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  1. Happy New Year! As a little gift I have decided to release the current version of the map I have been working on for a few months now. So without further ado... Here is the first official RLCoop specific map that utilizes RLCoop's mechanics within the map. You will not be able to complete this map without the gameplay mod (RLCoop) Download Feel free to report any problems or give your criticism on the map.
  2. Officer D

    Mods by you

    I wouldn't mind getting some feedback on mine.
  3. Officer D

    Doom Exp [Simple Rank/Reward System]

    Version 1.4 has been released.
  4. Officer D

    Exomoon sountrack MIDI pack! [+Bandcamp]

    Yes, there are browser plugins that add download options. e.g. SoundCloud MP3
  5. Officer D

    Doom Exp [Simple Rank/Reward System]

    Indeed that would be the case. However, while the quad upgrade takes away the double damage, the double damage does not take away the quad damage. So you would actually end up having 6x damage after reaching the 50%. There isn't any indicator currently tho that would tell you this. Something to add on the to-do list.
  6. Officer D

    Doom Exp [Simple Rank/Reward System]

    Update : Doom Exp v1.2b changelog : The shotgun hook will be an unlock-able upgrade now that you get at the rank of 10000xp. Furthermore the hook stun pain chances have been balanced. Since you could pretty much exploit some monster with the stun of the grapple hook. Now monsters like Cyberdemon, Spidermastermind, Arch Vile and Revenant will not always get stunned. It's more of a 50/50 chance. The Shotgun hook upgrade will be visible as a new icon Also Damage indicator icon was replaced with this Small Update: There now is a delay for the shotgun hook use. Since you could pretty much spam it before. So now there is a 2-3 second cool-down before you can use it again. Also new sounds have been added the the grapple hook. Updates Doom Exp v1.2c The grapple hook now stops momentum for a second to give the illusion being attached to the weapon. Before you could move away from the chain which just looked weird.
  7. Officer D

    Doom Exp [Simple Rank/Reward System]

    Update : Doom Exp v1.2a released changelog 1.2a : Fixed issue with bleeding items when shot New rank up sound Most monsters now always get stunned with hook Update : Doom Exp v1.2 released changelog : Added many new sounds Added shotgun grapple hook, kind of like Doom Eternal does it Added option to control xp gain (reduce rank up speed for slaughter maps) Added DoomSlayer mugshot by Xtor98
  8. Officer D

    Doom Exp [Simple Rank/Reward System]

    Update : Doom Exp v1.1 released changelog : Fixed issue with one of the text messages overlapping with another, when receiving multiple rewards. Added Option to turn On/Off xp sound efx Added Intro/Intermission Art Added Intro/Intermission Music
  9. A SP GZDoom Mod Trailers : A xp/rank/reward/mobility modification with visual/sound/text notifications. - Custom "Doom Exp Settings" menu - Improved Sounds & effects - Improved mobility - More Gore - etc Get the mod here: Separate (.ogg) music pack: Credits:
  10. Officer D

    Doom Streams

    You got a shout-out by the man himself @joshthenesnerd :)
  11. Officer D

    Unreal meets Doom

    Update! People have been having issues with the mod hard crashing. There is a fix up, that hopefully fixes this issue. http://www.moddb.com/mods/unreal-vs-doom/downloads/unreal-doom-doompawnsu-fix
  12. Officer D

    I Need Some Help With Research

    It gives me the option to be "other" which I have never seen on any of my forms. It's a sensible subject and is brought up in the questionnaire. Sorry to hear, that my reply's are considered "derailing" it just felt off to me, to see those choices in such questionnaire. I shall not continue on the matter.
  13. Officer D

    I Need Some Help With Research

    Since the Admin thought I was trolling, let me rephrase my criticism. I think to improve the questionnaire you might want remove the gender identity question completely. It definitely gave me the impression I would be participating in some gender politics survey.
  14. Officer D

    Unreal meets Doom

    Interesting pictures. A lot of early development screens look very different from the final product. Possibly this was part of the Tech-Demo. Also, E1M3 is probably at 97% complete. Still need to make the path finding network and one or two trigger systems. Since E1M3 has the secret exit and the project will probably be on hold after I release these 3 maps. I thought I might add a little something special for the secret exit.
  15. Officer D

    Unreal meets Doom

    So after a few months break and that setback indecent with the intro, I have finally made a new one yesterday. However I will not be making a 300+ animated texture again. Anyone who has ever done this with UEd will know what a pain it is to link textures together. So F.... that! Here is the new intro. Any thoughts or criticism is appreciated.