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  1. Doomworld is a fucking joke and full of PC cancel culture moderators. In a rational discussion where I have made valid arguments about freedom of expression. They have decided to delete all my comments and of the people supporting it too. Your wokeness is cancerous.

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    2. magicsofa


      People calling for Doom to be totally stopped is a little different from enforcement of a standard on a specific forum. It's not like the mods here can make someone's creation illegal.


      That said, I was curious to see what the arguments were and I'm a little disappointed that I can't now. I kinda wish it was moved to post hell or something so I could at least read it.

    3. EvelisH


      Yes I agree that the mods should not have deleted certain comments of the posts, as none of it was considered rule breaking per say.  They should have just locked the post as is, because the post was going off topic.

    4. Officer D

      Officer D

      @magicsofa There is no standard anybody can follow here, since "not being a dick" or "use common sense" are interpreted by each individual differently. As we have seen already, banning certain games, mods or speech doesn't do anything except making them more popular. The best disinfect to bad ideas is sunlight. It isn't to ban them and allow those ideas to fortify and gain strength unchallenged. When you are creating content, it's out there for the world to see. It's out there for the world to debunk, criticize , poke holes in. But when you ban these people and their speech from your platform, they and their audience leave the platform and go and gain strength unchecked on other platforms. What you do is create an echo chamber that gains power strength, financial backing and does it unfeathered by challenges.


      Doomworld can follow the methods of youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. But that will only fuel the fire.