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  1. Doomworld is a fucking joke and full of PC cancel culture moderators. In a rational discussion where I have made valid arguments about freedom of expression. They have decided to delete all my comments and of the people supporting it too. Your wokeness is cancerous.

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    2. Officer D

      Officer D

      Yes, obviously I was pissed due to only one side of the discourse being purged. I am glad to see the other sides pov also being taken down now, and also that the thread was not removed entirely. So I can at least take out the "cancel culture" part :) I was pretty much done with my side of the rationalization and agreed on disagreeing. I could absolutely not understand the opposite arguments and had to ask my wife "Am I wrong?". To me, it was obviously about someones morals and agendas trying to silence a art form and nothing more. 
      The same way people were against Doom in the 90's and were calling for it to be cancelled because of how harmful to society it would be. Controversy is what makes comedians funny, games intuitive and art meaningful. I was still able to read Shadowmans last statement and as expected the accusations towards him, were far fetched and misinterpreted.

    3. EvelisH


      Because I came on here to defend your side, now people think we are the same person.  No offense D I dont want to be you. 

    4. Officer D

      Officer D

      No surprise, just how they assume people are harmful to society for being controversial in their art expressions. I can not take these people serious and they are unknowingly promoting hate even though they think they are fighting it. But Doomworld has this reputation already, of being overly PC and banning people for "insensitive jokes". Not a fun place to express yourself on. That's why in my 10 years on this platform, I have barley posted anything. I just avoid it and let these people live in their little safe space dream world.

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