). Probably the most effective weapon but dangerous to use in tight places. Does not damage Arch Viles and Pyro Demons. The Grenade launcher (Ammo type rockets). Fires a burst of 10 grenades. Not the strongest fire mode but great for shooting around corners. The Frost launcher (Ammo type cells). Will freeze any monster besides bosses and is super effective against Arch Viles and Pyro Demons. -Barrels now spawn fire around them when destroyed. -More breakable sprites added (Big Torches, Candelabra). -Minor effects added to the breakable sprites e.g smoke puffs and sparks. -Missing decals added for arm blade, plasma rifle, rocket launcher and BFG. -BFG impact spawns fire. -When standing closer to the BFG impact the player will get a little camera shake. -Zombieman cut in half animation was sped up and minor sprite fixes on the torso.
  5. Officer D

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm currently on a tropical island south from spain.
  6. Still is lacking a few things e.g. force disable mouselook, disable hardware rendering and maybe even console just to be sure. :) Question to author : since you mentioned custom playerclasses will overwrite your script. Does this apply to only the classes defined in zscript or will the older mods that don't use zscript overwrite it as well?
  7. On PC the most common way, is to get it through Steam or GOG and both include Dosbox. Since apparently people these days are too naive to follow instructions, they will probably first try and load pootal Doom with Dosbox and then google for solution, which will lead them to the GZDoom, Zandronum, etc. People who want the original experience will settle with the pre-configured Dosbox version included, which works fine for modern PC's.
  8. If someone is new to classic Doom they will most likely end up playing it on a console are on Dos-Box, which will not even have it coded in. I don't see why this should be hard-coded into the engine for the iwads. This being zscript would mean it's specifically for GZDoom. Also Doom purists constantly complain about people jumping, it's hard to not know this. ;)
  9. Officer D

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Found this old relic, while going through my old room at my mom's place. A Doom 2 Guide by "Computer Game Review and CD-Rom Entertainment" Computer Game Review was a print monthly magazine covering both computer gaming and video gaming. The magazine was started in 1991. Also known as Computer Game Review and 16-Bit Entertainment, and then later as Computer Game Review and CD-Rom Entertainment. The headquarters of the magazine which was part of Sendai Publication Group was in Lombard, Illinois. Reviews typically consisted of a short, impartial synopsis of plot and gameplay, with separate scores assigned subjectively by each of three reviewers. Games were rated out of 100, and if the game received a high enough ranking it would receive either a Platinum or Golden Triad Award. The magazine folded in 1996, when Sendai Media Group was bought by Ziff-Davis, owner of the competing Computer Gaming World.
  10. I just can't believe it, that someone accidentally breaks a map, by knowingly jumping over geometry, then going on to criticize the mapper and in the same breath calls themselves a Doom enthusiast. I guess I should never underestimate stupidity ^^ . I've played through tons of mapset that weren't intended for jumping, with gameplay mods that have jump/crouch combat mechanics, without breaking anything. And even if something would break, I would naturally first assume one of my mods broke it and never blame the mapper before playing vanilla. Maybe you can add some silly or serious message and text/sound when someone tries to jump. Kind of like how High Noon Drifter did it with the cheat codes.
  11. Officer D

    Doom Exp [Gameplay Mod]

    Doom Eternal Xp 1.8 - Updates PC Gamer is at it again and wrote another article on my mod. https://www.pcgamer.com/you-can-pet-the-dog-in-this-doom-mod/ Sphere Info: BlueSphere: This is basically partial invisibility but Revenants rockets aren't able to lock on to you. InvulnerabilitySphere: Projectiles bounce off of you and will damage other monsters. FireSphere: Adds 200 armor and a +100Hp boost. You are immune to fire damage caused by the Arch Vile and your own flamethrower. You also won't take damage from damaging floors. BerserkSphere: +100HP boost. Having this will make your Doom Blade a vicious demons slaying tool. DogSphere: A usable inventory item that will spawn the companion dog. Doom Eternal Xp v1.8 updates: LootBox now gives XP Ammo pickups amount reduced by 25% less than normal Big Bosses have 50% chance to drop a lootbox Higher chance of lootbox spawning with goodies Chainsaw altfire kills drop more loot Doggy companion added Blursphere will randomly choose between itself, dog companion or berserk Doggy On/Off option added in settings Bug fixed where Mancubus wouldn't drop loot with chansaw alt kill. Fixed issue with "Player Rest" option not taking everything Added Fuel counter to ammo info Fuel in Ammo info: It will be easier to keep track of your fuel without having to switch to the weapon. Dog Companion: If On there will be a chance for the Blursphere to get replaced with the Dogsphere. The companion dog will follow you through levels if still alive. There is a chance for lootboxes to drop the companions or buy using the buy loot feature. Doggy Your trusted sidekick and best friend, will sit and heel at your command and he loves when you pet him. Try not to get him killed or kill him by accident. Doom Eternal Xp v1.8a updates: Killing monsters with the chainsaw altfire now uses 100 per hit. Dog companion can be called with a whistle keybind. Dog can be petted (will also reset his health). DogSpheres have been added to the lootbox drop chance. Videos: https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-exp/videos/whistle-mechanic-will-bring-him-back https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-exp/videos/now-you-can-pet-the-dog
  12. Officer D

    Doom Exp [Gameplay Mod]

    Nope. So far this is only mentioned on Moddb, Doomworld and occasionally on the facebook group.
  13. Officer D

    Doom Exp [Gameplay Mod]

    Doom Eternal Xp 1.7 - Updates https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/doom-eternal-xp-brings-flamethrowers-and-swords-to-doom-2/ PC Gamer wrote an article on my mod which I though was pretty cool and maybe worth mentioning. Doom Eternal Xp v1.7a updates: Fixed bug where Cacodemons didn't give xp for killing them. The Buy Loot drops have been re-balanced. Higher chance for ammo rather than power-ups. Chaingunners, Arachnotrons and Teleporting have new sounds. New Monsters are now included. Doom Eternal Xp v1.7b updates: Chaingunguy and Shotgunguy have a 50% chance being replaced with new enemies. The Chaingun has been buffed and given a new firing mechanic. Info text on starting map. Can also be disabled in Doom Exp - Hud settings. Scaling for some of the replacements monsters fixed to avoid getting stuck. Doom Eternal Xp v1.7c updates: Chaingun spin-up time has been reduced. 2 New monsters, Thamus and Haedexebus. Fire Chainsaw added. Option to disable custom crosshair. Bug fix with some bosses not giving xp. Doom Eternal Xp v1.7d updates: Bug fixed were some gibbed monsters didn't give xp. Bug fixed with chainsaw altfire not draining fuel on boss monsters. Many other minor bugs regarding monster states and the rank system hopefully fixed. All new lootbox rewards for getting completionist bonus. Boss monsters have a rare chance of dropping a lootbox too. Ammo factor has been reduced to half for pickups. LOOTBOX! Download url in first post over at Moddb 👌